Trade Mania - My Worst Trade So Far

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First of all a big thanks to bdcommunity for hosting this amazing contest and bringing up such an interesting topic. And thanks to @burlarj for inviting me. Also for those of you reading and want to participate, here is the contest link.


My Trading Experience

When it comes to crypto trading, I have had plenty of good and bad experiences, I am gonna share the one that got stuck, left a permanent impression on me.

I used to own 0.1 btc three months back. And I sold it out(80%) @11k$, damn. Yes you heard me right, I cashed out on my BTC too soon. God, it still hurts.
I sold my hard made btc to buy one million dec to pay for a tract in Splinterlands land presale. As of now, BTC have appreciated nearly 5X and I am left with a piece of virtual land that may or may not develop into something worthwhile. And who know where Btc would be when (and if) the land develops.
I could have managed to buy land tract by other means, but instead I made a poor financial decision and sold Btc for it. And now I have only myself to blame.

Lesson Learned

So, I pulled out of Btc early, I do regret it. But I comfort myself thinking about the guy who paid 30,000 Btc for 30$ worth two pizzas.
Nothing against splinterlands because swapping land tract for Btc was my decision, but I have learned one important lesson, "Never Sell Btc unless Inevitable", as Btc never lets you down.

Every time Btc achieves a milestone, you would hear many people blabbing, "its a bubble and will burst eventually". Those people said so when Btc touched 10$, then 100$ and so on! I don't know if Btc is bubble or not, but one thing I am sure of now is this bubble may never burst.

Future Plans

I have decided to start small regular investments into Btc, may be 50% of my hive earnings every week. It may be small but small drops make an ocean. Every satoshi counts!

Closing Comments

The recent Btc bulls run got me tempted to sell the remainder of my Btc reserves to pay for new car purchase, but instead I choose not to and decided to loan the amount. Never gonna repeat the same mistake again!

So what about about your trading experience. Are you hodling your Btc or planning on selling it? If you want my advice, don't sell it because you are gonna regret it one day.

In the end, I would like to tag @sayee to join the contest. Come, "Didi" and enlighten us with your trading acumen!

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My god I'm terrified of trading. Good luck!

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don't be terrified, trading brings both joy and heartbreak lol

And now turn this thought around and ask yourself why the Splinterlands founders came up with the land pre-sale at the time they did and delayed all other developments. They knew exactly what they were doing and how to get their hands on a bunch of cryptos right in time before the crypto bull-run. Smart guys. But your loss will eventually flow into the strong hands of future Splinterlands development. I did not get any lands yet, I am waiting to run with the bulls and then buy my land later. I am sure this will become an interesting money printer but it will take some time.

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Thanks Xabi. I hope you get real profit from the land and also from future trades as well.


Ouch! I could actually feel myself flinch reading it xD xD Damn, you have a strong heart to have sold btc for land!

Never again😂

oh that was really a bad decision you have made mam,The past can't be changed nor you can do anything now to change it but one thing that is in your hand that is not to think about it 😇

dang! 11 000 dollars worth of xabi, rich guy, but yea even i am pained that you lost so big because of something you don't even know if it is going to be profitable or not, but don't regret too much because the crypto space is full of so many mistakes and we will never stop learning from bad trade but then the good days will put a smile on our face...

Yeah we learn from our mistakes.

😂 that sucks :)

When land? 😂