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RE: 🦶 Several Footers I Created For Hive Tribes & Dapps 👨‍💻 Free For All Hivers To Use 🎁 How To Make GIFs In GIMP Too

in OCD • 3 months ago

AWESOME! And also, thanks for the Gimp tutorial, which is really helpful. I'm still having a hard time finding some options, since I am more used to Photoshop.


No problem, it's all about the freeware. I still consider myself computer illiterate, but I clicked with GIMP much more than I did with Photoshop. Of course it's been a few years since I've taken a stab at Photoshop, but I always find myself cussing and wasting a lot of time. I don't need a lot of fancy features, so I feel GIMP is more efficient for me. There are also plugins and extensions for GIMP, and I have been experimenting with Animation plugins lately. !ENGAGE 15

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