Can HF24 lead to a Hive pump?

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Just a quick one!

What will be the aftermath of HF24?


Congratulations to us, we have fully migrated away from Steem, courtesy of the just concluded Hard Fork 24. Kudos to the Hive developers and witnesses! Although things are still shaking on the platform, I'm sure every bug will be fixed just soon.

Away from that, the price of Hive has been a bit unimpressive lately. Yeah! I know that the value of a token shouldn't only be attributed to its price but somehow, a token's price has a way of attracting new investors thereby drawing more traction to the token and community at large.

I see this in the Leofinance community for example. When LEO was trading below 1 Hive, we had only few users engaging in the community but ever since the launch of WLEO which caused a pump in the token's price, we all saw the numbers increasing.

Hive has been trading below $0.2 for a long time now and there have also been a drop in its market cap. Any possibility that this HardFork could lead to a pump in the price of Hive?

The answer I cannot say outrightly but I hope it does. I mean it would be good for all of us. I'd be glad to see Hive at, let's say $0.5 or more.

What do you think?

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I dont think the HF will do anything for the token price. It is a rather uninspiring fork from a user perspective. This was all about the back end being more stable.

The value of HIVE comes from users and we need an expansion of that. With the applications making the conversion with the HF, maybe we can really push the onboarding.

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I dont think the HF will do anything for the token price

I thought as much, being that it is more of a maintenance kinda hardfork. I just hope it gives us a more stable platform that'll enhance users' experience. Concerning onboarding, it is the work of every existing user.

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All I have to say is get in with UNISWAP Hive. .30 cent pop on the announcement alone...We shall see.

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How do you mean?

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I'd be glad for such a pump as well but I doubt the HF will have any impact on the price. Investors quite often don't look too much into details. They buy the final project, meaning the apps we have and their tokens, and if it's one to rock them all it is LEO. I guess in its case it is community that does magic. On Hive, in general, the community doesn't seem that strong any longer. It feels like too much automation...

You mean to say that real engagement is declining and bots becoming too many?

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