LMAC79: Modeler

This is my entry to the Let's make a collage - Round 79.

Yesterday an acquaintance came to visit me (I'm at home because my leg is in a cast), who is not exactly an Average Joe, he is a modeler and makes scale models of castles. We had a beer, while I was just taking down the Hi-Res picture from Imgur that @shaka gave us for the latest Let's make a collage contest. I had no idea what to do with it yet ...
"Oh what a beautiful fortress", an acquaintance immediately commented, "where is it?"
"I don't know", I replied, "it's just a picture for a collage".
"Uh", said the acquaintance again, "I'm doing one just like it right now. Come on, when you can walk, I'll show you the latest designs." "Sure, as soon as I can", I promised him. And he left.

And I had an idea!
His living room with models of castles and fortresses, plus a picture of a fortress for our collage.


I layered the collage in Photoshop.


📷 😎 📷

The elements for the collage are as follows:

I hope you have fun. :)

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📷 😎 📷

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This is great. You were inspired by your friend’s visit. I love you put your dog,Atos, in the collage.

Yeah. It's time to use some personal activities here. 😎

Good idea. I used some of my own photos in last weeks collage.

Great modelling collage, seckorama :D. Your dog Atos is a very dear and beautiful dog 🥰. Great ideas :))

Thank you very much, @suntree! 👏😎👏

That seems interesting.

Thank you for stopping by. 😎

That seems interesting

Thank you. 😎

Muy buena idea combinar tu vida diaria con el collage!

I think so, too. You have to express yourself somehow.

How many castles fit in a house: I can already count it in your collage.
And I also know that Atos can fit... hehe....
Your work is very nice. Very neat. The miniatures are perceived without interrupting each other. I liked it very much.
I envy your acquaintance: that your job is to make castle models, taking away the routine stuff, of course, must be a wonderful job.

¡Cúrate pronto!

¡Qué absolutamente bello es Atos!😍