What one thing does Hive need to thrive?

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Hard Fork 25 is fast approaching and will be making significant changes to how curation rewards work, add the ability to convert Hive for HBD, as well as some other changes.

Each hard fork tries to bring us closer to a perfect ecosystem. In my opinion, we will never get there, but if we can keep making progress towards it, I think we will be in good shape.

What do you think is one thing we can change with Hive to be wildly successful?

For me the answer is simple, more users. I firmly believe almost every problem we have on Hive will be better or fixed completely with more users.

Price, More users means more people needed resource credits and wanting to increase their influence. If we had 1M users that would be at least 20-50M Hive needed for a minimum amount of resource credits (20-50) each. Although I do see dApps being the only ones to onboard at this level and by then we will have RC Pools which will help reduce the need to delegate Hive Power directly. There will still be a significantly higher demand on having Hive.

Rewards, I think this is a big area of improvement as well. While many will not want to see more competition for their rewards, I think it will be a big improvement. While the rewards of everyone might go down as they are spread to more people, we won't have as much "clumping" of rewards on popular people. Curators will have more quality content (hopefully) to curate, and search engines will have more topical content to index. It is likely the increased demand on Hive will counteract the thinned out rewards with an increased price.

dApps, Imaging dApps like dCity, Splinterlands, Leo with over 1M users? These projects have been wildly successful with a relatively small userbase. With many more users will likely mean many more dApps and many more users using Hive dApps in general. As dApps grow their userbase a snowball effects starts to happen where their users bring in more users. Hive is small enough that one successful dApp can easily double or triple our userbase over night.

While I think increasing our userbase is likely the most critical thing we can do, there are a few other things that I think would be critical to our success.


We need people to know we exist, we need developers to know the value Hive offers over other blockchains. This can only be done with marketing. Marketing doesn't always means ads, it can be other indirect ways to get attention, like a Hackathon, interviews, podcasts collaborations, or getting out in VR and hosting events.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are nothing new or revolutionary, and many blockchains already have them. They do open the door for trustless dApps that are not centralized on one person. It also allows you to build things that would be possible without them. I always use Gods Unchained an example of this. Hive would be wildly successful if we got a project like Gods Unchained to use Hive rather than Ethereum. A big hurdle to doing this is the lack of smart contracts.

What do you think is the biggest change we could make to make Hive more popular?

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Influencers need to start onboarding people here. All the YouTubers that promoted Steemit back in the day have abandoned this platform. Never mention it despite how you the whales threw them thousands and thousands of dollars.

Luke We Are Change = never promotes HIVE
The Dollar Vigilante = never promotes HIVE
Corbett Report = never promotes HIVE
Want me to keep going?

How much money did ya'll give these guys and still give them to ignore your platform? Maybe start rewarding content creators that actually promote this platform like myself instead of constantly upvoting people that don't do anything for this platform.

More consumer friendly. Content people want to spend money on (that includes games, media, investment opportunities, and so on). Paying consumers. Fewer lazy posts about Hive and how its broken or how it's some lame ass dream come true cult story. More entertainment. More unique personalities. More people actually trying to impress someone instead of working for auto rewards on twenty to thirty different platforms with junk nobody on twenty to thirty platforms cares about since those platforms don't have consumers either. Quality content with a mix of consumers willing to spend money equals higher token value and free marketing when content from the decentralized media platform gets shared on social media. Knowing the difference between social media distribution tools (Facebook, Twitter) and decentralized/centralized content (Hive, Youtube) would help as well, since so many don't seem to know the difference, and want this place to be 'like twitter' or 'like facebook' but don't understand those are just content distribution tools and it's very difficult to recoup the costs of emulating such behavior. People also need to understand money doesn't grow on trees.

Social wants to be free, and Hive's biggest selling point is a better way to do social. Why would you want them to pay??

If there's enough quality on the platform, you can expect investors to do the rest imo

Nobody is forced to pay anything. Paying consumers become investors in Hive. People want to monetize content here. This doesn't take anything away from those who aren't interested in monetizing content. They can still post freely. But in order to monetize content there must be money flowing in the door as well, not just out the door. Paying for content is normal human behavior. People tip and donate to creators all over the internet now. Why would investors 'invest' in a bunch of humans pushing buttons on the internet, if there's no money coming in the door involved? If this chain has plenty of consumers spending money on Hive, including purchasing the token itself, which creates demand for the token, the whole operation becomes attractive to wise investors.

Reddit still isn't profitable and yet I doubt it has any problems raising money. Internet-native investors look for engagement & growth above all else when investing in social, and expect to figure the rest out in the future.

To fuel engagement & growth, you want to ask as little as possible from users.

