3 Simple mistakes, being made by Newcomers....

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Hello everybody

It has been quite a fascinating journey on HIVE, so far and hopefully the joy ride will continue for a very long time. Regardless of all this, we need mas adoption in order to make the best usage of the platform. Thus we need new users and also bear in mind we do not need visitors but active users on HIVE, if we want to see a mass adoption happening!


In the last couple of days, I am not sure if you have been following or not but the number of users joining in HIVE is increasing, and as much as I am glad about it the fact still remains. How many of those will actually stay in this chain and how many will actually survive all the basic rules that we all are following? In between those rules, due to the fact of not really knowing them, some users are getting away from the track, thus they are not seeing the true potential of these platforms. Let me share a few points which I have been noticing which are being by newbies.

  • Using HIVE, like Facebook or other platforms :

Believe it or not, this is something which I have been noticing a lot lately! I even saw a person, creating a fake id with a girl's name but eventually, he got caught. My point is, some users are being left out just because they are not being guided in the right way. Even though a user can do whatever he/she wants with their account but there are some rules and guidelines that need to be followed by each and every user. And in my concern, those rules & regulations are not really tough or very hard to abide by.

  • Be original
  • Do not be a plagiarizer
  • No begging, please, Thank you!
  • Maintain your standard
  • DO not try to the trickster, as HIVE community is watching you

See, among many other rules, following these should keep you safe for a start, and once you start, you may DYOR and get to know more about HIVE and how you can make your journey a comfortable one!

  • Coming for Free Money

Now, this is a point to debate. But in simple terms, we are content creators. We share our expertise, POV, and so on via our contents and in return, we get some value for those contents from the platform of HIVE. Your Time has value! If you solely say that you are not here for money, then it is an argumentative talk but I would like to say "I am here to change my future".

Whenever the word Finance is involved in a topic, there would always be a debate. But when you arrive on HIVE, you are open to many different opportunities and if you know how to utilize those opportunities in your favor, it could practically change your POV in several ways. For example: As of today, I am more used to HIVE than Facebook or any other platform. I check my notification on Discord much more often than I do check my other social apps notifications. Call that an addiction or something else but I would rather give my time in here than anywhere else.


IMO do not come here only for money, instead when you arrive, be sure to make yourself comfortable to get to be a part of this chain, by getting to know this chain, see what you can offer from your side, and along the way IMPROVE your expertise. Believe me, if you fill all those criteria, the money will come to you, you will not have to run towards it!!

  • Enjoy

I do not know why people make situations too complicated. Even when you are explaining the HIVE chain to someone, you are already making that person feel uncomfortable with all these gibberish explanations of HIVE, HP, HBD, Stake, Unstake, Delegations, etc. You are leaving the true part, which would actually make someone interested to be on HIVE. That is take HIVE as a social media. you come here, see what others are doing, how things work, and when you grab all these starts creating contents!


Suppose, when I install a new app, I check out what features does it have? What can I do with that app? How that app would come in handy to me? Similarly, check out everything in here and get to make an impression for yourself, thus enjoy your time in here. I used to enjoy my school life as I liked being going to school every day because of my friends, entertainment, and all the other activities that I used to do there. The same could happen here as well for you. There are plenty of things that are waiting for you, you just need to find the right track for yourself and enjoy it. Like it is said, if you do not enjoy doing sth =, then you should do it as if you do, it will feel like a punishment at the end of the day.

I could actually go on and on with points but I suppose I have already made my points and I hope you got what I was trying to say. Before I end this blog I want to say something to those people who are trying to bring people to this chain, You people are doing a great job, Hats off to you! But when you are bringing a new person, try to give them a rough idea of what is actually happening here. As a mentor, you can do that much, don't you? So, let us grow together and meet at the top!!

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Best regards


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This list could be a lot longer, but it will serve!

Focus on creating and awesome people here... Make friends, help others, contribute to the community... The money will come...

Thanks for creating this kind of post!

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Excellent points Rehan, almost matched my thoughts !