Content Creation is a Business and you are the CEO

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I've been an entrepreneur all my life. As a small kid I grew up in the business of my parents. My bedroom was on the first floor. The business office was on the ground floor and the company workshop was more or less my playground. The business was a big part of our lives. Still today I run my own business and it's like a second nature for me.

Therefore it's maybe not surprising if I see businesses everywhere :-). Even if I might have a bit special glasses on in this respect, I have to tell you that you are an entrepreneur as well! If you have ever published anything on steem/hive, you are actually running your own small business.

If you are on this blockchain and you are posting content, you are actually running your own business !

Let me present you your own content creation business

When thinking about a business, we always first think about a product or a service that we sell. On this platform you are actually selling yourself, your content and your ideas.

Thanks to the nature of this blockchain a customer won't have to buy your product but he will give you an upvote to show appreciation for what you have created. Be aware that your customers have a limited supply of these upvotes and they don't get them for free. They need to invest money and stake it in order to provide value to their upvotes.

In a way you are paid in the form of upvotes that have a real monetary value.

The quality of your product is only one aspect

The quality of your content is very important because it will define how much you can earn with it. If you make rather low quality posts, you will not be able to provide much value to your customers who are the people who read your content and who follow you. If the quality of your content is too low, you might loose these customers and you can't build something in the long term. Quality matters but it's not everything. In addition quality is a very subjective aspect. Therefore it is also very important how your content looks like.

The content can be nice but if the packaging is not agreeable, then it will be difficult to sell. So the looks of your posts matter as well. It needs to look nice and inviting to the eye.

Quality without customers brings zero income

As with every other product it can't be sold if it isn't known by anybody. Your business needs customers. The more you have the better.

You need marketing to bring these customers to your content and you need to keep your customers happy. One of the major tasks that you have is to cultivate the relationships with your customers.

Make out of your customers loyal subscribers

If you are consistently producing great quality content and you manage to build nice relationships with your readers, people might even consider to make an subscription of your service. They will set an automatic upvote to your posts and you will make a sale to these people with every post that you write. This should be your ultimate goal in the long term.

The most important aspect of your business is your bottom line

You can run any type of business. If at the end of the month you can't generate a regular profit, your business is doomed in the long term. You will probably need time to build up this business and it won't generate that much money but you have to make sure that your profits are increasing over time.

The business of content creation is much more than just producing content

If you want to have success with content creation, it is important to realize that you will need to work on all these different levels. Just producing a post every day won't be enough.

For many entrepreneurs it is difficult to play on all these fields. You can be a good content creator but you don't know how to make a nice layout. You can be good in marketing your content but you don't manage to deal with the money. This is not different from traditional businesses. It's difficult to be good at everything. You might be the best car mechanic but if you are bad at marketing, you won't have any customers and your business will soon go bankrupt.

Try to get better at everything

In a traditional business, if you are not good in a certain field, you might employ somebody who is better than you and let this person take care of this field. I think it's difficult to generate enough income with content to pay several people with it. The alternative is to learn and progress yourself.

You don't need to be a master in every field but you need to be willing to learn and improve.

I will write a series of posts to show you some ideas how to improve your content creation business.

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It's pretty hard to make a living from content creation, especially on alternative networks like Hive. I see it just as a hobby for now, a productive one.

I believe that it is quite challenging to earn some money with content creation and it probably depends on where you are living to define whether it's possible to earn a living like that. I have tried out many ways to earn money online and I have to say that content creation is one of my favourite ones. The income is maybe average but if you do it well, you can actually use it to develop any kind of online business with it.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and your comment!

Oh don't get me wrong, it really is an amazing experience. It's just that is very time-consuming and it really takes time to grind and build a community of followers that can generate you a nice income

I totally agree with you. It's very time consuming but when you start to see results, it's really rewarding :-)

Quality without customers brings zero income

very true, there is one more truth that people generally do not admit in hive that first find your target audience (customer) when you start producing content.

You are quite right to point this out: I believe that this point is most difficult to understand for newcomers. You can have written be the best posts ever but nobody will see them if you haven't found your audience first.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

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Thanks a lot for the curation! It's greatly appreciated ;-)

You are welcome. 🙂

Content creation is suppose to be a big business on alternative chains like this. People see it as an hobby for now. With time I believe it will get better.