Money goes where value is, period. Even if that value is not tangible. Hive makes it tangible. It's a very interesting concept, and it is the future. Once there's enough quality (evidenced by engagement & growth), investors will come.

I'm curious why you think Hive can't emulate the big platforms? What about reddit?

Certainly a frontend can and should do this. A frontend like this might be the 'killer app' that kicks things off for the blockchain.

It doesn't need to emulate to be just as big or bigger. What do the big platforms all have in common? The fact they're all different. Why should Hive emulate reddit when a variety of multi media sources on chain would appeal to far more people.

PeakD comes the closest to this central hub style app. It gives you somewhat easy access to many other products on chain. Those products don't send you back to a home base though. It's not all tied together, just linked together halfway and haphazardly. Someone could stumble into a Tribe site for instance, and not know about other Tribes or even Hive in general without browsing the site for a long period of time and stumbling into random content mentioning those things, but only if the timing is right.

  1. Smart contracts
  2. Second layer rewards
  3. Marketing
  4. Shorter powerdown period
  5. Cash out
  6. Bro down

I think second layer rewards would be a big win as well. Not sure what a Bro down is though.

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What does he mean by cash out, is he telling you to cash out? lol brave man haha!

Essential to Carman's business plan:

I think so too. And shorter power down OR a non-curating investment use case for Investors, like valuable rcs.

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The shorter power down is being circumvented via a Hive.loans project by Klye. I think this has the potential to be a much better solution.

I keep hearing that argument but I don't understand why the blockchain itself isn't the better place to handle basic functionalities.

I'm not really the guy to ask, but from what I can gather, having that long power down period adds stability to the platform. Additionally, I don't think anyone wants to lose their account so the incentive to follow through is augmented. It just seems like a simple solution that could also open new opportunities.

On one hand you want to keep a long powerdown period for perceived stability, on the other you are fine with a tool that can circumvent that feature in seconds.

I would like to see a more industry standard lock-up period for staking and the added features of klye.loans.

Yes, and in doing so it opens financial opportunity for whoever is providing the liquid resources, and maybe the network as a whole, depending on how the interest is distributed. It only circumvents in seconds for the borrower. The chain still has 13 weeks. A lender makes a little scratch for holding liquid for lend. This seems reasonable to me. I may be missing something, lol, likely a lot, but on the surface it seems like a good idea to me.

Marketing :)

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And the longer answer is:

The coordinated effort of all parties involved - dapps producers, big stake owners, marketing (be it by agencies or amateurs like me and you).

In order to do that we need better governance. We need some structure. I know that putting the structure on things is frowned upon and people tend to argue and see the leaders as greedy bastards. They only see their reflection :)

The hive needs some structure. Maybe a coop which would be a strong partner to represent Hive and be a partner to the big players outside the ecosystem, to possible investors of money, knowledge, ideas, users, ...

Another take on the what we need question is that we should take the up-side-down approach too.

Let's ask ourselves What we want? and work with small steps to get toward those goals.

Just a ramble ...

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Among other things I want this to be a place where 10 million people come together with a few hundred dollars each to buy patents for necessity grade things like medicine and essential technologies, then make a big enough profit to make it worthwhile before giving it to the world via public domain.

That's a very far-reaching goal, bravo!

Independence from big industry and their greed at first. No big industry and their monopoly in the end.


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I know you asked for one thing. But mentioned several things, so I would like to give a couple that can really make huge difference.

  1. Enough resource credits for new accounts time based. Let's say for the first month new users shouldn't face any resource credit limits. I know it has to do with hp. If it can't be solved within the blockchain, we need easy ways for veteran users to be able to delegate minimum amount of hp for new users easily interact with the blockchain. I would be happy to delegate small amounts of hp to hundreds of users. I am sure there are many who would do the same.
  2. We need one winner app that can attract users not only interested in crypto technologies but also beyond. Once we identify one, we all should put all efforts into it to create a viral marketing phenomenon. I believe Project Blank and Speak Decentralized Video Network can be potential winners. We should go all in when they launch.

First off, I love HIVE, but you're right about the resource credits for new users.

I joined last week and was eager and enthusiastic, trying to explore this exciting new eco-system, and then BAM! I think I made 3 or 4 comments and I was frozen out for 4 days till my resource credit increased.

That's enough to put a large chunk of people off and go looking for another block-chain.

I really like the feel of HIVE but the system is a little opaque. Even hive.io doesn't give a really simple layperson's FAQ about the practical differences between Hive power, Hive and Hive Dollar, let alone Ecency points etc.

