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RE: BTC ATH's are cool...but HIVE being ~140% up in 1 month is cooler

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it's almost 140% up...But nobody seem to care about that eh?

I do think everybody cares, even the ones with small stakes. I think it's refreshing that hive is not a community that instantly spams "To the moon, diamond hands!" when the price rallies. We all know that hive has it fair share of issues.

Still even with all the problems there is no reason that all of the sudden we can't get a million users, because we all got here somehow.

I hope with higher prices we see more users and development leading to a second (or first I guess) springtime for hive.

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I hope with higher prices we see more users

If you were here during the previous bull run then you know..if not, you wouldn't believe how overcrowded this place can be once price goes up

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I was there when it started to rally, I pretty much left right before the peek, but it wasn't such a ridiculous increase maybe compared to today, but it never really felt like there are too many users.

Check he data from Arcange and you'll realize how much many more users were around back then

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mhh I can only find the spanish numbers until march 2020. It looks like we went down from peak 70.000 to 20.000 . I would have guessed its worse.

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