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RE: Closing down SPEW - here is how it looks...

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I'm in shock, I thought most was lost. Does this mean any future type Wleo is off the table 4 you?

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I was stunned when I realized we were ok, and because LEO has held up so well, even made a profit.

I very much doubt I will co-ordinate another pool like this, I found it pretty stressful to be honest. If a new, safer WLEO type project is re-launched, I would be likely to join in again personally, but not running a pool. I'm ok with putting my own funds into a high risk scenario, and managing my own risks. But having other people's money on the line was nerve-wracking TBH.

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Thanks, I guess it's not to fair to have someone doing all the worrying while I just sit back and ride the wave.

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