And then there's the question of buying HIVE. I don't know the ins and outs but it took me 8 hours to get a binance account, verify it (several times), buy crypto, convert to hive and fund my wallet. It was a right old faff!

I'm an artist and I'd like to list good content on NFT Showroom, but if non-technical-minded buyers can't just buy HIVE at a dapp with a credit card, (like say Nifty Gateway) then we'll forever be reliant on other crypto-savvy users migrating from more established blockchains.

Welcome to Hive!

Yes, you are right, we need improvements to make it easier for new users.

I can delegate you 50 HP if you want, so that you don’t have resource credit limit issues. Just let me know.

Is @mattbrown your account too?

Hi @geekgirl :) Thank you, and that's a very kind offer! I'll let you know. My plan is to start blogging, interacting and posting up art at the NFT Showroom (just waiting on the application) - then I should be able to increase my HP organically.

I'm really excited about Hive as a community. It just feels so positive, and I think that's been the overwhelming draw of the platform for me. When you interact with technology for hours a day you want that to be a fulfilling experience, and so far Hive has outstripped all the other cryptos I've looked at.

And no, I've only got the one Hive account on here. I'll have to check out my Hive-twin and say hi!

hmmm...it's almost exactly what I was thinking. Bravo on being quicker than me

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Targeted marketing with community leaders running an existing large user base off platform. I think @thebeardflex has got some future plans onboarding more users from his community here and started laying up the foundation with the Pizza token.

Once the leaders from outside the community settles in with the ecosystem, it would be easier for them to guide their existing community off platform to onboard on hive by laying foundation for the community to thrive.

More users and marketing. But the marketing needs to be clear and targeted. I see loads of posts, for example, where people talk about Hive but don't discriminate between the blogging platform, the token and the blockchain upon which Dapps can be built. They just talk generically and switch from one thing to another without clarifying the differences. That reduces the attractiveness of each part, in my opinion and leaves people confused.

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There are a lot of things but more users will be the only guarantee for success. The main problem is the same that it has always been. HIVE is not user friendly. Most people will give up long before they get to the level that they can see success on the chain.

Marketing is important but needs to be targeted at developers or for parts of the hive eco-system that can bring new users in and hold them. LEO, splinterlands ect.

For this to work we need better tools to make it a simpler experience to get involved on the chain. Over time they can dive deeper but to start they need an app to join, be noticed and get some tokens.

I think that tribes would be a key part of this if developed to the right level. The ability for any existing and knowledgeable user to create, modify and moderate a tokenized tribe would be great to bring in more users. If every current community on hive could do this for a couple of hundred HBD and then market that tribe to outside people and have an economy tied to hive you could see our userbase expand massively in a short period.

It would definitely take light accounts with twitter, facebook, google sign-up.
Ad revenue to fund the token.
Evergreen content would be a huge bonus, a way to reward infinitely.
A way to buy/sell to fiat maybe with a digital debit card.

The closer that you could get them to web2 sites the better, just tokenized and immutable.

From a developer side, having tools to build or run an app on hive simply and cost effectively would be the selling point. Fast, free transactions are the key with an existing community to jump into any new project being a huge bonus. What ever tools they need to get started should be ready and waiting to be integrated so that they can standardize the build and cut out a lot of the heavy work where they need to build from scratch.

They should be able to start designing an app while having lite accounts ready to plug in, different log-in methods ready to plug in, a hive based wallet and token ready to plug in. Have the building blocks at their disposal so that everybody doesn't have to waste time and money building the same things over and over again. Speed it up and reduce the costs by having the code ready for new apps to run with.

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Hey Niall, we have some similar ideas for Hive. Want to chat sometime? I'm Autocrat#6207 on Discord, and I also just followed you on Twitter so whatever works

If you're speaking of evergreen content funded by the chain, I've been thinking about this lately.
One way to do it would be for a frontend (let's say a PeakD clone) to re-post an inactive post if it receives a new vote, and only show the newest post while hiding the old ones.

The people I've ran this by have criticized the fact that old posts would hog rewards. Maybe they could have reduced rewards (certainly a way to send rewards back to the pool itself can be created. I can think of a hard way to do this) or maybe Hive just isn't ready for it yet. What are your thoughts

Heya. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I did see your first reply but life got in the way. I'm always up for a chat and share ideas. I'll hit you up during the week and see what I might come up with.

We need an app for Android and iOS called Hive, and that has integrated Hiveonboarding and built in Hive Keychain and thatvis as easy to use as Twitter.

Agree with all of your points here. Users, users, users... and marketing to spread the word, especially since we already mostly have what other projects are trying to get done. Anybody know how that marketing campaign from @lordbutterfly is going or did he cash out? 😂

I cashed out. Im taking your wife on the honeymoon you never took her to.