I believe that some people have realised the potential of this already. In countries where a couple of dollars can mean a big difference, I blieve that this could become a real business. In other countries it will take some more time I believe.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment!

Todo es relativo se sabe que es difícil ganarse la vida creando contenido en las plataformas, pero todo depende del tiempo que le dediques a lo que haces y puedes contribuir a ganar un poquito mas, todo es estrategia que tu busque y te guste lo que haces, yo por mi parte me ayudo bastante con los ingresos que percibo. Saludos @achim03

Hola @sandracarrascal,

Muchas gracias por to commentario. Intento responderte en espanol aunque ya hace much tiempo que no lo estoy practicando.

Si vivies como tu en un pais donde algunos dollares pueden cambiar la vida, este tipo de trabajo puede ser una puerta hacia un futur mejor.

Tus posts me gustan mucho y quiero ayudarte gagnar un poco mas de dinero con tu contenido. The he puesto en mi programa @help.venezuela. Desde hoy, vas recibir votos de este cuenta en tus posts.


It is hard and complicated to specialize in each of those areas, but over time a balance is achieved and this are obtained results. It has been an arduous process for me, in which I still follow daily.

Thanks for sharing such exciting tips!

Hello my friend,

I believe that you are making amazing progress on your journey as a content creator CEO. It's always a pleasure to read your comments and this is one thing that you do really well. When you engage with others, you are actually building your business. I will write about this in the following posts :-).

Thank you very much for your comment! It's greatly appreciated!

I'm currently building up my account so that when retirement age comes around, it might afford me some spending money when I am traveling abroad. Some of the places I plan to visit do not have a high cost of living.

My biggest risk is if Hive isn't around in 15 years.

Hi @shainemata,
Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

This is a very interesting project that you have and I believe it's one with that could be quite successfull. If you manage to build your account big enough, you might be able to live just off the curation rewards or the lease interests. I also have similar plans :-)

My biggest risk is if Hive isn't around in 15 years.
This is quite true but in the current situation of the world, I think that all type of currencies face a difficult future. A good plan is to stay a bit diversified and not to put all the eggs in the same basket.

What you just shared in this post, that's enough to change someone's mindset about content creation. I talked about your post on my recent V Show. I think people will find your content very useful. Thank you @achim03, I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

Thank you very much for mentionning my post in your V Show. I just watched it and left a comment there :-)

If you are on this blockchain and you are posting content, you are actually running your own business !

And I thought that I'm out of being my own boss thing! You have ruined my dream... 🤣

If you want to have success with content creation, it is important to realize that you will need to work on all these different levels. Just producing a post every day won't be enough.

We are lucky that here on HIVE we have other things that we can "use" for earning more... Not just content creation, but upvoting/curating others, leasing our HP, earning by playing games, maybe a bit of trading...

I agree that ONLY content creation will not be enough, but combining with other opportunities, it could work!

Thanks for sharing another awesome blogpost!

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And I thought that I'm out of being my own boss thing! You have ruined my dream... 🤣

Coming from the guy who has brought this whole concept of content creation business to a new level ;-). Behind everything you are doing, one can see an entrepreneur at work. Once your own boss, always your own boss... lol...

Thanks a lot for your comment and for the very appreciated .gif :-)

Busted! 🤣

Once your own boss, always your own boss... lol..

You are right about this... It's hard to work for someone... and it's hard to lay on the couch all day, doing nothing... lol

Thanks for the informative article. You make some great points. I also reblogged your post


Thanks a lot for your comment and the reblog!

Yes, content creation is a challenge for me. I have lots to learn.
Looking forward to series of post on how to improve.
Your posts are always very informative, thank you.

Thanks a lot for your kind words. For me it's quite important to look at content creation as a kind of business and take into consideration all the ingredients necessary to succeed. There are so many factors to take into consideration and often people give up because they don't excell in one of them.

Some people may have difficulties to come up with content. Others don't understand the platform or they don't manage to make a nice layout. There are however ways around our weeknesses and there is always space for improvement.