Iraq war: Violence can only bring destruction & sorrows

in OCD4 months ago (edited)

I was astonished by How Saddam Hossain regime Iraq and how everything ended up with the two most wanted terrorist groups. That war was for nothing, people wanted peace, but they didn't get that. They wanted to be independent but end up with nothing. Every family is terrified by the war.

This started when Saddam Hossain took control of Iraq. That time he became very popular & established himself as one of the most influential leaders of the middle-east. In his time, everyone was afraid of him. No one dared to speak about him. The war between Shia-Sunni started a long, long ago; it began because of power. Most of the Middle East countries economy mostly depends on the oil business, this is also the reason which plays a vital role in world politics.

Even when Saddam Hossain is in power, people might live their lives in fear, but they have some security in their life. That time Baghdad was one of the most beautiful cities in Iraq. Whatever Saddam did with his people, good or bad people loved him. That's just the beginning, the beginning of something that the people of Iraq never hoped for. That time America called insurgency against Iraq. Saddam tried to handle the situation; he was assuring people everything will be fine. He knew that it's impossible to win the war against the US military. So the war had begun, The Baghdad city became the center of the action. The whole sky engulfed with a black cloud. The USA military took control of Baghdad & Saddam Hossain just disappeared. The people of Iraq thought they were free now as Saddam was gone. The USA president George W. Bush wanted to establish democracy in Iraq but end up establishing somethings else.

Then Al Qaeda came, the new war began. The people of Iraq wanted freedom but what they were going through was a holy war. Until now, the US military entered the border, then took control of the Baghdad city with ease. But fighting against Al Qaeda is totally different. They didn't know when they would attack where they would attack nothing. One month past, people of Iraq have no shelter, no security, nothing. People began to hate the US military as they failed to give anything to the people of Iraq. At that time, No one could run the government. Baghdad became the worst place for living. At that moment, the US military captured Saddam Hossain. People couldn't believe that Saddam Hossain still alive. They put him in jail. Finally, he was hanged in front of the people of Iraq. When Al Qaeda was forced to leave Iraq, then came the new group ISIS. One after another, there was no way of stopping it.

Nothing was gained from that war. The people of Iraq never forgot what happened to them. People lost their father, brother, wives, even some lost their whole family. That's the saddest part of a war. Violence can only bring destruction & sorrows. A terrible tragedy for everyone involved, and it just continues! Some places are just not ready for democracy. And some are too stupid to hold onto it-like America at this moment!

They have been made terribly aware of how their public education system has failed to teach the young generation how to think for themselves and apply scientific reasoning principles to know what is true and what is self-serving propaganda. We have become a warning to all other nations that want to be democracies. They have to invest heavily in educating their citizens; otherwise, democracy is impossible to establish and maintain.


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