Think before writing stupid shit about me ruging HIVE. Dipshit.

dude, you obviously don't understand humor no? Did you see that smiley at the end. Anyway, since this is our first introduction, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the marketing initiative! I voted for it as well ...

Its not funny. Next time rethink before making a joke about someone being a literal criminal especially on a post by someone that is waiting patiently for a justification to sic the rabble on me.

Fyi, you got baited to Markys post. Hes in the same Mattermost group as me and is the mod on the HIVE discord channel where he can see the marketing group there and what im doing in real time.
He sees what is being done but has been actively trying to kill the proposal since day 1.
Ive reached out to him a few times about doing a press release on the hackathon (which he mentions here) and he is completely ignoring the inquiries and does not want to utilize marketing assets we now have, but here you have him calling for marketing activity.

This post is simply a bunch of bullshit. For him to farm some Hive from autovotes and hopefully get a few folks like you to remember that there is a marketing campaign in progress and question its merit.

hmm, as I don't know about the background to either side of your stories I can't say much about this dispute. But how I understand it is that your proposal was the first successful marketing effort, so I'm glad that we have that going...

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HIVE needs more FEMALE users on its platform. I mean, it is kinda cliche, but trust me - when the girls arrive, more and more boys will be here registering. Furthermore, I really think there should be a second layer reward system in place.. Having said that, being here is GREAT! First month behind me and I have to say, the future of HIVE is bright!

I think there are plenty of females on Hive, but most of them aren't in the Trending section, so maybe they just aren't visible enough. I don't think that's because of a lack of quality, but maybe a lack of 'knowing the right people' and being in their upvoting circles.

I do think if a wider variety of good quality posts get voted into the Trending section, that might make Hive seem more interesting to a wider crowd. I mean, looking at it now, most posts are about Hive. That does not look very interesting to a random person looking for an interesting community to share and interact with. Who wants to write and talk about 'Hive', when they don't even know what 'Hive' is yet? In that regard, a frontend like Travelfeed would probably be more attractive. the hive.blog site might do well with a new landing page.

Haha, nice point - we had a lot but some got lost via whale attacks, several are now on Appics. We discussed this ina community chat recently that we have to acquire / attract more - this space here is more and more male dominated.

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As you mentioned more users is the biggest one, but second to that is the adoption of Hive. I would imagine if Hive was traded on more exchanges and supported by a outside influencer, someone/people famous on Youtube or Twitter that joins Hive blockchain and has an account.

The question is then, why influencer should join and stay on Hive? What can do Hive better for them or equally good as Youtube, Twitter or where ever they are already successful. I had seen some influencer coming to Steem before, back then, and they left after only a short time again.

I think Hive needs to be made more simple and accessible.
Onboarding needs to be easy and quick (Leofinance does a great job with Twitter registration) and new people should be able to do things right away.
IWalking into resource credit problems when registered is discouraging.

It would help when new users are presented a guide which explains the basics of Hive so they can actually can get active on here.

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What we think is one thing we can change with Hive to be wildly successful? That the friendly past of the post I enjoyed most definitely this a good Write-up. Thanks for sharing.

Awareness / eyeballs / marketing. The FAAMG world has no idea this amazing ecosystem exists. I first heard about Hive a few months ago from Scott (@scottcbusiness). After testing Hive a couple more months I will start putting out content (podcasts, blogs, newsletter, workshops, live events) about it to raise awareness.

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No. 1 is simplicity and mass appeal.

It's not intuitive to understand the system, with rc,hp,hive,curation,witness votes and reputation.

And it's not appealing. It took me months to understand how crazy profitable it is to post on hive and then I made the effort to understand the game. By now I find great content like this post wherever I look, but you're sifting through a lot of crap. There is no algorithm helping me pick. It's just throwing everything that got a lot of upvotes in my face. No matter the language. No matter the topic.

I don't care about coins. I don't care about sports results. I don't care about the walk you took with your dog.

There is a big need for a more streamlined userfriendly frontend.

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1 - Users

2 - Use cases for Hive

3 - A killer dApp

Not necessarily in that order :3

I would love to see some sort of killer dApp, wether that's a game or not, pop up that shows people that other chains can be just as competitive as the Eth dApp scene, but with NO GAS FEES! (I currently have some wEth stuck in a wallet because I ran out of gas to make a transaction go through. What a dumb design!) We need more game devs, and I wish I was one, but skilling up in the adult class is hard! The grind is real.

What do you think is the biggest change we could make to make Hive more popular?

  • Less regulation of $HBD value. We hope to see the value of HBD grow between $5-$10 per hbd on hivestats. This will encourage more user to use the hiveblockchain.

