My HIVE investment in SPORTS reaches 23 million tokens; Giving out 0.6HIVE worth of Upvotes

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It still sounds like flames in the ears of many that I have reached a top 23 million stake of SPORTS token amid the season when the token was worst hit in the Hive-engine market. The interesting part of the story is that all of this stake is reached from my SPORTS authorship and curation earnings in addition to a part of my HIVE earnings used to purchase SPORTS.

My journey on Hive started out as a content creator and this was so over 18 months until Steem-engine tokens came onboard. Even though I started earnings Steem-engine tokens, now Hive-engine tokens in addition to HIVE, my initial position was to sell off the tokens as I earned them until when we ventured into HIVE.

First, I got challenged by how much some Hive accounts had grown in respect to Hive Power while mine still struggled below 5,000. I also noticed that some huge investors were really pushing their money into Hive tokens. I needed not to wait further after making some arithmetic computations that revealed how awesome is it to curate with HIVE tokens.

I started out a staking journey with LEO and then re-started SPORTS and today, the portfolio has grown to cover LIST< CHARY and CTP. It is still growing as I may add another token when the second token reaches the set target. The investments are made in bit using a strategy I call "Drops Investment".

The drive to investing in bits is to avoid impulsive trades during short-term token market jerks. Having a lump of liquid tokens can lure one i=to playing with the markets and thus end up subliming supposed investment sum. I've have such experience and it wasn't a good one. I had tasked myself to consciously power-up tokens everyday in July, 2020. I've disciplined myself to powerup at least $5 worth of tokens each day.

It may amaze you that my SPORTS token stake which is worth less than $300 helps me give out as much 0.6 HIVE in a single upvote. That is worth about $0.14 at today's market value and this is quite greater than my upvote value with Hive Power.

HIVE is not disadvantaged, rather, this growth is showing the growth in the scheme of things and how Smart Media Token launch would make HIVE to compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of volumes of transaction in a few months ahead. I presently tag HIVE as the "common man's bitcoin".


SO far, my total SPORTS stake stands at 23 million and that stake gives out as much as 14,000 SPORTS in upvote when curated at 100% Voting power. I see this upvote value increase to 15,000 as I reach the 25 million SPORTS stake mark by the end of July, 2020.

reaching this feat just requires dedication and a slow/steady investment strategy. I do not pump in lumps, I buy and power-up the tokens in bit and lo, the growth over the last few months have been terrific. I am hopeful that someday, SPORTS would be worth $0.01. I do not need to estimate how much ROI that would have been for the investment so far made.

You can actually head to LeoDex to purchase SPORTS token or start writing about your favourite sports/teams in the SportsTalkSocial community to earn SPORTS.

The present 23 million SPORTS in stake is for curation of undervalued quality #sportstalk posts, SPORTS staking reports and #HiveImpact or Charity projects in the sports sector.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction about SPORTS token. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.


  • If you have made a recent "quality" #sportstalk post of at least 200 words, drop the link in the comments section of this post and reblog the post for a huge upvote from my 23 million stake.
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  • You may also consider delegating SPORTS to @uyobong.sports to enjoy daily Curation.

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