Three states and Three leaders

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The different social groups that form the satisfaction of a society, are linked between yes because they are a part of the same nation, since this is a link, where this community arises historically in a certain territory and that possesses a few series of common elements of identification as it is its own language, culture, economic models and peculiarity of how are you were born to be a nation under a state.
The national safety is a functional concept, which is applied of way limited to the state, between whose basic functions are of providing external civil collective order, the well-being and the defense. Taken appointment of the book: Lexicon of the politics - Page 659 for Several – 2000.

Across history many kingdoms, empires, nations, colonies, continued from a territory, with the time states were defining the base his, in ideology, that helped to define his nation and his value, for to establish his society and to keep his culture persistent under an ideology, but at what prices to obtain it, all the life they got lost in our humanity, since all of us are a part of her, for to create and supporting a nation, is for them for which the concept of nation refers to a social phenomenon and the state is under a political plane, porqué this one exercises the power and norms continuing of a steering system, where this one includes the power established and defined in her. The grade or the magnitude of intervention of the state in the social life, have experienced changes according to the epochs, but mostly quite she has the peculiarity of the organization of the ambience of the territorial defense and the exterior politics, the diplomacy, economic models.

Is clear that some states can derive big force of his tie with the nation and make use of this fortitude to impose his is of interest beyond the national limits, regionalizando or encompassing of of facto his safety politics, whereas for others the leagues between states and nation can define his weakest and vulnerable point, and for ende be fastened to is of interest of safety of the states – nation more powerful. Taken appointment of the book: Lexicon of the politics - Page 659 for Several – 2000.

they are Always lives that sacrifice themselves for continuing and defending from the leaders' ideology to defend his nation, next I will exhibit three I marry, for to think, to reflect, that every of these leaders it was his moment and his end of a moment of the history that a state represented for his nation.

1-.Leni and Stalin “ The Russian revolution of 1917.

At the end of the XIXth century, Russia was an essentially agrarian country with an economic and social structure of feudal character under a state exercised by czars, which was a type of monarchy, the indications of this revolution it had his beginnings in 1917, since there was a dissatisfaction of the population in general, since the nation entered crisis, porqué remember for this historical moment, Russia was taking part in the first big world war and his agent was czar Nicolás II. Bolshevik age, without contemplating the step previous to an agreement with the bourgeoisie, so much the majority sector of the working social-democratic party of Russia, which they believed in a socialistic direct revolution is the fact that the last descent of czar Nicolás II is murdered by his family, for being a threat to the state and its own nation after being his family hundreds of years, another crucial moment is that the czar I ask his cousin for asylum the king of England, but this it did not give it to him, since it would make relations difficult his politics with the others been since they were in war, it is lamentable what was difficult to him to form a new state finishing with the descent of the last czars of the history of the mother Russia.


Vladímir Ilich Uliánov Lenin ( 1870-1924), source of image of pixabay


Iósif Stalin (1878-1953), source of image of pixabay

For this moment of 1917 zar Nicolás II abdicates before Kerenki, which then is knocked down by Lenin, provoking an internal civil war in Russian territory, then to form the USSR, for promptly posesionarse in control of the state to Stalin, he is when I say I import for them the death of his own people, so simple to defend an ideology, apart from that big part of this revolution was encouraged on big part of influential German Nazi, for them to become stronger and to have powerful ally, but this relapses after establishing peace between Germany and Russia in the second world war, when Germany decides without importing for him agreement of peace to invade Russia. In this moment Stalin folds over to his troops to his border under threat Nazi, but the bravery of not accepting a treachery of his men to facing the combat, the troops were denounce and behind of her a vehicle with a machine gun to face or to annihilate a soldier who was going backwards, was immediately executed as treachery to the nation, that I boast for defending his homeland.

2-. Benito Mussolini “ The nationalism of the black shirts ”

For the year 1922, Mussolini Italian leader of the fascist reaches the power, achieving that that King Victor manuel II jointly with his government, will deliver to them his order, to impose his new state, which all the Italians were serving to the nation, making to cost his values earlier Socialist, to avoid to possible opponents it censures the press, only god concerned the sovereignty of the papacy for his credence of the faith in take care of Rome. I am not enough to them alone in the god's faith, but also it wanted to re-live through the imperial Roman conquering culture of expanding his nation and it invades Ethiopia in 1935.


Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), source image of mastery of, For Hellen FILED N.°: 9730793

Italy becomes aggressive and does his war
To beginning of the 30s the Italy was allied of Great Britain and France to serve as counterweight Germany, but Mussolini was lodging ambitions very different from that it dyed the democracies. It was longing for the war to which one was considering I continue of the will of the nation and an opportunity to demonstrate the special destination of Italy under the fascist government, with such a end meeting under his personal control the departments of the army, the marina, and it forces them air, in October, 1935 it invaded Ethiopia. Taken appointment of the book: the second world war for Dummies for Keith D. Dickson, page 57 - 2007.

From this moment I form an Italian colony of the fascist, re-putting to his leader Haile Selassie, caused sanctions between his previous Allied Forces, as France, England. For then I spend to be the nationalistic foster child and powerful ally of the Germany Nazi, like some of the big projects of strategy of Hitler.

3-. Adolf Hitler “ The nationalism Nazi ”

After seeing a devastated and demoralized Germany of his defeat of the first big world war, Hitler, it began his long way sowing his nationalism Nazi, where it resorted to the working part of many breweries and others sectors dela industry, sowing that were an Aryan race, as potential culture on the rest of the world and rest of the Occident, where they were considered race to be his opponent his low. His nationalism was under a plane in which it was to eradicate the liberal ideas and socially democratic, on the cruellest of the history which we cannot forget it is the annihilation of the race low, where his target was the Jews, for god that I finish of world and his humanity written with his blood in this part of the history, which the tyrant of the creation of making makes and industry of death was doing human beings, which I prefer not mentioning as for all the victim of this war. As every agent thought of expanding his state and demonstrating to the world the authority of the been Nazi, and his control the rest empires, to restore his society as a domineering race on the nations of the world.


Adolf Hitler ( 1889- 1945), source of image of pixabay

The frustrated blow
Hitler led the divided Nazi to a riot in Munich against the government of the state of Baviera. He was hoping that the control of Baviera should provoke a national insurrection that was taking it to the power. Entonce went in company of approximately 3000 persons to the center of Munich to take the control of take care. The police shot against the multitude and the insurrection died, Hitler faded away but went prompt arrested and judged for treachery, 1923. Taken appointment of the book: the second world war for Dummies for Keith D. Dickson, page 42 - 2007.

Only he was thinking about the nobility of the German race, doing quite the possible mechanism of the fault of his nation the tapeworm the Jewish population, changing the tradition of the art, literature, idealizing and supporting a north towards the party for way the press and propaganda of the supremacy of the been Nazi. The occupation of Poland for Hitler caused the explosion of the second world war, his thought of expansion on Europe, returning to the attack to whom they were hostile in the first big world war, bringing more chaos and you of this big slaughter for expanding a nation under a state of a supremacy of the Aryan race.

Three leaders and three been, that were a part of our history, with the prices of the life of the same history of the humanity, were societies who defended the value and symbol what one day was his nation, exercised by a state that exercised an ideology as progress of his societies and models economically defined by proper politics of states.


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