  • Power down period should be reduced from 13 weeks to 8week duration.

  • Newbies initiative will go a long way to grow the hive community and its tokenised tribes as well. Newbies will feel the urge to introduce more users to the blockchain

  • Ethereum and tron gained their popularity through smart contract. This can be incorporated into hive itself. Zoom cloud meeting is essential as well before the launch of the hive smart contract. This will make it grow world wide.

I hope my points can be carefully observed and considered. Thank you

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Why 8 weeks? Why not 4?

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@onealfa.pob, For long, most users of the blockchain has solicited for the enablement of a 4-week power down by willing stakers of Hive but this view have not been given due consideration. I wish for that as well.

To me, i feel 8weeks is fairer compared to the usual 13weeks. If 4weeks is not considered, at most, 8weeks can be properly looked into.

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How about either redefining or fixing Proof-of-Brain? PoB gets comprised of two revolutionary new token features. One is the rewards pool which gets used to incentivize content creation and curation. The other is a voting system that they said harnesses the "wisdom of the crowd" to assess the value of content and distribute the said tokens.

I'm sorry to say that Steem/HIVE has never harnessed crowd wisdom. To harness the "wisdom of the crowd," all accounts need an equal say, and there must be mass (non-automated) participation for the consensus to be anywhere near accurate. Neither of the two elements used to tap into crowd wisdom can happen here.

As soon as you come to the truth of the matter and realize that it was a fallacy from day one, then you can abandon the notion that you're helping to reach any near-accurate consensus with either upvotes or downvotes. And that's the beautiful thing about the "wisdom of the crowd," when applied correctly, it gets it right damn near every time.

You're going to need a new system to get Proof-of-Brain to work. Crowd wisdom cannot and will not happen here, and because people are still pretending it does, it's driving a lot of people away in the name of a fugazi consensus and broken PoB.

The reason people were amazed by crowd wisdom is that it's stunningly accurate when tapped into correctly. However, when it does not get harnessed correctly, the results are stunningly poor. Fix PoB before another one of the clones does, and you'll have a first-mover advantage.

I'm sorry to say that Steem/HIVE has never harnessed crowd wisdom. To harness the "wisdom of the crowd," all accounts need an equal say, and there must be mass (non-automated) participation for the consensus to be anywhere near accurate. Neither of the two elements used to tap into crowd wisdom can happen here.

This is easily abused by just making tons of accounts. Also what would be the point of even having stake if it would make no difference.

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I agree that it's not feasible to employ the wisdom of the crowd here. It was the blue paper that purported that 50% of PoB harnesses the crowd's wisdom. And seeing as how it's doing it incorrectly, in a system where it is impossible to achieve, the consensus is always inaccurate. That said, Proof-of-Brain needs to get redefined. I don't think it should get abandoned. We need to find a better way to get there, a way that works for HIVE.

When you realize that consensus is inaccurate because the crowd wisdom thing is getting misapplied, you might rethink some of the promoted voting tactics that are more likely to chase people away in the name of some infallible consensus. The consensus isn't infallible at all, and that's because of one failed token mechanic that was never real for this platform.

But what if mass-creating accounts for bots/etc was made impossible? Or what if there was some way of detecting and differentiating a new user, human, creating an account, from a new user, clone, created by existing user?

It's just another feature that can be redesigned.
I'm not saying it's easy. I'm just saying, maybe, maybe it's possible?

AAh.. ok, bots are not the only problem. Group of people manually creating thousands accounts would be just as problematic. So in fact it's all about a coordinated group of a few acting as if it were a crowd. Which maybe could be stopped by requiring to spent real-world resources to pay for activities (HP, RC, etc), and here we go, we get back to what we have. Alright, I give up for now. But again, MAYBE, there's some other way? Right now, I have no idea.

By the way, would you mind telling me what's this little marker near some of your posts?
I had a huge break from steem/hive and still trying to learn what's changed :)


that means rewards are set to 100% HIVE-POWER-UP

I know man, I know.. Every aspect related to security and restrictions is a constant battle. For one countermeasure you will soon get a counter-countermeasure.. Add to that some real situations like in Venezuela where they have to support their living by farming dollars i.e. Runespace (ref: https://www.economist.com/the-americas/2019/11/21/venezuelas-paper-currency-is-worthless-so-its-people-seek-virtual-gold), and just d'oh. Anyways, I don't blame anyone, gambling the system is still some use of a system, but I'm still optimistic and believe it can be harnessed and its impact on 'legit users' can be somehow controlled.

I think more active users is essential. I can see from the stats that hundreds are joining, but how many are real people who actually do anything? I suspect there has been a bit of a 'land grab' by some people.

