Join us for the Next Twitter #HIVECHAT — Tuesday, April 13th

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It's an honour to host the next #HIVECHAT on Tuesday, April 13th at 14:00 GMT!

"A weekly Tweetchat that talks about Hive". Hosts ask a series of questions and everyone is encouraged to participate.

My HIVECHAT questions will be focused on Onboarding, New-user Retention and Incentivized Marketing Efforts. Sounds complicated, however I plan to keep it fun and engaging (plus it's me, lol) so you know what that means 😅...

HIVE Token Giveaways

Sponsored by Hive Blockchain Search & Directory and

We're giving away up to 50 $HIVE, 50 $LERN Tokens and 100 $CTP Tokens to our most active participants. All you have to do is answer the questions, show your support and help us promote our social blockchain on Twitter.

📌 Be sure to join us at 10am EST and 9am here in Jamaica.

What to do now?

  1. Follow @HiveChat on Twitter and check out some of the previous HiveChats.

  2. Follow me on Twitter and Retweet this:

  • Hive on!

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    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to @traciyork for the HIVECHAT art and @jeanlucsr for inviting me to host.



    You're very welcome @donald.porter, but I can't take credit for the awesome Hive Chat graphic - @jeanlucsr designed it and all I do is edit the info into it each week! 😂

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

    Look at you not taking credit again 😂

    @donald.porter, don't let her fool ya, Traci makes the #Hivechat magic happen.

    I've done one of these. Have fun with it.


    I’m ready

    Thank you for hosting this kind of reward program.

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    Looking forward to it!

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