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After some discussion on POB discord about a better rich list tool for tribes, I put together an easy to use sortable rich list on Hive Engine Tools

You will find the new Rich List tool under Top Tribe Authors tool.

The tool is really simple, it analyzes a tribe and reports the balances for all token holders. You can sort the results by any of the data provided, the default sort is based on Stake. Just click on the column to sort by it, if you want to sort in descending order, it will take two clicks.

One cool feature shows what percentage of the supply a particular user owns of the token.

This tool supports all Hive Engine tokens, not just tribe tokens.

There are currently six Hive Engine Tools and you can read all about them in yesterday's post.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. The data is cached for 1 hour, so it will not reflect recent changes, this is done to potentially speed it up for most users.

I add new tools from time to time, if you have ideas of cool ones you would like to see drop a comment below. No promises I will be able to add them as many of these tools are very resource intensive to collect the information needed and I try to make them as fast as possible without storing entire chain in a database.

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I'm sure a certain scientific-minded person will love being featured. He always goes flat-out!

I love when I see a correct flat-richlist ;)

It would be interesting, when the account is .pob, to put together in the final sum the value that it and the main one (without the .pob) have to actually know how rich the user is in the list

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There is no reliable way to do this, sometimes they do -pob, or .pob. There is no guarantee it is even related.

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The rich list feature was there for some time now, but I have never used it. I would like to recommend few steps on leodex when one is staking then delegating a token. If both process can be done without returning to list of token it will be great.

The rich list feature was there for some time now, but I have never used it.

I just added the richlist feature tonight. There are other sites that display rich list as well.

… and other sites don’t list more than a few tokens of their choice.

I feel like your tool is more comprehensive.

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i gotta go check if im still big and fat in #naturalmedicine thanks :-)

Some stats are surprising.

This is fabulous! !BEER

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@themarkymark Excellent information, I like being able to see and analyze the incidence of each author in each tribe.
thank you very much for your dedication
I take this opportunity to wish you an excellent weekend

The money is important for people all over the world and using everyday in living to business, sell,buy something.

Great tool! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Thanks for advertising this tool. It's definitely good to keep advertising reliable systems.

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Pretty neat tool:

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 15-37-32.png

@Pele23 actually make 6.54% APY on LASSECASH, not bad.

Its funny, since you hate me and my tribe, that you use our data. I will have to say that it is correct to leave out the "lassecash" account, since that is only used for "proof of brain" rewards for the first 10 years. As announced since the start.

So your richlist tool looks correct for me, atleast on my tribe. I have only seen buggy richlists before this.

Thank you!

By the way the fraud Elon owns 60% of Tesla, but I cant own 60% of LasseCash? ahhahaha



Dude, Elon is a fraud for many reasons. First of all SpaceX is fake just like all "space agencies" they are not sending anything into space, space is fake and earth is flat!

Also he pretended to have send a Tesla car into space, which never happened but maybe billions of people believe.

In effect Elon is a fraud and an Illuminati puppet. You should know that by now.

Bitcoin is outdated technologi. Takes hours to send a transaction and maybe $50-$100 fee, compare that to LasseCash, which is ~3 seconds and no fee, plus social media rewards and plus future Diesel pool rewards.


I use your data because it is fucking hysterical.

Dude come on admit it, you are obsessed with LasseCash (you have been posting about LasseCash for like 4 days now), I see a nice distribution in the richlist, thank for letting people know.

Staked another 1000 LASSECASH POWER for you, keep up the good work ;)

Btw we are up another 20% today!