Rakuten's Customers Can Now Shop With Cryptocurrencies

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So, another big boy moves into crypto. Japanese E-Commerce giant Rakuten, often also called 'Amazon of Japan', announced that their customers can spend crypto currencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash) to buy goods and services (Announcement). Rakuten customers will now be able to exchange their crypto holdings for Rakuten Cash, the firm’s own virtual currency from the Rakuten Wallet app to charge Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Point Card.


Their is no fees for swapping crypto currencies, making it way easier for million of customers owning cryptos to pay at thousands of merchants across Japan who accept Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Point Card. Moreover their is also a reward point system for customers using the Crypto-Rakuten Cash swap.

With all the big boys and institutions shilling bitcoin, it's just a matter of time before nations start buying and shilling BTC.

See you on the moon!

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This is a very interesting development.

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Very soon crypto will be spending like paper money in all the world

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