Navigating a moment in the history #1 “ When Stalin declares the war to Finland without any breather ”

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For the moment of the explosions of the second world war between 1939 – 40, the Soviet Union down supervised by Stalin demonstrated opposite to his face as the Germany Nazi, it was taking territory in Poland, the price felt the need not to remain of crossed arm, which also his state should expand, like that they were very high, he felt that this need was opportune of creating or forming a weak point in this part of the north, from strategically territorial Finland, let's remember that formerly for saying it this way, that Finland was a part of the Russian empire.


I equip of Finnish machine gun during the winter war, source of image of mastery of Wikimedia Commons, Author: Unknown,Original caption, Suomi: Konekivääripesäke 100 m ryssistä n. 5 km Lemetistä pohjoiseen. Kuvan ampuja todennäköisesti Edvin Kallio. Vasemmalla puolella todennäköisesti Onni Valkonen, Description: A Finnish Maxim M/32-33 machine gun nest 100 metres from Soviet forces during the Winter War, located approximately 5 kilometres north of Lemetti (area of the modern Pitkyarantsky District, Russia), Date: Taken on 21 February 1940

In November, 1939, one week, before eliminating Poland, Stalin decided that he assures his unguarded North flank:
• There Demanded of Finland the delivery of several important military bases, included a zone of the border placed next to Leningrado.
• Demanded also the delivery of the port of Petsamo, the only free port of helium that had Finland of the north.
• As it had done with the Baltic states, Stalin displaced troops to the border to intimidate the Finns.
Information consulted in The Second World war for Dummies by Keit d. Dickson, 2007.

Looks like a lie but it is true, for the Soviet union his losses, to manage to resist the Finnish defenses, it had his price so much it is the fact that they did not fulfill with his target to conquer the whole Finnish country, since Finland resisted more than three months before the attack of Stalin with the target to preserve his sovereignty of his independence.

Analyze that in this part of the history, a coalition is demonstrated where it was forming of the following way, Leningrado was located next to Finland, the latent threat was not sure so of the fact that Berlin, he was not making use of the good relations that it had with Helsinki before the war that was designed as an opportunity. It are where the Soviet force was only to fulfill the goal of abolishing the defense of Finland, bearing in mind that the Soviet ones were prepared by his intense cold of his winter, but actually this situation was made use by the Finns as part of his camouflage.

The second attack took place in February, 1940, when the Soviet union managed to spend the line of Mannerheim, it is when Finland accepted the peace and the terms of the Soviet union, already for March, 1940, in that Finland was yielding next to 10 % of his territory, 20 % of his industrial capacity and 33 % of his producing facilities of hydroelectric energy, but the education of this conflict, on behalf of the Soviet union in which one reflected deficient system of use, apart from the coordinating absence in the plan of action in the battle, where the Soviet army for the Germany Nazi was not a strong rival.


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