: Private Messaging on HIVE! Review

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DBuzz team gave me the privilege to test the dApp before it went public. It's a messaging dapp that let's you send encrypted messages on the blockchain. Only people with the memo key (sender and receiver) will be able to see the message. While the function has been around in the past, having a user friendly interface maximizes privacy protection offered by a blockchain. You can find out more about the dApp from here.

You can find the frontend on this link.


This is the first thing you will see when you click the link. It's on dim lights by default which is something I appreciate immediately. I'm no expert at design but I find the lack of visual clutter appealing and gives off a professional feel to it.

I also noted the site supporting keychain log-in method. I would have turned back when hivesigner or direct log ins using your keys was the only option. The fact that it prompted me to insert my master password first raised an alarm.


It's a straight forward standard way of sending encrypted messaging I've been accustomed to using peakd already. You can change the amount of Hive/HBD you send just like any normal transaction.


It will appear like this on the frontend once you sent the message signed with your active key.

decrypt message.jpg

I logged out and in again to see my message automatically encrypted. I could decrypt it using the options on the lower part of the message.



It does what it's supposed to do. Not really a feature that's unique as peakd can accomplish the same purpose. It makes a good alternative to peakd for the user friendly interface.

I like how the messages are encrypted after logging out automatically. It gives off some privacy protection from anyone curious about your private messages. But I doubt most would want to know as most hackers would just be fine taking your money.

I don't really use encrypted memos on the blockchain. It just makes your wallet transfers even more suspicious than blank transfers. There are other alternatives to private messaging if you're after encryption. If investigations were done, one would be forced to reveal the messages by authorities so there's that to keep in mind.

Conversations in the past can be sorted out by the dApp so it makes sifting through the wallet transfers quicker. I think that's one of the best features this app does well for users that want to go heavy on its functions.

I haven't pushed the character limit for each messages. I forgot to do that when it's the first thing I was curious about when the dapp was mentioned.

For most users, I doubt that they care about censorship unless they are directly being censored. I think the dApp is still relevant as another alternative to existing means of communicating privately.

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Are they properly encrypted this time? I seem to vaguely recollect from steem how someone was testing using the memo key for encrypted "private message" wallet transfers and apparently some front ends were sending them plaintext x_x

The encryption will be nice for anyone getting censored. For "normal" people (who should also still probably use encryption anyway) it's probably more a thing that's expected as every other socnet has private messaging.

It works on the peakd frontend if I based it on my wallet transfers. Haven't checked other frontends though. They're not going to find anything from the transfers. I just think encrypting it makes the transfer even more suspicious than a blank transfer.

And meanwhile I like encryption and privacy and don't see anything whatsoever wrong with encrypted and blank transfers XD

Exceptions made for governments and businesses (and charities while we still need them around I guess). They can be entirely transparent.

If someone sends me money with a memo not encrypted as "Drug Money" corresponding to a high amount, the first thing that comes to mind is it being a joke, because it has to be a joke. But then due to the nature of it being on the blockchain and the sender being put into investigation and receiver maybe, it doesn't look laughable months down the road. A blank transfer still raises questions especially in huge sum but doesn't have the same energy for suspicion as a huge sum transfer + encryption.

The value of the app is for users living with restricted means of communication where true censorship is a problem. If peakd domain can't be accessed, there will be more alternative sites to resort to. Censorship isn't an issue for most people until they are censored themselves and most just take their freedom of expression for granted. :/

you have to send some hive to use the PM?
well i will stick to discord and other chatting app at the moment. have nothing to hide tough.

Yeah, Hive or HBD with the same minimum of 0.001
I have the same thoughts on it. It really is only useful for people that want to be private about something. None of my business if I look into encrypted memo transfers.
It makes a viable alternative to people who use the platform in regions that communication becomes controlled due to being user friendly.

indeed. It will be so useful for people with high security level, and love privacy above the other.

Haha, if you have disjointed thoughts like me, it's gonna be expensive.

It's a dragging dapp to use due to using your keys each time you make a message. And yes, it is going to be expensive for a chatterbox. 😅

The only ones I see interested in using this stuff are those that really want to go private and for messing around.


How does it compare with Proton Mail?

It's based on Hive and you don't to spend a lot of money for subscribing to the service. There's no annual or monthly subscription to pay. 0.001 Hive is enough to send a message and it's basically free considering the one sending you a message back also gives you the 0.001 Hive you sent them.

By the way, I use the free version of Proton Mail as opposed to paying for the premium version.

I like that Hive PM is free, based on Hive. I also noticed PeakD has something similar, a public chat and an ability to message people. Would Hive PM connect to Peakd chat or would Hive PM be more like a side chain or somehow disconnected or whatever from the Peakd chat and messages?

Hive PM be more like a side chain or somehow disconnected or whatever from the Peakd chat and messages?

I think of it as another frontend for the blockchain and no, it has not integrated with peakd.