Hive is still pretty much unknown, so we do need marketing. I think we need people in certain niches spreading the word. A lot of artists and musicians could be benefiting. The Hive name is an issue as you can't easily search for it. Other stuff comes up.

Getting users is one thing and retaining them is another. I know some get nice votes on a first post, but they are unlikely to keep getting that. They do have to put the work in.

Usability has improved over the early days of Steem. Peakd is pretty good and with Keychain you don't have to worry too much about keys once you set it up. We do need good tutorials that are easily found. People can be paid to produce those via proposals or other means.

I have seen some recent issues with people flipping out over 'losing' rewards thanks to a whale cancelling votes by certain trolls. These people have done pretty well, but feel they are being victimised. I've tried to talk them down, but they may spread bad vibes that don't help us. I think the concept of downvotes needs to be normalised as part of Hive.

There's lots of exciting stuff going on. We just need more people to realise what potential Hive has.

I'm with you on the stupidity of people flipping out on a platform they've benefited from and creating negative vibes. That really got to me..

Easy RC delegations.

It's the most powerful and underestimated tool.

It allows power users to spend their Rcs is a smart and good way. Platforms/front ends /games can pay the transactions for their users without giving voting power or inflation control out.

Makes power up hive way more valuable than today. Sure smart contracts and marketing are good too, but harder to achieve.

What do you think is the biggest change we could make to make Hive more popular?

  • Suggesting a pre list of categories for people to post, so it would help a lot in separating content.
  • Lowers the registration fee to 0.1 HIVE or less, this would help dapps to create accounts for people.
  • Add more filters to the frontends to improve the experience of finding content.
  • Always using 100% of the DAO fund to develop something, standing coins are useless.
  • Create payment plugins for e-commerce start using HIVE/SBD as a means of payment.

If we want hive to be successful, we have to create something that we would use on a daily basis even if there were no rewards.

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Great suggestions from you @faireye

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Unfortunately I don't think that more users is something that we can change... all we can do is try and entice people to have a look and hopefully stay... with good marketing and great dApps.

I've found that there is still a huge non-understanding of blockchain in the general population. Lots of people have heard of Bitcoin but definitely don't understand it or don't trust it... so I do think there is a huge amount of work to do to sell people on Hive.. but it's obviously not impossible, and the more people that we get who'll advertise their content/dApps that are exclusively on Hive the better.

The marketing is really necessary to make HIVE to become more popular and more valuable...infact i believe that "not enough" marketing is the reason why the hive.blog have not grown more than it should be....

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Make it easier to use, more people will adopt it.

Also I know this is controversial, but sometimes people want to use their social networks privately, so coming up with a way where groups can encrypt their interactions, so only those invited can read with the key, will be a killer app for the blockchain (but goes against openness and transparency and all that hive represents).

Unrelated to the question. But do we have a date for the HF?

About 6 weeks from tomorrow...


I've been researching the world of DeFi for a few weeks and personally experiencing different platforms. Primarily involved in the Steem-Tron ecosystem's https://peanut.nutbox.io/ site. The system, which enables users to earn Pnut for the Steem delegation, still has a %74 APR. I then tried investments on the Cub finance system that promises 80% to 320% APR on different investment alternatives. https://pancakeswap.swap also provides very high returns on liquidity pool investments made through. I know that these high returns are achieved in exchange for relatively high risks; still, all these alternatives affect the investment interest on Hive. I think new setups are needed to take advantage of the rising Defi interest, which Hive will be involved in.

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One thing: learning to play the rules marketing works in the crypto world and applying these with all the forces we have.

  1. Marketing
  2. Shorter Power-Down (important for investors)
  3. Twitter/MetaMask Onboarding like LeoFinance did

Maybe the purpose of Hive is not well know in the blockchain sphere? And the next point is, why people who are not interested in blockchains should join Hive? So yeah, could be a marketing thing.

Wonderful 😊

I agree with your thoughts but I think more users is Key

3 things in our mind, more users, more engagement and advertising - 2nd tier rewards wouldn't hurt either

I think Hive needs a mobile app that can easily be accessed through the app or play store and logged into with your Apple ID or Google ID. Keychain is amazing compared to what we used to have to deal with and Ecency is a pretty awesome app, but people having to deal with keys is still a huge barrier in my opinion.

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i agree with all the things you mentioned and I think we are doing all the following things to some degree. it is all about timing. Also, I think we need to get into some of the crypto hype, defi, nft (I think we are covering this to some degree). one area we can really do some major improvement on is marketing. i am open to trying different things.

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More users is the answer.....

An easy way to convert HIVE to USD / USD to HIVE.

