HIVESTATS: $1000 Monthly Curation for SPORTS Visible Soon

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It's been a while I shared thoughts on my curation rewards with tribes token. For the past 11 months, pooling my investments to second layer token curation on Hive has been without regrets and SPORTS was the model that tested convincing. In fact reaching 4k plus on Hive Power in these days of scarce Hive could only be possible through interests from second layer token curation converted back to Hive. Thanks to LEO, SPORTS, CTP, LIST tokens for proving to be profitable tokens to invest upon.

I've been lazy around here over the last few weeks due to the project that is really taking my attention and time off the chain. It's sad to see my Voting Power load up all the way to 100%. While trying to do a few manual curation few minutes ago, I noticed that my SPORTS account is already giving out 21k plus tokens at 100% upvote. That is worth around $2.2 at present exchange rates.

Peeping through my account on Hivestats, it was awesome to see $266 in rewards as monthly curation returns despite my many idle ours of non-curation. Besides, this is happening when SPORTS price has gone all the way down to 0.00017 per HIVE from a one time 0.0005 per HIVE value before the HIVE pomp.

Two months ago, the account was having less than $200 in curation returns monthly. We see a gradual growth in the value we can draw from Hive tokens curation.


Looking at a few weeks ahead when we'll have HIVE stable around $1 and SPORTS getting to move up the ladder by 3 times back to 0.0005 per HIVE, then, my monthly curation returns should have hit $k or more. Yes! Do your maths and find that out by yourself, perhaps you get inspired to invest in SPORTS for curation.

THis is happening with a token with almost no other usecase apart from content curation and creation. Soon, we hope that some tangible projects and games would be deployed here and a $0.01 or as poor as $0.001 SPORTS dream would become quite visible. Things are shaping up on Hive and we're having more persons getting interested with second layer tokens. Glad that on daily basis, new investors are joining us. Even from my locality, I have had about 6 new investors that has pushed in an investment of $1000 into SPORTS in the last one month.

Hive has become a central point in the cryptosphere and I have some persons call to ask how they can invest. Second layer tokens has always been my mention and these investors are not disappointed to far. Good to see 10 million SPORTS worth $1100 today. That's the same volume that we had for $100 some months back. 100 million tokens is still the short term goal and that if possible before the end of 2021, meanwhile, I hope that a full upvote by the year end would amount to even $20.

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

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Very good for you, really, you have worked hard for that. May God continue to bless your work.

Im looking forward to mimic what you did, gain hive power through sportstalk. My regrets is that I was not able to buy good amount of sports power back then. It was not easy buying it since Im still a student at that time until now. When I bought this power back then, I was using my own allowance for school without the permission of my parents. :)

$2+ for a vote, that's a nice one. Soon $1k will be a reality. A little development here and there and sports will be riding to where it should be

Went for a movie shot Chief what did I miss cos am back in full Force.

Woow milestone achievement Comrade.

Bravo Coach

Way to go man, you're an example of a die-hard investor.

I must say too that this is just the beginning for sports, as more many use cases comes up, even a 0.1 won't be able to stop us.

Earning the fruits of consistency! Well done.

Very nice job on powering up SPORTS. I guess I still need to work a bit harder since I think my full power vote is probably worth about 160 SPORTS now. I do think we need to see a few use cases but now that ad revenue has come in, we can probably see to using that to develop or burn SPORTS.

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great investment and encouragement is your job and i am happy you are getting your rewards of labour even in your idle times. i pray you more grace to move forward on the larder as sports lighted up for more value before the end 2021. i will always congratulate you.