How I earned 15$ with one click

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I've been using faucets for a very long time. I've run crypto faucets myself and distributed more than 4 BTC over the years. One of my all time favourite faucets is freebitcoin. With freebitcoin you can claim a certain amount of satoshis every hour. It doesn't seem much maybe but it accumulates if you claim a couple of times every day for a long period of time.

Reward points, the second income on Freebitcoin

Each time you claim you also get 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points. I don't particularly like lottery tickets. I've never earned anything with them. In your profile, you can actually choose not to get these lottery tickets and instead get the double amount of reward points. That's what I do. Each time I claim, I get 4 reward points. We also get reward points when we gamble or when our referrals are actif. There are some days, where you get double or even tripple reward points.

If you don't use these reward points and you accumulate 100'00 of them, you can encash these points into BTC. That is what I have done today. I have reached 100'000 reward points with freebitcoin and I encashed them to receive 0.001 BTC. This is worth 15 $ today. Not bad for a single click ;-).

Interests on your capital

Freebitcoin was one of the first sites to provide interests on the capital that you deposit on their website. I haven't deposited anything but I simply left what I earned on the website. Every day I get interests on this capital at a rate of about 4% APR. With 0.004 BTC on the account, I earn around 46 satoshis a day without doing anything at all.

Keep in mind that the value of today doesn't matter

If you look at the value of 46 satoshis today in USD, it doesn't seem to be worth the effort to claim from faucets. We should always keep in mind however that the price of btc today doesn't matter that much. It's the price of tomorrow that matters. Let me give you an anecdote.

When I started to claim from Freetbitcoin, I was earning something like 500 satoshis per claim. Why? Because at the time, the value of BTC was somewhere around 300 USD. I manged to withraw about Imagine now how much your satoshis will be worth if the price of BTC is around 100'000 USD?

I managed to withdraw so far 0.048 BTC from Freebitcoin, or at today's value: 743 $ !

I always keep this in mind. My aim is not to earn money. My aim is to accumulate BTC now. When it will be very expensive, it won't be easy to earn any...

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IMHO, such posts are doing nothing more but missleading people which a new to crypto world.
1 click ? What a BS !
To accumulate those 100000 reward points, you got to make at least 50000 clicks on the faucet site alone. All around probably a lot more, 150k clicks or smth.

How many precious minutes of your life you have spent on those faucets ? Ever counted?

To use faucets I can recommend only to people who are not good enough to do anything else in their life. Anything more valuable or meaningfull. You know how such people are called, right ?

At least read a book. Any book. And you do 10x more favor for yourself. Because then you will at least learn something.

Good luck collecting real upvotes on this "genius post about finance" 😃
Not only from those voting bots, which upvote everything right and left.

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I'm quite disapointed by your reaction and I believe you didn't read the post through the end. The idea of the whole post was to point out that we shouldn't look at the value of things now but to imagine what things could be worth in the future. Over time I manged to withdraw 0.048 BTC from this single faucet alone. Why because what seems ridicule now, might be worth a lot in the future.

We don't have to agree on this and maybe it seems a waste of time to claim from faucets. When I claimed first from a faucet I got 3000 satoshis from one claim. This was in 2014. I managed to collect a total worth of btc of 0.5 BTC just from faucets. Why? Because I believed in BTC before anybody else and also because I never saw the fiat value of it but the value in BTC. So it might seem a waste of time when btc is 15'000 usd but what will it be when btc is worth 100'000 usd? That's what I see and that's the message I wanted to circulate.

I get your point, but I guess what made him reacted is the Title. Mehn. A lot of shit are happening in Crypto and its our duty(you, myself and OneAlfa plus any other kind hearted people) to help protect and guide noobs just starting this rollercoaster journey of awesomeness.

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I have to agree that my title sounds like a clickbait LOL. I was happy to reach these 100K and it took me a long time to get them and I wanted to share it. You are totally right that we have a responsability in not misleading others and make them avoid all the scams that are lurking around. Thanks a lot for your comment.

If 100000 ! Then it will be 6.67 times more. Still a waste of time.

There is no free lunch !

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You are probably right. Thanks for the interaction anyways. I will probably refrain from writing about faucets in the future. I'm quite attached to them becuase it's how I started with crypto. Times are changing and I should probably forget about it... Don't worry I'm readying about 1 book every 14 days LOL

I'm quite amazed with level of unpoliteness in @onealfa.leo comment.

I would say that there is NO NEED TO BE RUDE

I'm quite amazed with level of unpoliteness your comment @onealfa.leo

sure, author of this topic used "clickbait" as a title. But there is NO NEED TO BE RUDE and unpleasent


I must agree with you on that, let's get real - faucets, learn to earn and all such programs are a waste of time it you take into consideration the rewards vs time spent. And time is the only thing we cannot get back, so use it wisely.

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You are right about how time consuming it can be to claim from faucets and it is probably not worth it. From a historical perspective Faucets played a very important role in making crypto more mainstream. In the first years faucet transactions represented a big majority of all transactions on the blockchain. This allowed to spread the coins among many users and kind of attracted people. I'm quite attached to faucets because of that.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yikes, the title is so misleading honestly. And I get your point, any crypto noob will run head over heels seeing this kind of topic.

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When I look at the title I can totally get your point. I wanted to share the moment and produced a big clickbait LOL

Well, let's say most of us that read it are not noobs. But I get why he reacted that way, I'll read and pass instead of any reaction if it was me. But then I'm just here again trying to reignite my love for Blogging and engagement. Cheers to the weekend mate.

Great post

Thanks Elizabeta. People were always laughing at me when I spend so much time claiming from these faucets and getting some satoshis. Well, I wish I had clicked more often when I got 500 satoshis for every claim that I made... lol

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Well, it's not that easy to get those 100K reward points, but I get the point of the posts... Most of the value is in referrals, and they can make a big difference... and of course, the price of Bitcoin... We never know what will happen tomorrow and how high can it go...

I'm quite amazed at the feed-back to this post. I just wanted to share how I managed to transform my 100K reward points into something significant. Honestly it took my ages to collect them lol. With hindsight my title looks a bit like a clickbait LOL.

Thanks a lot for your comment.


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