To gain mass adaption things need to be as simplified as possible.

I agree—more people, more users!

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it is hard to make things easier in crypto, because there are things that are required and i always said that it is not that complicated (taking my experience from 3-4 years ago) but i had an opportunity to long distant hand held few new users in setting things out, and i must say they have no idea what is going on :D

more users are the solution. And apps need to push more to get users outside of the hive ecosystem.

Piggybacking on what @adamada mentioned (as well as a few others including yourself), I think Hive can benefit from large community adoption and onboarding. Crypto is scary for many people and I think a good % of those people who are scared are also hesitant to follow online guides or trust strangers when it comes to their money.

Community leaders can help transition those communities to Hive using their existing rapport, trust, and experience within their community. I deal with lots of different types of people outside of Hive and plan to onboard a large community later in the year once I have a few more things ready on my side for them. I think this also goes hand in hand with great marketing as we reach out to communities and help them understand the value of bringing their community to Hive (such as myself).

I think we can continue to create great value in Hive through second layer opportunities such as $PIZZA or $POB or $BRO or any other active projects and by keeping users IN THE HIVE ecosystem, rather than sending them outside of the ecosystem (such as BSC). Without writing a book, I really hope to see more time spent in this area as community adoption can seriously thrive through second layer opportunities.

I also agree, more dApps. People love 'things to do'.

I'm excited for the future of our ecosystem! Thank you for your post.

  1. More marketing but also a lot more curating. Those new people coming in need to understand how the system works, how to properly use it and so on. Simply promoting the heck out of hive wont bring masses of people in your retention rate would be low.

  2. More apps of variation that use hive. Projectblank would be a perfect example of this. I don't feel Cub really brought any value to HIVE as Hive isn't even included as one of the farms or dens.

  3. We need to be smarter about how we use the DAO funds. Paying some mega corp a crap ton of money to market hive is going to have little to no impact mark my words on that right now. I think it's one of the dumbest and wasteful funded projects at the moment.

4)Spread the wealth. Too much hive is locked up in far too few accounts which pretty much means whatever they say goes and no one else really has an opinion in terms of vote. It makes its rather centralized right now.

  1. Remove delegations. I feel like delegations are abused and remove the entire concept of POB. It encourages far fewer accounts to actually go curate content instead of each person doing it themselves.

The most important though. Proper marketing to bring people in to use the platform, investors to invest into the platform and hype. I've worked hand in hand with a number of influencers that are now starting to come over to the HIVE platform and use it and love it. The reach is far lower however they also have managed to sell some of the highest value HIVE NFTs to date and powered it up.

Marketing is important but the friction to on board people needs to be lower and easier to understand that comes from.

  • Every person helping with onboarding
  • Enough resource credits to make a daily post and a few comments. It's going to be hard to track this but there has to be a way.
  • Easier sign up, Leo finance has done the best job of this so far but it could be taken even one step further.

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We need people to know we exist, we need developers to know the value Hive offers over other blockchains.

This is important.

In my personal view, Hive needs growth and it can be done by bringing right investors and partnerships.

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I think the biggest problem of Hive gaining popularity is that most of the people that are here using the chain almost never talk about it. I almost kind of don't want a bunch of normies joining the chain because I don't want to see their normie content, though I do talk about Hive and have tried advertising it for years on other social media.

Maybe the best thing is allowing people to sign in with their twitter/facebook or something.

Secure tokens that will allow development of l2 dapps. And internal dex with incentives to provide tokens with deep liquidity. Smart contracts should cover this.

First and foremost such a beautiful picture...
I humbly say I don't know what are the steps to make things grow... I think we're growing though. I lack the technicality but I do try my best to add value... If we all write high quality unique posts and show "quality" and effort is rewarded, creators will find their way in. Even without a shouting out promotion the articles will position well on google showing up on search engines. So I can only add my vision as content creator.

I just think more people need to know about it. I will make a video about Hive/PeakD on my YouTube channel see if that will bring in more people.

When I try to invite people I follow on other platforms, I usually don't know what to say that's interesting enough to get attention and delivered fast enough not to over do it. Maybe a series of gifs directed at specific professions (authors, artists, journalist, podcast hosts, etc.) that target a specific issue common in that industry or profession, would go farther to snag serious influencers, rather than the horde of cultists approach we seem to have now...

needs to specialize in something.

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I am looking forward to HF25 but it will be an experiment. I agree onboarding is #1 but we also need to create more intereating content, to fill the communities and categories. All variety of content, so that new users have interesting things to read. Thanks for chipping in on this! Power up!!

