How To Manage Your Wealth // Financial Freedom

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You need financial freedom yet you are lazy and seated idle.
No one would create wealth for you. You take hold of the opportunity and utilize it to your advantage.
I often read the stories and testimonies of the early crypto adopters and how they were doing well and gaining a lot
Their testimonies alone is a great motivation to others.
And even when it seems it is not going well as in the early time, yet everyone keeps pushing hard and doing their best to share in the testimony.

Because the coin markets are becoming red in most areas doesn't mean you should give up the struggle.
Store up wealth and treasure for the future for you don't know when the harvest time would come.
It's better to sow the seeds now and enjoy the fruits later rather than to wait until when the rainy and fruitful days come before you start making plans to sow.
Life doesn't work that way. Successful people do not think that way.
They say "He who fails to plan, plans to fail"
Do you have a plan? Or are you just doing things as it comes your way?
Do you know your budget for each day and your expenditures, if not, you might end up inviting poverty to your doorsteps without even knowing

You have to work to be able to earn. And you have to earn to be able to spend.
And after earning, you need to manage your finance and wealth so you don't end up going bankrupt before you even realize it.
The three key things in managing your wealth and keep it flowing are:

  • Work
  • Earn
  • Spend/Invest


You cannot be idle and expect a reward. There is no better reward for laziness than poverty. And idleness will make you become a perfect tool for the devil's workshop.
If you must have some pennies in your pocket, wallet, bank, and savings then you must work. It's a must, you have no other option. There is no alternative or shortcut to earning than working.



The end product of every working person is that he or she will earn. People work and earn in either cash or kinds, either ways, there is always a reward for work.
You work to earn and not for fun and if there is anyone just working for fun then your reward at the end of it all is the joy and happiness you received working. And that is still an end product of work. You have gotten a result, though not in cash you are rewarded with something other than cash.



Money earned is meant to be spent. You can't store up money and expect it to yield more income.
That can only happen when you generate money and channel it to other sources. Through spending and investment.
No matter how long your $200 is in your account, it will never yield more if it remains where it is.
Money was meant to be generated and circulated and not tie down in one place or location.


Do not be deceived into thinking that money will come running to you when you don't work for it.
No amount of prayer point on money will make it come to you if you are idle and lazy.
There is no food for a lazy man.
So instead of wasting your time and days fasting to become rich and wealthy overnight.
Get up and do something to better your life.
Work for what you desire.
The only way to gain your financial freedom is by working.
Do not be limited by the mindset of chasing after money.
Do your part by working and wait and see how the money will chase after you.


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