Face obstacles with strength; the Zlatan story

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Screenshot_20200924174620.png source is Twitter

One of my best sportsmen is trending on Twitter and the reason was due to his courage.

He has always been courageous and outspoken but in this case, what's in front of him is life-threatening and yet he faced it as he was always faced challenges, with a smile.

Zlatan has always been a role model for me because he faces challenges with an attitude that even the challenge will be afraid. A lot has been said on Twitter that now COVID should be afraid .lol

Truth be told COVID should be scared because Zlatan, of course, is gonna defeat it just like has defeated other obstacles it has faced in his life.


I highly question these tests because quite a bit of these tests were confirmed to be absolutely faulty.

I can't confirm or deny also because I am not over there but I am sure Ibrahimovic will get better

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Okay..thank you.. Just surprised To be getting a dm about my post being short because when I was making and posting long posts, no one was saying anything or rewarding any original content created by me