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RE: Spknetwork SIP: Potential To Eat Up A Lot Of Hive

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This looks great and should increase traffic which is good for using RC credits.

Thanks for the breakdown.


I would surmise that this will feed a great deal into the need for RCs if the network takes off, at least the video part of it.

More posts on Hive require more RCs.

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Yeah, always baffles me why some of the large stakeholder seem to work against the idea that the more people "Feel" like they are winning, the more they want to play.

That is playing out everywhere in crypto, yet we seem hell bent on making up weird rules and being critical of users.

Yeah I agree with you. Unfortunately, many who own a lot of stake have a great deal of coding skill but that is it.

It takes people like Dan a lot of times to change that. Things such as this can totally overwhelm the system and alter the path of Hive radically.

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