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RE: Spknetwork SIP: Potential To Eat Up A Lot Of Hive

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My only worry with decentralised video/image platforms is what happens when/if child pornography is uploaded to it? A centralised authority can act on reports to expunge content, but on an immutable decentralised ledger it becomes much harder to do. I suppose witnesses/nodes could all come to an agreement to remove the content but there would need to be some near infallible method of doing so that wouldn't be able to be abused to remove other content that breaks no rules/laws.


This is a very, very good question to be asking. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that the actual offending content will not be stored on the Hive blockchain itself, as the blockchain does not store images. Any reference to such imagery would be a link to where it is hosted somewhere else. If that were to happen, odds are good all the front ends would decline to serve it, and probably alert Interpol to the link's existence. From there, they've done their due diligence and they don't necessarily have to worry as much.

As for SPK, they're going to be the ones who will have to decide what to do if the images/video are uploaded and stored on their servers. I suspect there will likely be a ToS addendum somewhere to prohibit such obscenities.

The spknetwork will be decentralized so they cant decide what go up or not. The IPFS system is already out there.

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That will complicate things...

That kinda of garbage is already floating around everywhere on decentralized torrenting places, yet none of the torrenting places are shut down nor do they remove it. In my opinion stuff like that should be removed.

Video is not on the ledger, only text. So there is nothing on the blockchain.

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So then the videos aren't actually decentralised, just linked to via text that is decentralised. Exactly as it is now on Hive. Struggling to see what's so different about this then, seems like more tokens for the sake of tokens.

The videos are going to be housed on different people's computers through the client. So you decide what you want to host and then be a part of the video storage.

For Hive, it is only text.

Videos right now, as far as I know, are on a centralized server that the 3Speak team is paying for.

seems like more tokens for the sake of tokens.

If you think that then you really havent been paying attention.

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The videos are stored by miners on IPFS. The CID hashes from IPFS are stored on Hive in order to perform the PoA "random file access." Bot the videos and text are stored in a decentralized way which is incentivised by the speak network.

To further expand, in order to get a reward from mining on the Speak Network, you'll need to prove you have a random historical piece of the network downloaded. Fail/pass checks are performed on IPFS. Blockchain is used to reward miners with the SPK token. So the videos will need to be downloaded, or the miner does not get paid. It's using both IPFS and Blockchain combined into a fully autonomous system.

PoA allows for miners to be very flexiable. You can add as much or as little of the network as you want and you can delete any part of the network you want. In the event of illegale content, miners can flag such content, when enough miners flag the content, it becomes booted from PoA. Miners, users and platforms can also opt into "filters" where certain content, IE rated mature content, can be filtered out.

It is up to the front ends to filter that out just like it is now for any centralized front end.