A Look-up on Hive Token Stake Proportions: A Guide tool for Investors

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It's beautiful to see the growth around the second layer of Hive blockchain. The Hive tokens are creating more usecases each passing day and thus adding more value to the Hive blockchain. It would be a huge growth when all communities on Hive move en-mass to market their community and the blockchain as well onboard new users.

My interests has been around Hive tokens that have the staking feature for curation of posts like LEO, SPORTS, CTP, NEOXAG, LOTUS, PAL, CHARY and LIST. The percentage of tokens staked represents the proportion of futuristic investors involved in the token.

While all the Hive tokens have different amounts of total supply depending on the anticipated usecase and design tokenomics of the token. However, it is my opinion that tokens that would probably grow is that with high proportion staked out of a limited supply.

I have established a writing contest that stakes rewards (in Hive Tokens) to winners to enable those users grow their stake and be future conscious with their investment. Interestingly, there is an appreciating staking in Hive tokens I'm marketing and investing on. Here are the details of some Hive tokens and their staking details.

  • CTP token powers affiliate marketing and entrepreneurs' community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the CTP community. Out of the only 2 million CTP tokens, 88% of the tokens in circulation are staked. That means that soon, the CTP tokens would be exhausted in supply as the population of affiliate marketers increase on Hive.

  • LIST token powers the e-commerce community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the Hivelist community. This commerce powered token has just 500 million total supply. An insignificant proportion (0.10%) is staked. This may be due to the fact that the lead usecase of the token is for trading for tangible peoducts.

  • SPORTS token powers the sports community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the SportsTalkSocial community. SPORTS has a whooping 1 billion total supply of tokens out of which 81% is staked. The huge amount of SPORTS to be mined was in view of the huge population of sports enthusiast across the globe. We are expectant that leagues players and teams across the globe would join the sportstalksocial community.

  • NEOXAG token powers Neoxian City community. NEOXAG as a token which supports all contents has a limited supply of 32 million with 91% already staked. There is a growing 3.62% of the tokens already burned. I'm anticipating a huge growth of NEOXAG token in a few months.

  • LEO token powers the cryptocurrency and finance community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the LeoFinance community. The giant Hive token has 5 million tokens in total supply. Already 85% of the tokens are staked. A high 7.59% is already burned. A good volume are being powered down to provide liquidity for wLEO on the ETH blockchain. We hope to see LEO at $5 soon and it's just a good time to grab some cheap tokens.

  • LOTUS token powers Natural Medicine community. LOTUS which is a token foe nature and natural medicine would have a usecase for medicine commerce soon. Meanwhile, out of 13 million total supply, 60% of the token circulating tokens are staked. Now is still a good time to purchase some good quantity of tokens.

  • CHARY token powers the charity community on Hive blockchain and posts are rewarded from the Charity community. CHARY which represents charity on Hive blockchain is just 1 million in supply. Still a fresh token with just 9.28% staked. It's therefore a great time for philanthropist and humanitarian service givers to acquire this token.

The essence of sharing this piece is to help prospective investors to see the tokens h=that have a great prospect and why they should accumulate the tokens yet.

I am a Hive Curapreneur.

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You have listed some interesting tokens there, and it's also nice to compare their circulation with the current prices... Following you with a couple of these from your list... ;)

Thanks for informative post!

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Thank you bro for always stopping by. I am consciously sharing these piece from my wealth of research outcomes on Hive tokens. I'll keep doing it to provide a guide for people like you who care.

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