If you bought your valentine 1 BTC in 2015 you would have 198x ROI

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If you bought your valentine 1 BTC on February 14th, 2015 for $247 you would be looking at a 198X return.

Valentine's YearBTC Price

While this is pretty damn impressive, I think it is even more impressive looking at the all time lows.

YearBTC Lowest Price
2021$17,000 ?

No one knew BTC would be as successful as it has been. We have all heard of the story of the 10,000 BTC for two pizzas (worth $470M USD today). The irony is you can now buy roughly 10,000 pizzas with 2 BTC.

It is clear as day where BTC is heading. I'm not sure I believe $1M+, but I think $250K will happen within the next 5-10 years.

I love showing people skeptical of BTC the all time lows instead of the all time highs, for I believe this paints the future of BTC much clearer.

The next milestone for BTC is to break the $50,000 barrier. We have been coming close over the last few days, but are currently in a small dip. Will February be the month it breaks $50K?

Getting your first BTC is the hardest one.

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If Bitcoin doesn't top 50 in February, it will in the next few months for sure. You definitely said that no one back in 2010 could have imagined that Bitcoin would turn out to be such a time rocket. This is an example to draw conclusions for the future.)

I retract my previous statement on BTC. It was made prior to Elon Musk dropping 1.5b.

I think there will be a push to integrate it as a payment method and I'm hearing whispers about how to have it classified as legal tender.

I personally don't think it is the best coin to do this with but it has captured the hearts and minds of the people. So regardless what I think what will be will be.

I wouldn't put it past the 1m mark once more companies buy up. There is a long waiting list of people waiting to purchase it legally through SEC exchanges.

Once supply of services meets demand we will see prices continue to jump rapidly.

I don't know where it will land as the next 2 yrs will be very telling.

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BTC crossed my limit long ago. :( Now I can only think to buy 0.1 BTC or max 0.2. But it's clear, the price isn't going down very soon. It's still the right time to buy Bitcoin.

Question remains; who would have thought ??
Getting your first btc is even harder now than ever ..😬
Thanks for the analysis..

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@themarkymark I am sure if we could all see the future some years ago I am sure all of us would have buy more than 100 Bitcoin,by now we will have been very wealthy....but no one saw it coming so easily....but it's not too late though...we can still buy some bitcoins for now and hopefully it rises more and more...

My nephew had a birthday just the other day and I was toying around with the idea of giving him some BTC. I decided against it, but part of me was thinking it would have been a really cool gift for him. Something that would probably gain value for him over the years.

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Got a few in 2015! Happy Bitcoin, Hive, and Leo - ing everyone!

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If I had given my flame a Bitcoin on Valentine's Day in 2015, I would still have a new girlfriend today and the knowledge that I gave the old one 50k. I'm glad I didn't buy her a Bitcoin. Haha

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A dear friend has been telling me for years to invest in Bitcoin !

Did you listen?

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No but I wish I did... it was one of the few things he was right about . Lol

Bitcoin is doing an impressive job, and still all I hear around me is "Crypto is not here to stay", "Crypto is too much of a risk", "Crypto is fake money". And while all these people try to convince me from that, I try to accumulate whatever I can.

Unfortunately not even close to owning 1 Bitcoin.

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The world of BTC is full of stories. All I can do is shake my head at the numbers; at one point I had about 8 BTC but we gradually sold most of them to pay for living expenses, all before it even passed $2,000. At a (then) 10x return, it felt like we'd made out like bandits. I only have about 0.1 BTC left of that original purchase from 2015...

Oh well.


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