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RE: The Most Boring Form Of Crypto Investing

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When it comes to investing boring is often what makes money. Gamblers end up losing in the end because the house always wins. The market will giveth but it can really taketh.

People who are easily separated from their money are the ones buying in bubble type situations, only to watch the crash believing things will bounce back.

Simple and consistent wins the game.

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And it just makes sense for me.

I basically failed every math class I ever took LOL

So for me, it's just sticking to something I believe in...And riding it out.

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1 + 1 = 2

Write it down and memorize it.

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ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm working on that formula. I need to check my work and make sure it's legit!!!

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Most millionaires got that way doing "boring" things like running restaurants, building houses, making and selling stuff, living decent lives. Society has the wrong idea that all millionaires are playboys or celebrities. They need to read "The Millionaire Next Door."