How Lbry can help us to monetize our List

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When you produce videos on Lbry, you might get some tips. At first sight you believe that these tips are given by other users and you feel very greatful.

Actually it is the system that generates these tips to reward you for the views that your videos get. What does this mean?

The more views your video gets, the more tips you earn!

This got me thinking... In affiliate marketing, most people have their own list, people to whom they send a newsletter or offers by e-mail. To monetize such a list, it's necessary to insert referral links or affiliate links. When sending your newsletters you hope to find a good mix between offering added value and incentive to make the people on your list join a certain program or buy a certain product. It's not always easy to find a good combination.

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Watch the video on Lbry

How Lbry can help us to monetize our list

Let's imagine that I send out e-mails to my list and instead of sending them to a referral offer, I send them to Lbry. In my e-mail I would sum up what content I would present them and then give them a link to watch the video on Lbry. If I manage to catch their attention, they would go to my video and watch it. This would generate views to my videos and a direct income for me!

This is a totally different way to monetize my list. I don't need to promote anything. I just need to get the attention of the people on my list and provide them added value through my videos.

It's a new way to monetize your list! I believe that it can be combined quite well with other income sources, since links can be put in the description of the video.

There is also the possibility that the user gets interested in joining Lbry. If he signs up using the link to my video, he will actually become my referral and both he and I will earn a reward if he verifies his account on Lbry.

Let's conect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

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Appreciate the info, it's a great idea. Now I need to step out of my comfort zone and create some videos.

It's not easy to go in front of a camera. Actually I've been doing videos for years without ever showing my face. This is a great way to start. For my videos, I made a powerpoint presentation and then recorded my screen and my voice using OBS studio (100% open source). I found it much easier to speak without being seen ;-). One step at a time !

It is an intelligent way of doing things, I congratulate you! always bringing us valuable information!

Thanks a lot for stopping by my friend!

This is a great idea, repurpose your content and get the most out of your posts and your list.

Thanks a lot for your feed-back. Exactly, you could recycle your content on Lbry and send links to your list regularly... and still make some income!

I just joined Lbry yesterday and I am still feeling my way around. Ithink you have a great idea here.

Your post has been included in today's "I Am Engaged" challenge which I will post in a few minutes. Watch for it @slackerman

It's nice you joined lbry. I believe it an bring an additional channel for us to engage and promote our content. Thanks for including my post in your challenge!

That's a really good idea Achim, your content is your product, and people don't have to buy it just watch your videos, do implement it and see where it takes you and what your results get, keep up your awesome work.

I think this might change the playfield a bit because you can actually invest 100% of your energy just in promoting your brand and your message. I feel always a bit awkward when I put affiliate links in my e-mails. Thanks a lot for your comment!

Your content is a #massivesuccess! You will be rehived and qualify for 1000 ad credits from TL2IVM. Just connect with me for that bonus!

Thanks a lot for the comment and the reblog! I'll get in touch with you

You got it and I look forward to what is to come. :)

Really great idea.

Thanks for your comment and the feed-back!

i am using lbry already i wanna know how people get 1K + lbc in their posts i can see only 5 - 10 active members there having that much in post :O is there some good way to earn there :( ? i have viewed 255 waiting to reach 1000 for 100 lbc which is just 3$ maybe

Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. I think that many people buy lbc on Bittrex and then stake it on their videos to get more lbc. It's possible to earn lbc while watching but to make real money, it's necessary to do our own videos and stake as much lbc on them as possible. It's a slow process, I started with about 50 lbc and now I've around 700.

I like that idea a lot because you are pulling people to you and adding value to your list. That is the best way to build your list. I need to make more time to look at LBRY

I honestly always had some hesitations when I was trying to sell or promote something over my newsletter that wasn't 100% helping my readers. In the end it's much better to make ourselves as product and earn money while helping others;-). Lbry is really a great way to do that. Since you are already familiar with making videos, you can start by simply uploading the same videos on lbry.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

That is a great idea, Achim! It's like that old system that is always working... Sending your subscribers to at least 2 places... :)
And as you said, you don't have to "sell" anything... Just "selling" the information and knowledge about certain things...

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your comment. I don't like to make sales e-mails to the people on my list. I prefer to show them win-win situations and I believe I can do that this way. I've found your video on lbry today but not on hive. Troubles with 3speak?... I like your metaphores ;-)

Don't even mention it! lol... It's still stuck on 3speak... I think I will delete it and put it on a bit later today...

I just saw your post with ;-). Hope they will announce imporvements for 3speak on sunday...

it is a great idea.
It was effective years ago to send people on your list to youtube.

Same principle, it will grow trust and they can join from lbry as a win, win

It was effective years ago to send people on your list to youtube.

This is totally true but now instead of sending them to youtube with the ads, we can send them to lbry and we earn with every view!

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

I just dont know why I havent given more attention to LBRY. Seeing this post has triggered my mind to the great project. I will give it more attention right now.

It's a good idea to give Lbry a try. Happy I could suggest something usefull ;-)

Great post, I love your post and am definitely start embedding lbry in blog post. It can't be wrong.