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Just discovered this Andrei Jikhn fella by this post from @rollandthomas and I must say I really enjoyed his content, which is mainly focused on finance, saving, getting out of debt, his personal success stories/strategies etc etc.

Apparently, he first started as a (not so succesful) magician so he always makes sure to show off a bit on his videos, and I must say the final result is quite enjoyable.. Despite all the affiliate links he sneaks in, usually with quite a humourous way :)

I have spend the past few hours watching his shit non stop and imo he is definitely worth a watch and a sub! Feel free to check him out at:

I will also try to ping him on twitter, who knows, maybe we get lucky and I get him to join leofinance. After all he seems to be a bit interested in crypto too so who knows! That would be nice. And bullish :D

Here's a random video from Andrei Jikhn to have an idea of what to expect:


He help teach the actors the card tricks in "Now You See Me" :D

He is quite nice, funny and knowledgeable about Finances..

My only problem is that I don't like in the USA,which renders some of his videos useless to me xD

Check out Joseph Carlson, he is also an investor from the USA, but he focused on Investing only :D

Communicating directly is a great idea to market LEO. It is word of mouth but on the internet.

If he is all about making, saving, investing money, blogging and posting videos, then LEO, 3speak, Hive.... its all right here for him and others.

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Terrific guy! Creative video...I'm going to stalk him

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I spent about 6 minutes into that Video and the guy's just incredible, he makes investing looks interesting to the totally naive person. He wouldn't be a bad contentor to Leofinance

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It will really be great and a hit target to see him join leofinance

Learnt a think or two from the video link. He is not so pro-crypto tho. 🤔

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let's check him out!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 33 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This guy makes a lot of common sense, I like most of his ideas and started watching his other videos because I saw him on a post from @rollandthomas. Good stuff!

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