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It's movie time. Usually Thursday night, I watched a movie because the next day is Friday. I never worked on Friday, it's a holiday, so I spent the whole day watching movies, reading books, etc. This week I selected a classical romantic film named "Malena." I am going to watch this movie for the second time. I must add that it is an adult movie. The story is based on Malena, the most beautiful lady in the city & a young boy who fell in love with Malena's beauty. The young boy always tries to follow her wherever she goes with his bicycle.

Every man in the city wants to have Malena; they are just crazy about her. Melena also enjoys this as she knows her beauty is impeccable. All the other ladies in the city hate Malena & her beauty. They are all jealous of her beauty. One day, when Melena got the news that his husband was dead, all the girls took revenge, biting her badly & cut her hair. She was helpless at that time. The young boy who loved her couldn't help her. All through her from her house & from the city. That's the saddest part of this movie.

This is so touching, so tender when I had such a similar experience with an infatuation on a senior class girl in one of my classes. At that time, I was a freshman in college. I also had a crush on one of my teachers. She was wonderful. For me, she was used to my dream girl at that time. Btw she had a perfect fashion sense, always comes to the class with a different look. All boys used to stare at her all the time in her class.

Yesterday, I was listening to some folk music from Bangladesh. Most of them are very old indeed, but there is a saying "old is gold" most of them have some deep thoughts inside. I was listening & exploring something on youtube. Suddenly a message pops up with a link. It's the music named "Anoushka Shankar e Patricia Kopatchinskaja - Raga Piloo."
To fully appreciate this, you need to know its history. In 1966, this was recorded by the greatest Sitarist alive (Ravi, Anoushka's dad) and most excellent Violinist alive (Menuhin). I have listened to that piece several times in the last couple of years.


I love traditional music & whenever I have some time I listen to them. I know so many people who can not enjoy any form of music other than a song with words - and preferably romantic and sentimental. But there are so many bright and sensitive guys who might love this classical music. I know that they will, indeed, grow to love classical music of both East and West. This is why classical music is at its best. Music always fascinates me, sometimes relieving my stress.

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