The Internet and Financial Opportunities

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Is internet the best thing that has ever happened to humanity? Or something bigger is yet to come? Of a surety, bigger and better things will emerge in the coming years but for now the internet is the biggest thing to ever happen to mankind. Its contribution to the world is just so enormous and unmatched.


The importance of the internet cannot be exaggerated especially to the younger generation. It has brought a lot of opportunities to many and has contributed largely to the growth of many individuals. Hence, it is rather fallacious and sad that some persons usually do tag the internet as being a bad influence. If you ask me, I'd say that there's nothing bad about the "internet" itself; it is what we do with it that makes it bad.

Looking at the system of some societies today, life would have been so miserable for some individuals assuming there was nothing like the internet. In a world of high unemployment and lack of jobs by the government, the internet has given a large population jobs and even makes it easier for them to work from home, allowing for more convenience. To some, the internet has taken away the location and distance barrier by bringing jobs closer to people. A lot of persons with required skills can work and deliver jobs to wherever in the world, just be staring at their computer or mobile phone screens.

A lot can be achieved through the internet and I wish some persons would wake up to this reality. You do not need to depend on the government for jobs when you could earn a living by maximizing th internet. After all, there are no more new jobs by the government and even if there are, majority is based on who-knows-who.

Financial opportunities are abounding on the internet and more will come in the future. Sadly, a lot of youths only focus on the entertainment and fun the internet brings. Do well to leverage on the internet to boost your financial capacity. There's a space for every skill you have on the internet. Be you a writer, developer, teacher etc, you can still thrive.

I know a lot of persons who have shunned government jobs just to leverage on the internet and there are doing very well. Citing myself as an example, the internet employed me and gave me a job the government could not. It's only ignorance that is causing many to hang their hope on the government for jobs. Wake up to the opportunities internet has brought to us and maximize them.

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I would add that the Hive Blockchain, where you can get paid just for contributing to and participating in the community , is a great addition to the internet.


Hive is indeed a great plus to the internet.

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The Internet is one of the revolutionary things that has happened in the last few decades... I will not go that far and say that it's the best thing, but it is one of the important ones... So many opportunities and people are reading news and watch mainstream media...

Luckily, we have blockchains like Hive and opportunities to grow and earn while having fun... ;)

Also, I think that blockchain is the next big thing that will change our way of living...

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Yeah! We cannot clearly say that it is the best thing because there will definitely be more inventions in the future. However, internet has already paved the way to global digitization

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