Thoughts: The dark side of life

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The dark side of life, when I was sitting on my old wooden chair, I saw there is a small crack, immediately I felt that it can be broken down anytime. It's my fear, which makes me think like this. I felt that everything in our life is uncertain; we never have any idea of what will happen now or what will happen tomorrow. The only thing we know is that tomorrow is another day, which may be good, maybe bad, or maybe it will never come.

The dark side, when I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is "horrific" living life with a tag of a loser, where everywhere is full of uncertainty. It happens when the dark cloud is engulfed with darkness. The saddest part is nothing works in our life that can hold the trigger of happiness. This all goes with one word, "disaster." This is what we call reality & we are dealing with it all the time.

The dark side has a huge influence not only in our present but also in our upcoming life. The question is, how & which way?? When we don't have any problem in our life, life goes with the flow; everything changes when we lose momentum. All the pressure starts to strike on our head one by one, this is like this pressure is never-ending. And when this happens, everything becomes so hard to deal with.

Fear is something which also has a great impact on our mind. People always seek happiness, money, wealth. These are the things which can provide them a beautiful life. If they fail to fulfill what they are asking for, then the fear comes. It will distract our mind continually, this is something which makes us think negatively. It shows all the dark side that we never imagine. Fear can easily make our lives terrible. People's minds are the perfect place for fear of playing the truth & dare game. What we should do, if that does not happen, what we will lose or what we will have to suffer, these will come again & again.

We are human, our mind can change anytime depending on the situation. Negativity always attracts our minds, slowly transforming that negative thought into reality. I had a course named "The Game theory," where I learned many things about the human mind during my university life. People's minds love gambling, whether it is good or bad. When our mind starts losing hope, on the other side, negativity starts to show it's Charisma. The in-game theory we learned about zero-sum game/non-zero-sum game like poker, chess where you always have to make the right decision; if you make the wrong decision, it's over. Mistakes may compromise in your life, but in gambling, there is no space of compromise.

These are all the positive & negative vibes that always influence our minds, but we shouldn't panic or overthink it. In the end, I must say that the show must go on. There is nothing much we can do; we can only hope that makes our life mysterious.

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Hi Friend!

I pleasure to read you. I very identified with your reflection, since like everyone I have been trapped in that dark side of my mind for long periods. Today, after my 30 years of age, I feel that I have overcome a lot of that negativity, and part of it I owe to the love of my life who came to me three years ago and I know that he will accompany me to the end.

I'm still human and all those thoughts and fears that want to destroy me persist in my mind, I think I'm just using love as an antidote. But just like you and me, I think that everyone must find a way to deal with their personal darkness, and it is difficult they believe that many do not.

Anyway, thank you for your comment in the publication of the Bdcommunity family é I will try to do my best to be another brother. And I really appreciate it because it is very difficult to start, although all the desire to grow on the platform. Happy day friend!

Yep! Actually, this is all my thoughts that I love to share, I think this is the way it should be, most importantly I have fun doing this.

Everyone in this world have different thoughts & different personal darkness as you mentioned but in of the end we all are human. I am glad that you have your love with you that is a blessing that everyone want to have. Thanks for getting here & of course welcome to Hive, keep exploring, I think you will have a great time in this wonderful platform.

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