From the divergence of thought in life to the algorithm of philosophy

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They stand out to this occasion I chose this very important topic, that today we will see the thing with another sense and to wake up our internal I, since the thought is free the ideas decade individuals are original of the ata as it sees its reality of its universe, since in the field of the philosophy like science several approach or paradigm exist within this context, already entered in matter of the committed one should know the following in reference to the experiences, is a conception of something specific seen as a philosophical relevance, which is detached to technical way of phenomenology of the spirit like the own inert of the life, it is taken to the reality in our daily life there are circumstances that it is not about how we dress, but about the essence of that which belongs to us, which reveals who we really are and it is therefore appropriate not to be attached to the material, just think that when we were born we were not born with that condition to acquire and be materialistic, be asked when was the last time you gave up something, for another to have it, that is why the conception of the experience describes us and the matter that does not affect our way of being. On the other hand in the experimental field of philosophy occurs in the rigid relationship of the debate for me is not a conflict of knowledge, life and spirit as this is free, that is why we are free to think, but in a society identifies us or defines us the culture and its experiences, as in the dialectical approach based on the Heraclitus scheme if it is reflected in the background of cultures and their customs, but all this leads us to the essence of knowledge linked to morality.

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At the moment that a doctrine takes hold in a test of free will, in the freedom to formulate the subject or individual of the experiences more than it symbolizes the moral, is this field of science tries to innovate methods of the so-called philosophizing at the moment that when a doctrine or model is dissolved to called paradigm change of model under a pattern, is something rhetorical but it is part of philosophy something classic its clepsydra meter, in this part the call of aquitar shows us in examining and appreciating the merit or truth of something. It also usually has anthology, as this defines it friend as that approach of philosophy in this case of metallic in a general way with its own transcendental properties in time or of creating a conception of time.

Now we go to the case of a planning in view in several conceptions, but I start from the following ones this one is oriented towards the future and the merit of achieving it, comes by the work in the specification of means to achieve the objectives, since the planning is the selection in a constant way of patterns of influence on the decision centers. But we have to take into account in the conception of time, that in the economic order is agent that is responsible for shaping the social organizations, families legal sector, above all and most importantly the ideology of social group, is mostly creates inequality, but the primary essence of the factors that defines this conflict that very harmful to social inequality, is only defined by the economic exploitation of one group over another.

Why the so-called algorithm in this field, which is intended to synthesize in a formula the being of the becoming of the world to the reality of our universe as muestro entrono, since the different current or doctrine of thought tries to formulate always from the place of another used as a means, to put or give to demonstrate an experimental test to the subject of the full knowledge and action of their experience, it is better seen the divergence of ideas that all flow a single sea of knowledge of free will in such a way to give to know the algorithm of in which the idea and knowledge is centered, it is about in the field of science of philosophy, is that it demands an instant justification as a casual reference of its pragmatic totality.

I conclude with the following case where our society of action pluralizaras, as is the question of the call of an education if it is really linked to the context of tolerance, since within this education is not distinguished between tolerance and indifference suicity as an extreme, know because all education is a reflection on the culture effectively shared to seek in it those, in which it can promote the social conscientious, since in several case the scientific aspect, shows the case in which it is about establishing of all culture in an open way with a democratic sense, what can be highlighted, that there is to accept without criticism or protest since everyone is free of his opinion, noticed that in the various case that sharing all converge in a divergence to the merit dela truth , the value of knowledge and defines it your experience of those who we are, I hope it is to your liking, you are free to give your opinion and add content greetings again and success to all.



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