Do you know about Hive Engine Tools?

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Hive Engine Tools is a collection of private scripts I modified to be publicly available to everyone using a web browser.

Currently there are five tools:


Hive Engine Miner Break-Even

This tool will analyze your account and calculate your ROI on Hive Engine miners. Keep in mind, if you use both Miners and Mega Miners, this tool will not be accurate.

With all of these tools, if you made massive changes to your portfolio in the last few days, you may not get accurate results until your account stabilizes.

This tool will provide a graph of your earnings over time and break down your daily payout in tribe tokens, Hive, and USD. The "adjusted" values are based on your personal buy in prices based on your history.

Hive Engine Curation

This tool calculates your curation rewards for a tribe token based on your last 1-30 day history.


You will get a complete breakdown down to your daily payout in Hive and USD as well as an estimated annual return. Keep in mind these numbers can change a lot if more stake is used to vote. Typically you will earn more than this if you power up more of your rewards throughout the year.

Buy/Sell Average

This is a really simple but very helpful tool.


This tool will search your entire Hive Engine history for all transactions for a particular token and average your buy and sell prices as well display your total spend in Hive for this token. This is a really handy tool to tell if you are making or losing money on your trades. This is also the tool that powers some of the other tools to find your personal buy-in price when calculating ROI.

Top Tribe Authors

This tool will display a graph visualizing the distribution of a tribe but also list the top authors and typical user rewards. This tool can take a long time to calculate.


The distribution graph is a really powerful tool to visual how the distribution is for a particular tribe token. In the case above you can see there is almost no distribution at all.

The list of authors shows you the top rewarded authors but also gives you an idea how quickly the rewards drop off and some insight what a typical author gets.

Tribe Config

The final tool (for now) displays parameters for a tribe in one easy to look at interface.

Want to know if a tribe has linear rewards or a burn for not using their front-end, this tool will answer it in under a second.

I haven't had a lot of time to add more tools lately, but I do plan on adding a few more over time. If you have ideas for new ones, just drop a comment below.

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Do you use HiveSql or something else to get the data?

What’s the best way to get total author and curator payouts for tribes?

HiveSQL doesn't have Hive Engine data, you got to walk the Hive Engine chain.

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Awesome set of tools shared here. Thanks!




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Awesome set of tools that comes in handy when trying to figure out some of the numbers.
Hope you're still thinking about one that show voting weight/value across all tribes or the majors.

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It’s a lot of work (processing power) so I haven’t got around to it.

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Totally understand. Thank you for the tools you've put together so far appreciate it!

This is awesome!! I love tools and I am going to be bookmarking this and using it often. Thanks for this @themarkymark Have some !PIZZA

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Thank you for the informative writing. 👍

This is brilliant, Makes it so much easier for me now to get a good estimate🙌🏻

It's really a great tool. Do you know the tool that show how much is earned from each post ? For example of POB ? Something like hivetasks. Or maybe there is an explorer of all tokens directly ?

Here is one by amr008 that might help.

Under "choose the app" select "post rewards" then 2 and your username.

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Thanks a lot. That's great !

You're welcome. :)

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Not for Hive Engine, I can put it on the list of potential updates.

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That will be great.

Like this?

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Yeah, that's great. Thanks a lot for working on that !

I think that will be even cooler if we see there the total pending in each token. Total author pending apart and total curation apart. Especially curation !

That's a lot more processing to accomplish and may not perform well, I have it on my list of things but not sure I will get to it.

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Great !

Hive Engine Curation is showing me that I'm staking 781.59 Hive, while I'm staking 1255 now.

There is a one hour caching on that tool.

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Hey a question, to make all these tools do you use C++?

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Great tool!

I've used it couple of times seeing it in your post before and it kinda helped to flash out a scammer!

HIVE ENGINE CURATION is a great idea. i am going to check it out immediately. yhanks so much

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A couple of days ago I did this post:

in which I discussed the need for a tool for not so tech-savvy Hive-Engine token owners who don't know how to create/program such a tool and help them to manage their tokens easily by automating these routine tasks and help them save hours and days.

If such a tool is made available for Hive-Engine token,I believe, that can transform Hive blockchain and take it to a new level. It would make the Hive blockchain a blockchain of choice for not tech-savvy project managers.

I myself am not a tech-savvy person so I don't know how much coding/dev needed to create such a tool but as an owner of a Hive-Engine token, I know it will save me a lot of time and effort and use them to develop, promote and make my project a success.

Bookmarked, I knew this was out there, and used it before. Forgot to mark it and been looking. Thanks.

I love the example used for the coin distribution...

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I just think their distribution is so amazing.

Such a useful tool that can come in handy. Thanks for sharing

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@themarkymark, you were given LUV from @juanvegetarian. Info: or check wallet:

Honestly I am still a lost child. Trying to take cautious steps knowing I might stumble in the darkness. These tools will surely help. Much appreciated. Any advice for the noob. These initial days am on a mission of collecting advice from the veterans.

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I must be doing something wrong, because I couldn't get it to run for me...oh well...

Did you get an error?
Got a screenshot?

I probably just don't know what my inputs need to be... For instance, I was looking up "proof of brain" to see what would come up and it said running in the top corner with pics of a simmer, runner, biker, etc...but nothing showed up when it stopped, so I figured I did GIGO...I put garbage in and got garbage out lol

Some tools take a long time to process. Which one did you try?

I think I tried Top Tribe authors, Hive engine curation, and Tribe config.

Use "pob" for Top Tribe Authors, your username & 'pob' for curation, and 'pob for tribe config.

That did the trick! Thank you!