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I hope the HF25 will effectively make the HIVE blockchain to become a better place....@hivecoffee

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WOW! Lots of great ideas by so many people. What could I possibly add? I have included you in my "I Am Engaged Challenge" for today. Be watching for it @slackerman later today!

I think resource credits need to be changed in a way. a really new user cannot barely post 3 comments without waiting for days to post more. that is something which really, really keeps new users away. trust me, I am relatively new and the first time I ran into this, I asked myself what was keeping me from posting. worst of all I did not even understand what kept me away from posting :/

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IMO, the main thing Hive needs to thrive is quality. I shy away from sharing my content on Hive, even though it's the only publicly available writing I have, because much of the quality is sub-par. I'm hesitant to spread the word for Hive because I feel like I'm trying to shill people on an MLM.

I'm here because I have a vision of what Hive will be, not because of what it is. It's a big ask for newcomers to try a new platform out because of that vision.

PeakD is a quality blogging platform relative to Hive.Blog, but it's not publicly available to people without an account. Within peakD, quality is hard to find. Discovery — one of the biggest aspect of successful social platforms — is rudimentary on PeakD, both in feed and search (search barely works!). And PeakD seems like the most successful social platform we have!!

I'd say Hive needs one, small quality feed to get things going. This can be done with a community, though this community may have to be closed / invite only. At least initially, as way to cultivate quality. Maybe this is sacrilege to some, and seems like censorship. The difference is, this is just one community and anyone can start a community with their own rules. I think that's fair.

One way to do this might be to target a subreddit, and port it to Hive. Create an account for everyone that posted in subreddit in the past 30 days, port all posts from the past 30 days, and DM people on the subreddit their keys. You could even go a step further and airdrop them (funded from DHF / posts?) to get them started.

I'm sure many will hate this idea, but it's a thought. I'm curious what people have to say.

I don't understand many of the things that are said here, especially the background of how tokens work and so on, but I want to say something as a newbie that I am. I registered in October 2020 and yes, one of the reasons for not continuing at that time was internet failures, but it was not the only thing. It influenced the fact that I felt lost because the network is extensive, somewhat difficult to understand and manage (I still don't know it); there is not (or I have not found it yet) a community or an advisory group that guides you a little beyond recommending you to read or look for the post of "x" (which is also appreciated). Starting without having a minimum of Hive, and RC with whom you can interact, takes away one's desire and many decide to give up: you can't post, you can't comment and you don't know why (I posted only once). I tried again this April because I am a reluctant, resilient and I like challenges and I know that nothing is easy. I received a delegation from @thehive (and I don't know if it's the same blog or a user, but thanks), some advice from @bluerobo and that's what I started with but believe me, in this month that I'm back, I still don't know the basics of how it works because of its complexity. It drives people away. Besides this, I want to be honest: just as I have read 100% quality posts, I have come across others that I don't think should be there because their format or content is more for FB, TW or IG, and, the worst? With a great amount of upvotes and rewards, despite having spelling mistakes, writing errors, inconsistencies, etc. And being even more sincere, I have observed that more rewards have users who seem to be under the "sponsorship" of someone and I do not mean that this is bad, no, but that all new users should have the same benefits and opportunities and be able to be directly in a group that advises you at least the first month. This is my neophyte opinion.

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Eliminating the poor tax is a great move.
Now, if we could have the whale experiment come back maybe we could attract some new users.

Centralizing rewards distribution is counter to the broader goal of bootstrapping the coin, imo.
The more crowd we have in our crowdsourced distribution the better, eh?

Add in the toxicity created by our limited toolbox of downvotes as a corrective to corrosive behaviors and why would newbs stick it out, or outsiders invest?

Once we have a crowd to shout down behaviors the crowd doesn't like, downvotes could become more rare.
The more egalitarian, and crowdsourced, the distribution the better, iyam.

That comes by allowing more folks to access rewards rather than concentrating them to the few that find favor with the current ptb.

Good to see such post. I can be agree on many points.

Yes, we need more people here. I am not completely understand why hive so bad on marketing? Take some part of money from proposal fund and make good marketing for wide mass adoption. Many of us keep talking about marketing strategy but only a few people really making something to this direction.

I would like to see some consistent handholding for newbies till the time they reach to a certain level, this will boost their confidence, of course there are disclaimers, but in general most of the people give up in the first 3 to 6 months because sometimes they write such good content but that never gets visibility and over a period of time they feel demotivated. This is the way we can have some fair distribution of rewards and also encourage the new joiners. I remember in my office days we used to have buddy system for every new joiner and they would hand hold till the person is stabilized in the system. Such systems help new people joining in any type of environment

I forgot. No more messing with Marky.

Still working on changing some habits.