🎁 My Weekend Thoughts and Direction for Your Health

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The weekend started and I've just realized I am having a deadline for...Sunday.
So, I have taken some relaxation time this evening to read and watch some videos about activating our vagus nerve. The guys behind the Biohacking summit continue to amaze me. I never buy their products, nor the entry to their summits since they were free for online users 2 years in a row.

What if you didn’t have to spend hours and hours meditating, nature walking, and writing a gratitude journal just to simply r-e-l-a-x? Well, you don’t. Recent scientific discoveries point us towards the vagus nerve. This innocent-sounding nerve is nothing but “just a nerve”. Instead, it’s the body’s best-kept secret when it comes to recovery and stress management. And it does not take hours to activate it...

What is the vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve connects the brain to various internal organs and fuels the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). When PNS is active, the mind is at ease, the body is recovering, and various important biological processes take place from digestion to muscle building. Then again, the vagus nerve quiets down in energetic and stress states that are dominated by the sympathetic nervous system activity. The chronic imbalance in the vagus nerve’s activity is linked to stress, inflammation, and mood problems - to mention a few.

Supporting the vagus nerve’s activity can support relaxation and recovery and might also support gut health, positive mental states, and overall wellbeing. The Vagus nerve can be stimulated in various easy ways such as humming, deep breaths, and cold exposure.

I've found this article on their website and I just made a pause from reading it to come and tell you about this also, because I think it's great to read. A useful one also.

Personal steps I have taken by now
Love and kindness = tried
Cold exposure - tried for several winters
Microbiome taking care = in the process



🏃 What have you tried to activate and stimulate your vagus nerve?

Thank you so much for reading!

With friendship and passion for life,



Very good information, I did not know it, every day I learn something from you, by the way look at the whassp I have sent you a gift, good night

Hey! What a surprise!

Thank you for reading it!

I'll be checking my wzzz now and sleep soon.


Hey @regenerette , i way oblivious to the vagus nerve and it's implements. Thus, i had a obesity problem mainly in The belly part.
I found a way however that by meditation and training The chakras. I don't know If you are familiar with The chakras thing. But solar plexus. Has helped me out alot. Without heavy exercises or what so ever. I'm perfectly in shape now and in no time I los The belly.
I hope that you can provide me with information on that subject and some criticism as well. Cuz I'm a bit skeptical about everything

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I know about Chakras, mundras and more. But I do not practice Yoga, but I practice Buddhism, Tai Chi, QiGong, guided meditations sometimes, mindfulness more often. Anything that works for you is a good solution.

I am glad that you found something effective to serve your health properly.