It's shopping time!

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Finally, hive deposits on binance are finally open! Which means it's shopping time!


377 liquid hive to the dumper! It feels nice to be a traitor, hoho.

And got meself 55 RUNE and 55 AVA. The first is heavily shilled in the leofinance discord, and the later is @empoderat's favorite shitcoin! Imo, I still have no idea what RUNE is but AVA does look like a solid project which imo has good chances to moon after March/April when hopefully all the corona shit will be over and tourism will pump again.

My bags are still small, but little by little those purchases add up:


How about you? Did you buy anything on binance today?

Disclaimer: This post may have affiliate links. All ref earnings will be used to buy and power up hive. If you want HIVE to pump and me to be a whale please be a good boy and use them :D

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Today? Staked another 10K LEO's. This was a really LLLLONG wait for these Binance gates to open

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Save some for us!

Picked up another 2500... seems legit.

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dump that shit buy other shit!

Shit. I was born in it. Molded by it.

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It feels nice to be a traitor, hoho.


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I should be buying more Rune. I have been buying more Zilliqa for stacking rewards and zilswap liquidity providing.

You should try ORN as well. It's delicious :)

Do me a proper shilling and I might !

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@empoderat did that already...

Soon ©

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 28 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

AVA is undershilled and overfudded atm. Will give solid gains in the medium term IMO. Now the crowdfunding thing is screwing us all lmao...

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Happened the last couple of crowdfunding events in early 2019. If you give people to invest in shares or tokens, what do you think they'll prefer long term? The possibility of purchasing shares counters somewhat the demand into the token (people who would have bought the token AVA buys the shares instead).

In addition, Travala is giving away 1 AVA for every 5 pounds invested, creating selling pressure after the event.

Long term it's ok (and necessary!) but in the short term as aI said it's screwing us.

why ?