watercolour painting//Here I have used more warm colors //

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Greetings all.
At the beginning of blogging I tried to give a post every day.But for various reasons my posting has decreased now.Sorry for that.Your important feedback has always encouraged me to do new things.But I will try to stay with you.

I have shared some watercolor paintings with you before.The kind of work I usually do for my own practice.I always try to use my own colors.In my paintings, sometimes yellow is predominant and sometimes orange is predominant.As such in this painting I have used yellow more.Here I put the car at the main focus point.
Here I have used more warm colors yellow .In some places you can see a hint of blue,green and Purple.

you can find it on others sites.


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This is my misfortune.
I don't usually add liquid.Except for some posts.
But I will remember the matter.

I also wish long term growth and decentralization of Hive Power.It's great for the hive community

thank you curangel.
I will try to correct myself.

@tipu curate :)

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thank you dear 😊😊

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