Contest on Hive for Developers

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How to attract more Developers and Users to Hive?

I think one good way can be monthly contests with price Money.

What can a contest be?

From simple tasks like "fix XYZ problem" for Hive to "build an open-source dapp/frontend" or whatever.

This task can be listed on thousands of site developers looking out for work. Google and the big silicon valley Companys do the same.

Why this would be a super bullish thing?

Think about google wants something, and on the same page, people see a task for Hive. IMO that's a cool thing because developers get in touch with hive.

Maybe they don't do it, but they can read it. Some will think about it, some will join, some will work for Hive.

New faces are good. Because they become own ideas what is possible from an outside view.

How could it work?

First, we would need tasks to do or something the community wants on Hive.

Like" Fork binance smart chain for Hive" The parameters must be this...

Build a Mobile app that is open source and does whatever.

Help to finish task XYZ for this dapp.

Move to Hive initiative

Next could be a move to Hive with your dapp competition. Not a super high price money, but the winner/s become a lot of attention and some little Hive Reward.


@themarkymark does something similar in the past, not sure how it works out. It was hackathon or something similar sounding.

But a monthly freestyle " build stuff on hive" with decent price money can also bring a lot of attention for new developers. Sure everything must be open source in such contests.

There can be also some more specific contests. Also some cool and useful things.

"Build an open-source front end for 3 speak"

"Use xyz decentralized database to store short videos, to enable short videos on hive content"

or whatever.

How can we fund something like this? has enough 2,777,444.537 HBD and a ton of hive.

Would it be a waste of funds? NO

Also, we can market it perfectly on Twitter/ Reddit to other tech and crypto people.

"do you know, we have an open-source NFT front end" for example.

and way cooler things.

Longterm it would be super bullish because we would become more competitive for the DAO fund and new ideas.


We show people we have a community fund. We show also we know how to use it.

Some words to the end

Money has always a value in time. We need to leverage the time. More things that move on at the same time, fully decentralized.

Our Hive fund allows it.

Like the Twitter Marketing proposal from @nathanmars, every stakeholder should think about the time.

Maybe the proposal will be not the most efficient, but we get the data and can improve it and learn all from it. We need to tell the world what hive is. At the moment we are a niche in a niche. Remember that.

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HIVE seriously needs more developers.

Sometimes, I wonder it's better to bring the large investor who can pull more developers to HIVE. Or Make huge partnership with protocol like ADA or EOS that have tons of developers.

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I agree,

But for more devs, we need full smart contracts ( or contests to show them what we already have)

Not a bad idea, we would be happy to help promote something like that.


I think so too it's perfect for marketing with organic shares behind. Like a mini attention magnet for the developers group.

That's a great idea. I'm keen to get involved in development for hive, but probably better suited to small projects at the moment since work is really busy.

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Thanky you

I agree, this would be good for Hive if we can bring in more developers to build on it. Btw, are there any tutorials for non-developers to learn how to build on Hive?

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For non-developers, I think a hive engine would be the best start.

The alternative would be the documentation from hive chain, but its way more technical :) Maybe someone else knows something, I don't know :)

These are very interesting thoughts. We need to make people aware of hive engine and educate them to get onboard. By engaging more developers we can definitely help the community as they will be able to help us extend the platform and add more innovation to it.
I saw similar post on stemgeeks community where they are running some hackathone.
Let’s see what other people think.

thank you for your input.

Marketing would be the first step to show we have a community here.