Of hands opened with Karl Marx

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450px-Karl_Marx_001.jpgKarl Marx, Image source from Wikipedia, Author: John Jabez Edwin Mayall
Greetings, in this occasion we have Karl Marx and his different philosophical slope, one of more debated is in topic of the capitalism, where the essence of the compression has a radical transformation of the society, the philosophy and favors to the praxis of the practical philosophy as a source of human and social energy, but he tries to look for it by means of the dialectics of the struggle of classes.

your philosophy was very influential and they marked rule in the history of the humanity in those countries, where the state they implemented this current with the sense of the vigor of the society under the scheme of the socialism, it would be governed by the working class in what they represent the proletariat in that one called the working state, with a sense of supremacy on the previous state labelled as capitalist.

Think that his influences were a little contradictory in the search of the truth, due to the dialectics he manages under a design in order to join terms, in a unit method that provides the key of the real one, where the reflection is capable of understanding the truth for its own means and not of the way conventional classes existing, contradictory making the dialectical materialism clear, is guided by the material, not the spiritual thing there is a revolution of the governed thought, since it allows the man to be liberated of the nature it was the essence of Marx.

Is very clear that the Marxism was a current not with very much successes to those who assumed it, the clear evidence in yes of the work of Marx, but as a revolution of the thought to break traditional currents, which were going beyond a system economic and political, based on the relation of the society and his historical moments, that's why I say that the following thing is necessary to separate the steering system and the economic system, because if we see in our reality China the communist steering system and his models economic overwhelming capitalist, Norwegian socialistic steering system with monarchy and his economic capitalist financial petroleum system, with these I say that the societies his technology evolves with them, quality of life and also his thought of seeing the thing since we live in a world encompassed, which affects us in the influence of other cultures, technological, economic changes, what it does that the society develop inside these changes and with it his thoughts of seeing the reality with other eyes.

rural Exodus The change of the way of production provokes a rural exodus, in the cities one forms the industrial proletariat, which was working up to 16 hours a day for minimum wages. The consequent impoverishment causes the so-called “ social question ”.
Information consult in Karl Marx: Philosophy for young people for Ansgar Lorenz, Reiner Ruffing, 2018.

In his position of the economy the capital gave big contribution in his publication, where it was giving manifesto in the expression of value, the capital, the money and the essence of the value of all could be discovered from the moment of the human equality, on the other hand conceptualiza to the goods, as a general form that upholster the products of the work with a relation of equality, leaving an identity of the income and the control classes, framed by the opposition between the social groups, following his philosophical current inside a set where one links the productive forces and the relations of production, under the materialistic context.

Continuing in this order of ideas, inside the Marxism the individual describes it freely to take his elections and behaviors where all the ideas and credence converge specific of the unit of the class social.

Nevertheless, there is something that resists and forces us to doubt and to considering problematic the supposed observation of a definitive refutation of Marx and of the end of the history. Died like dogma and doctrine of party, died as succession of affirmations that must be taken to the feet of the letter, the thought of Marx resuscitates in his quality of classic and there can work like critical instrument of all the alignments, like way privileged for the compression of the skills, of the histories, of the ideology and of occurring of our world.
Information consult in Misery of the philosophy for Karl Marx, 2004.


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