The FUD is real / Bitcoin part 4

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Oh my god. People think Bitcoin got hacked. If this would be the case. There are Satoshi Wallets with a amount to sen dBTC back to 100$.

Also If SHA-256 would be cracked, the problem would be much bigger.

Donald Trump on TV. " I want USD the world Currency, not BTC. BTC is a scam.

Yeah ... I think he is the right person to get a neutral answer.

Also Nacked short selling increases over the last weeks massive.

FUD and Fakenews and Bullrun 2021?

BTW as far I know it was around 64 BTC (2,3M USD) and they become the data from a cloud service provider, that stores the keys on the server.

No fancy Tech.

"Hack the wallet"

And IMO the most bear event was the Miami Event with the weirdos on the stage:

What a shitshow. I would have no problem with it if bitcoin would drop to 10k or lower. Sad point is that BTC is the major currency in crypto.

And some Bullish data:


Biggest exchange outflow this year :) 22550 BTC.

Also, El Salvador was pretty good news.

What does it mean? Will FUD end the Bullrun or is this the momentum we draw in the bow that shoots us to moon?


Is $5 wrench still the most cost effective hackers tool?

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haha, I would say phishing mails, there are free and fast :P

The fud is so crazy and stupid. Unbelievable.

Gov hacks BTC: