What To Make Of DOGE

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What can we make of DOGE?

Anyone who is around the crypto world by now has heard about what is taking place with this cryptocurrency. Originally started as a joke for memes, it has become a sensation. Proponents of the token are Elon Musk and Snoop Doggy Dog.

But what is the value of it?


It seems everyone is talking about it and, to the crypto community, that might be its highest value. The attention it is attracting is truly unfounded in the world of crypto up to this point. Also, unlike Bitcoin which is on the radar of the big money institutions, DOGE is being scooped up by average people.

While this might not be the best thing from a financial perspective, it does help get people into the crypto-sphere while introducing them to the nuances of what this is all about.

Is DOGE Legitimate?

The short answer to this is yes.

Even though it was started as a joke to epitomize the run of crypto, there are a number of factors that make DOGE viable.

To start, it is a proof-of-work blockchain. This is a fork of Litecoin, providing decent transaction speeds. Also, according to Wikipedia, unlike Bitcoin mining, different equipment is needed.

The use of scrypt means that miners cannot use SHA-256 bitcoin mining equipment, and instead must use dedicated FPGA and ASIC devices for mining which are known to be more complex to produce.

This means that the network can be decentralized and secured in a manner that fits other PoW chains.

It appears as a payment system, DOGE would work fine. Like most that are structured in this manner, it is not the best in terms of speed. So far, little is written about the fees on DOGE but, if it became very popular as a payment system, it might encounter some problems there.

Does DOGE Have Value?

Again, the short answer is yes.

DOGE is exemplifying the point that the likes of Warren Buffett and others miss about Bitcoin. Everything that pertains to this token is based upon the Network Effect. The massive attention it is receiving is highly valuable. The potential for the user base is incredible.

The challenge is to figure out what truly is the user base. Users are different from speculators. It does not seem there is much going on in terms of transferring value among the different nodes. Instead, we have the game of casino being played.

It is not a unique situation in crypto. In fact, we see this across much of the spectrum. Many feel the same thing is happening with Bitcoin and Ethereum at this time, albeit there is a lot more going on.

We must remember that users are golden. This is what makes Facebook, Google, and Amazon so valuable. The user base is very large and keeps returning on a daily basis.

It is something that cannot be overlooked in this discussion.

Should I Buy DOGE?

That is up to each individual.

There are a lot of things to pay attention to. For instance, what is really taking place with DOGE from a development standpoint? This is a serious question that bears answering. If one is simply buying DOGE as a trade, have fun. However, if one is looking at it for a long term hold, he or she better determine what future projects there might be.

Also, it is imperative to determine what the user base truly is. At first glance it looks like 99% of the DOGE community is just along for a fun (and profitable) ride. That is terrific and, personally, I hope they all make millions. It can only help the rest of crypto if there is a lot more individual money floating around.

That said, from a utility standpoint, we know speculators jump ship at the first sign of a bear. Any major pullback that lasts a while will flush most of those hands out. Then what is DOGE left with? That is the crucial question.

Without the appearance of overt development and the excess focus upon price, it seems this is a classic pump scheme. Here is where everyone should be careful. There might be a lot more upside but then, again, there might not be.

Maybe They Know Something We Don't

On the surface, other than a bit of fun, and a lot of mania, it is hard to understand DOGE. It seems like the market is just toying with people and a lot are being sucked in. This is a warning sign for the average person since they typically are the ones who are hung out to dry in these situations.

But who knows. Perhaps all these people have insight the rest of us do not. There might be something to all this after all. As mentioned, we cannot underestimate the power of the Network Effect. When large numbers of people gravitate towards something, especially in the digital realm, it can send values skyrocketing. This is what we saw with DOGE.

Perhaps Elon keeps acting like the Pied Piper and the community grows even more. We might see Cuban convince the NBA to accept DOGE as payment for tickets and products. It is possible that someone within the sea of humanity that is following DOGE comes up with a use case that makes it the "Killer DApp".

To me, this seems like a passing fad. Yet, many thought that about Bitcoin too and the opposite is true. That ecosystem is only getting stronger, with major players now joining it in support.

With DOGE, it is possible this forms into something much bigger. What we each need to determine is whether it is probable. That is what it all comes down to.

In my view, there are much better projects for me to allocate my resources to. Perhaps my misunderstanding of this is causing me to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Then again, it could be a mirror of situations we saw thousands of times in many markets.

Time will tell which category DOGE falls into.

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My worry is that this DOGE bull run is being done to crack down on cryptos in general. I don't know many crypto long time HODlrs that are into DOGE big time. To me the recent run seems to be retail investors that came over to crypto after the robinhood scandal and big time billionaires like Musk are fueling a fake run up of DOGE. If they then collapse the DOGE price when a bunch of big time whales pull out like Musk all at once, it will crush the average person that just got into crypto, knows little about the market and bought DOGE because of memes. This the powers that should not be will then use this "crisis" and public outrage to try and clamp down on the crypto market and ban all the small cap coins as they introduce a "FED Coin" which is in the works 100%. There are secret meetings going on right now about how to create a FED coin and market it to the public to deal with the massive debt crisis in the USA. Maybe as the introduce the fed coin they tank DOGE and try to ban all the small cap coins.

Just my conspiracy mind working, could be wrong could be right, time will tell.

It could draw a lot more attention but how will they crack down on it? Each day we are seeing more decentralized exchanges popping up. Even more importantly, there are liquidity pools appearing everywhere with the expansion of DeFi.

Sure they could go after the centralized exchanges but all the rest, good luck with that. We are spreading things wide and, to be candid, I love that DOGE is taking the attention. It is putting the arrows on that while leaving BTC alone for a while. All other projects can fly under the radar for a while.

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how will they crack down on it?

They will use their puppets like Elon Musk to crash the price, they will incentivize moving people over to FED Coins and harm them for sticking with decentralized coins like DOGE that the institutions pumped up just to crash. See the .dot com bubble when this exact thing happened and when the dust settled it was the big players that were left standing and all the little .coms went bye bye due to market forces and consolidation of the internet by the giants that emerged, same thing will happen when crypto goes mainstream. IMO, and I have been wrong before.

i fixed ur confusing logo lol. dude ur stuff is too general too generic, u need to specialize and put fucking BTC ETH and HIVE logos EVERYWHERE. no one cares otehrwise HIVE IS JUST A VEHICLE TO GET MORE BTC ETH AND LEO and stuff hahahaha

Hive liek steem, was just a Bitcoin distribution system for NSA


I think that this is a good theory that is quite possible. Most of the people that knows the blockchain points that Doge movements are especulative.

One of my students was talking about her DOGE holdings in class a few weeks ago. She bought DOGE via RobinHood.

Students trading DOGE via apps like RobinHood mean nothing -- they aren't users or customers of the token, they are speculators.

Track the number of unique wallets holding DOGE -- that will tell you whether the current 'bull run' is real or not. If it is fueled by speculators, look for a crash. If the actual user base is climbing geometrically, strap yourself in and get your moonsuit ready.

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Yes a run without breadth tends to be a very narrow pump that ends up dumping.

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At least on its merits Doge does have a large following and an inflation cap of 4%, the USD has a good number of countries with a gun to their heads and it's unlimited. "Brrrr."
Perhaps those of us who have too narrow a perspective of this persistently popular coin miss out out on the simple popularity and wide acceptance of it. Maybe I should keep some crazy doge aside, for now take a little more profit off the table.

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There is a good chance that many of us are missing what is truly taking place here. I know I dont grasp it but that doesnt mean others do not see something I missed.

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Otherwise, the whole meme concept has been one hugely successful marketing tactic to win over most adopters of the new blockchain technology just by a cute Shibe Ino mascot.

Doge seems a project with a very fervent community like a flock, dedicated to support this 'crypto', however it is obvious that most of its capitalization (I would say more than 90%) comes from speculation, which is not bad, but if we observe that since 2017 no investment has been reported in the project, that is, no development or increase of nodes which makes this doge have more present than future.

On the other hand the infinite issuance of doge as it also does not seem a quality that makes it superior or more attractive than BTC, on the contrary, it seems to me that no matter how much it pumps I do not think it will manage to approach the value of US$ 1.00, if it does it will surely fall sharply.

Projects like Doge are those that give a bad reputation to cryptocurrencies because of their speculative nature rather than their profitability in the cryptosphere, when its value drops and people lose millions of dollars is when the complaints against cryptocurrencies start when in fact the problem lies in the fact that you let yourself be convinced by your speculative instinct rather than by reason.

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Projects like Doge are those that give a bad reputation to cryptocurrencies because of their speculative nature rather than their profitability in the cryptosphere, when its value drops and people lose millions of dollars is when the complaints against cryptocurrencies start when in fact the problem lies in the fact that you let yourself be convinced by your speculative instinct rather than by reason.

I disagree with this, especially at this point. Yes there is a setback possible but we see it with the stock market too. A lot of people get crushed there only to return years later. Plus with crypto people arent going to have a choice.

DOGE is bringing attention and, hopefully, a portion of those people are looking at other projects. Many will get burned in all likelihood but the attention is well worth it.

Plus they at least know how to use a wallet and keys.

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Many people get crushed there only to return years later. Also, with cryptocurrencies, people will have no choice.

I have a lot of respect for you, I hope you don't understand what I'm saying, but this part of your answer reminds me of drug addicts, those who try to quit knowing they are hurting, and they relapse again. The world of cryptocurrencies should not be represented as a dark obsession to invest in empty shells like Doge, I think people should transcend that insistence on only seeing cryptos as a form of investment and nothing more, because we both know that digital money is much more than a way to make easy money.

The truth is that the favor that a project with such an uncertain future can bring to the cryptosphere is very poor, I do not believe that the type of people that doge attracts will serve as an example of 'success' in the crypto world, on the contrary, failure is what awaits them because they never focused on developing it, quite the opposite with Bitcoin and that is why no one doubts its success. When the bears come back and take over the cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin is not exactly the project on which the world of digital money will stand, it has neither the strength nor the development for it.

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Doge shows us that anything has "value" as long as someone is willing to trade something for it be it your time, service or product. Nothing truly has value to it until the point of sale/trade. The USD is not backed by gold anymore so it's a faith system there as well just like Doge.

However to be honest with you right now at this moment it's feeling like 2017 in terms of the amount of shittokens launched and how wildly people are jump from one to the next trying to make millions, the scams going on in defi etc lead me to think we are getting rather close to that Euphoria stage.

That might be true although that could just be your focus. We are immersed in this. Most people still do not know about this stuff and the industry is much bigger than 2017. So we are dealing with a higher baseline.

Couple that with the fact that BTC is rather tame of late, and I think we have a ways to go. This party is just getting started. The institutions are NOT buying in at the top; that much we know.

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I think DOGE is a persistent meme coin launched in 2013 that refuses to die. It's not worth buying right now, in my opinion. It has seen two bear markets already. It always crashes like every other coin. Dogecoin is approaching the time of maximum financial risk after rallying madly like it has.

That said, when Dogecoin has done crashing probably by late 2022/early 2023 it might be worth buying again at least in small amounts. I would watch out for other potential silly meme coins when the crypto space has reached its bottom again. But most importantly, I'd try and identify the hottest technological trends in the space and invest in them by buying the coins of projects that are the best quality.

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It seems everyone is talking about it and, to the crypto community, that might be its highest value.

The interesting thing will be when the fad dies down and people move onto talking about another altcoin. Will DOGE then start to lose value (and another altcoin will take it's place in the popularity stakes and rise high)?

Public perception is a powerful thing. If Bezos, Gates, and Zuckerberg all suddenly supported "MYCOIN" (fictional) would it suddenly increase?

Their 1,000,000 tokens at $1 each would suddenly rise to $4 each. Sell off 25% of your tokens and you have reclaimed your original investment, and you can say that you are still supporting "MYCOIN" with 75% of your tokens. A good game for the whales to play!

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That is a good question that we will have to see how it pans out. Will the attention dying down totally crush the price?

We know celebrities carry a lot of weight with people. I wouldnt by a crypto because Musk or Bezos is talking about it but that is me. I didnt buy Ethereum because Cuban is bullish on it.

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Good points here. I always find I have to walk a really fine line when people ask me about Doge. I know that everyone has to do their own research and invest how they want. It is hard not to let my personal fellings and biases intrude on some of those conversations. I would almost bet most people don't even know the story behind Doge. That much is irrelevant to them. They just care about the potential profits.

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I know that everyone has to do their own research and invest how they want.

I would say that few actually do this. Most simply buy things because of hype.

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I probably do that from time to time myself :)

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There is a dogecoin wallet with 28% of all doges, I believe it is the address of Elon musk. Because this wallet was made in 2019.

When many people come together for a purpose, anything can happen.

It could be Musk. I never heard of who the whales are in that. Mark Cuban is high on DOGE too and he has a way of slipping under the radar with his purchases.

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That is up to each individual.

I think Doge is a community coin. If people find it convenient to use it, let them have it.

I am into a lot of shitcoins myself but I won't get into DOGE. Got too many interesting investment propositions in the pipeline.

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In my view, there are much better projects for me to allocate my resources to. Perhaps my misunderstanding of this is causing me to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

Me and you ser, same!

should I start covering my face for laughing over its inial surge? I thought it was just a bubble. Is this for real now? If it is then, I might finally acquire some value on my doge- kept in a paper wallet.

I wish you huge returns on your DOGE. You might want to get them out of the paper wallet and onto something you can move them. It might be good to take some profits it is all runs up higher.

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Thanks or, I could probably hold onto them for a couple more weeks and see how it goes?

A few hundred wallets control over more than 70% of DOGE supply, market can crash if even a couple of them try to cash out. The uneven token distribution is stopping me to get some. I did bought some to HOLD but then cashed out at 2.5X. Not a bad deal. But then never looked to buy more even I had speculation that it would rise.

Cant complain about a 2.5x.

As for the wallets, that is a lot of tokens though. So I am not sure it is that rare.

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I love the community around DOGE. Currently I own a very tiny position and I will sell when the price goes up again. Betting on something like HIVE, LEO, CUB or @splinterlands assets are a much wiser investment IMO. DOGE is more of a speculation.

DOGE is more of a speculation.

Fun to watch though. I have no position but it humors me how old time crypto people act like Warren Buffett when it comes to DOGE.

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I don't plan on entering DOGE at all since I would think it would be FOMO at this point but yes it does have value. Although I do think it might be good for traders since they love the volatility and if they come in with good plans, I don't see why they can't make money. As for the actual block chain, I have heard some people use it due to fees but I am unsure whether or not I would want to deal with the coin at current prices.

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It’s funny... a lot of people say there is no use case for Dogecoin. Actually, I have earned millions of Dogecoin from watching short movies HideoutTV... people earn Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc from watching the Ads on Hideout (Like on YouTube) . Anyway ... I sold almost all my my Dogecoin to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2017 ... but I still have a few thousand left.

Doing well it seems. Good for you. Doing things that add to your bags and move into things you are more optimistic about.

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Yeah, if I had known Dogecoin was going to go from .002 to .73 I would have made a few million dollars by now.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I'm not sure what to make of Doge, but whenever I come across someone who wants to go on about it being "a joke," I'm usually quick to point out that we live in a world where people bought MILLIONS of a singing plastic fish you hung on the wall and MILLIONS of "Pet Rocks."

Not saying that because Dogecoin is like a Pet Rock, but just to illustrate that consumer behavior doesn't necessarily make sense.


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Do not forget about Chia Pet. They were very popular for a while too.

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Completely agree with everything above, especially the fad perspective. I see it in real life with the few people I know that are into it. They’re clueless. They have no knowledge of these markets nor do they have an understanding of what scarcity means in terms of value in this moment. They play with it because it’s the cute crypto and it’s popular right now. Any discussion I’ve tried to initiate about cryptocurrency or blockchain tech in general immediately devolves to blank looks and clueless smiles, and passive nodding.

Having said all that, however, I also agree it’s good for the space as a whole. I think it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, as many people who get burned when the bottom drops out permanently will never trust any of it again, but I think that’s a short term issue, in that it’ll be relatively few, comparatively speaking, and many of them will end up back in the crypto sphere eventually anyway since everything will be built there.

That’s not to say I don’t still want to shake a bastard by the face when they bring it up. I still having a lot of growing to do. 🤷‍♂️

The ones that are burned, if (when) that happens, are going to be sour for a while. However, even sour, they will not be able to avoid crypto forever so they will be back.

We will see how this unfolds. I am not into DOGE nor will I be. But I hope it is a huge success since it is fun and shows how crazy ideas can take off.

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Lol. I’m trying really hard to adopt a positive attitude, but as a struggling idiot I, oddly, have very little patience for stupidity en masse. I mean, can’t we just have a floor we can’t drop below? It’s the 21st century. There’s fucking squirrel suits and low orbit vacation packages and we’re revisiting the flat earth “theory” and buying Doge. Smh.

Be careful about attacking alternate theories and laughing at them. Many have a habit of becoming true.

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It is true that it has details that detract confidence, but as you said it is a currency of the common people, and there are many common people even more than large corporations, and if each of them invests $ 100 imagine the impact it would have, clro I do not plan to buy DOGE, as I will focus on another new project CATE coin, but I think DOGE is a small example of what happens with all crypto market

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Doge is the blockchain middle finger to the legacy system. It’s stupid and silly by design. Hopefully it is making people question the concepts of fiat and value itself.

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Perhaps that is why Musk likes it so much. He is the type to give the middle finger to the system.

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I found I had a few hundred in an old wallet. I sold it for HIVE as that is more useful to me. DOGE is not terrible for speed or fees, but others are better technically. Seems people care more about memes and what Musk wants to troll them with.

Yes people do like fun stuff and celebrities. I guess that is the perfect storm.

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I'm buying up more Dogecoin, I mean why wouldn't people do it? People worry about its inflationary nature, but they still carry their fiat money (USD, EURO, etc) which is even WORSE than Dogecoin. Dogecoin will likely be a household name like Bitcoin and its a matter of time that people hop on the train before it leaves.

You could be correct, it might end up as a household name. People do a lot of things that others do not understand. The money could be huge.

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This post should definitely be rewarded by the DOGE community. Although I was a fan and at some point owned about half a million of them I honestly haven't ever looked at it from this perspective. I know it's quite fast and cheap to transact but never looked into its mining details. What's annoying is the fact that just one whale owns 28% of the total supply. It could be use for payments though for its fast transaction speed and cheap fees. I wouldn't buy any at this price though.

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Is that Whale Elon?

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If nothing else, at least it seems better than bitcoin due to lower transaction fees (not sure about electricity consumption), and it may help crypto adoption if these prominent figures are effective in convincing businesses to start accepting dogecoin as payment. Moving capital from bitcoin to dogecoin might be great as well, to show that the value is in crypto (and the underlying blockchain tech), not in whatever happened to be the first coin. So in the future capital might flow from dogecoin to other, better solutions.

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It could end up getting the transactions. However Litecoin didnt clean up in that area so I am not sure people will move away from BTC in that regard.

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I think they just got lucky!

And people do love a meme!

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Interesting post! I wouldn't buy Dogecoins now, but Dogecoin is definitely not completely worthless, on the contrary.... Just the attention that Doge brings to the crypto ecosystem... Maybe we will see a whole new category of coins, the meme coins, next to the defi and NFT division... who knows?

Maybe we will see a whole new category of coins, the meme coins, next to the defi and NFT division... who knows?

It wouldn't surprise me. There is a lot of things people can do to innovate and create. The more fun that is added, the greater the chance of success.

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Anytime there is a sudden pump to a token i wonder, what is driving this pump ?
Why so many people are interested in it ?
If i don't see a legitimate reason, it's suspicious. And that's what's happening with Doge.
This have will hurt the crypto in long run because if a lot of people loose money, they will be afraid of investing in crypto in future and will also discourage others.
!luv 2

I have nothing against Dogecoin but I stopped buying since January. I had some thousands since years ago, and I sold them last February I think.

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Seems like a profitable move at least for you so that cannot be attacked.

Taking profits is never a bad idea. Glad you made out well.

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I think DOGE coin, Elon Musk use it for increasing more attention of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the people.

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I like your neutral take on it as opposed to bashing Doge as shitcoin. From a personal standpoint it is a fun token to me and remains joke token, I find all the attention it gathered interesting.

Yes some jump in because of the hype and opportunity to make a quick one and to the that's anyone's funeral if you are left with a truck full of Doge while it plummets.

I only have 310 Doge which I bought at $0.04 thereabouts, it seats there amusing me with all the excitement around it until it hits $1 and maybe more then I will wipe the amusement off my face and maybe take it serious.

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I only have 310 Doge which I bought at $0.04 thereabouts, it seats there amusing me with all the excitement around it until it hits $1 and maybe more then I will wipe the amusement off my face and maybe take it serious.

Or maybe you take it seriously and sell. Take the money and run since it is real cash.

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🤣🤣🤣 am actually hoping it hits a dollar so I can sell for CUB

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In the past I actually would use Doge because it had really low transaction fees, made it easier to convert from something into Doge then transfer.

That is a good point. If low fees, that is a use case right there.

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We must remember that users are golden. This is what makes Facebook, Google, and Amazon so valuable. The user base is very large and keeps returning on a daily basis.

Yep, this is why I wrote my previous anti-burn post, which you did an even better job explaining.

Back when I was actively running my R&D business, I would tell my employees and others:

  • Even though I view creating and protecting Intellectual Property (IP) as an extremely important aspect of business, I will take market share over IP any day.
  • The end goal of IP is to gain market share.
    • Given the choice between market share with zero IP and solid IP with zero market share, give me the market share -- from there, I will figure out a way to protect it.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

это пузырь

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this is what happens when you take a meme to far :P

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I didnt know that was possible.

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Don't own any doge and don't see myself getting into it.

Until something unique strike me about doge or some development I wouldn't take it seriously, for now it's still remains a joke.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Whatever the future of Dogecoin will be, the fact is that a meme has managed to make a big impact on the financial market for cryptocurrencies (and this is extremely ironic).


Doge was always a pump and dump coin. This is either the biggest pump before the dump we have ever seen, or people are adopting Doge as a legit currency. Time will tell, but I am leaning towards dump.

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I thought I was very smart when I sold my doge at 0,08$. I held 1700 of them for more than two years, and when papa Elon was tweeting and the price pumped I thought it is the right time to dump. Well it was for a short time it fell back below 5 cents shortly after and I was very proud of myself to sell at the top. I could have just bought back in and wait fr the next pump to come.
I am not buying back though now anytime soon. Since that initial amount was for free, most of it came out of my coinpot faucet, I am ok with not making huge bank.
Thanks for this interesting read.

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I believe Dogecoin is a perfect example of Celebrity Economy. People follow blindly without knowing what the meme coin is. I hope they don't crash and burn, so that they will never touch crypto again, and/or convince their relatives to do the same.

To be honest, I don't mind these meme coins. Newegg announced that they would take Dogecoin as an alternative payment methods. If "a out of thing" can do it, all other coins/tokens that actually have a real concept behind them could do the same. That's a definitely plus.

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pienso que es el meme mas caro del mundo. y lo adoro

Well as I know personally is that I've tripled my investment on it as a whim so I'm happen as I've already materialised it and still have some held in case it becomes greater in number.

I don't know. In a way, it's good for Crypto/Blockchain, in a way, it's really bad, in my opinion. My friend called me and she said she just started in crypto and invested in DOGE, what can I say? She has no knowledge about market cap, but sees lower price as a point and compares it to ETH and BTC, millionX, right? Utility? Tokenomics? Nada. Why do I think it's also good at the same time? Because it gets a lot of attention, makes a lot of people talk abut crypto. Some of these people will actually start learning about tokenomics and technology, but some of these people along the way might lose their wealth as well, I'm afraid.

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Well, I think don't is a shit coin but what do I know. Currently, I don't see any use case right now but like you earlier said you can't underestimate the power of network effect on a project. They might find use for it die to the fact that a lot of people might posses it. My major issue is that a very few people hold a high portion of the coin meaning if they dump it then it is over for the coin. So I rather stay on the edge and watch people enjoy their ride

I could also hunt for good projects in the top 59 coins. I guess this option will be more productive

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if you arent using the FREE money you get paid on hive to buy swap.doge why not?

doge is used by TESLA

hive is not

DOGE is used by STARLINK to pay for your data

hive has no corporate witnesses or partners

DOGE is used to pay for not just BUYING a tesla car buy PAYING FOR YOUR UBER RIDES in teslas TAXIS which dont need robotaxi ai, humans can drive them, and save money on fuel and youll PAY THEM IN DOGE, and guess how they charge the cars?

GUESS HOW THEY WILL PAY TO CHARGE TESLAS? PDOGE pegged DOGE on EOS and TELOS with NO FEES, (all thanks to @dan )

time traveler @dan larimer + Elon Musk are ending up in a marriage with @jesta to build anchor fork for tesla chain wallet using EOSIO and BSC and DPOS and eth

all on @telosnetwork

I enjoyed reading your thoughts with what is going on with Doge. I don't know why anyone feels negatively about Doge gaining some value. It is just like any tradable asset. If there is between two parties trading it, it has value. I think some people are too focused on Elon Musk and Mark Cuban when it comes to Doge. They are overlooking that there are a lot of crypto faucets that pay out in Doge, so there are people that want Doge to have tradable value for the time they spent earning it from faucets. I am not a financial guru, but it seems like the financial gurus are they ones that caused the whole concept of cryptocurrencies to be born. Just my opinion though.

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Hello @taskmaster4450!

When I got to know this asset market, the first currency I got to know was Dogecoin and I was really excited at the time, and I really wanted to buy it, remembering that it was not worth anything yet lol, I didn't understand this business that people told me ... that buy the doge is unfounded, it's just a joke.

Then I discovered the faucet and started to mine the doges over there, but soon I also gave up because people said this is boring, it's a waste of time. And today when I see the value of dogecoin, I can't believe it ... I don't consider it a good investment, but I stopped making money from it, that's how I see it.

The view I have today is that in the world of cryptography everything is speculative, if there are people buying it it is generating value, and people are not even sure if the project is worthwhile or not. So talking about dogecoin is a very complex matter.

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The expert is still eyeing dogecoin as one of the top 10 crypto to invest in this month. And now as SpaceX started to accept dogecpin, we never know the price may surge more faster than ever expected

maybe true... but i think elon is more of a troll and has fun pumping dogecoin or not ;) and is also good marketing for spacex

Well dogecoin has now a competitor in SHIB coin, the Chinese trader making fill use of it to challenge the doge based coin....so when there is challenge...we might end up watching more pump on either side.

i still don't know what to think of the shiba coin, i'm curious where it's going with this coin

Well these coins are just like lottery tickets. U may either end up in profits or nothing

This. I still feel like he maybe should be prosecuted. He learned on the Joe Rogan podcast how powerful his casually words and/actions can be and I think he pumped Doge to experiment with that, and it's going to lead to a lot of naive people getting rekt.

yes, he certainly knows how powerful his words are... but i think everyone is responsible for where they invest...

Agreed, but I don’t think that excuses the disregard of predatory behavior. He’s acknowledged as one of the smartest people alive today by many, pumps a shitcoin, then publicly denounces BTC? Seems shady.

I think in an unregulated market anyone can say what they want. When he pumped DOGE everything was okay, but as soon as he talks in the opposite direction must be pursued? And he also said that Tesla will keep his bitcoins... what he said about the environmental issue is not wrong, but yes I think he pursues exact goals with his posts and he will not be the most morally sensible one

First, I don't want to imply I'm taking a hard stance on this. I'm mostly just playing devil's advocate, as I understand the perspective on this is far bigger than this conversation, which over all erodes, if not negates this position.

Having said that, I don't think it was ok when he pumped DOGE. I think that was a strategic move to experiment with his sway over matters of significance. That's not to say you aren't right about free speech in an unregulated space. I guess I should update to prosecuted in the court of public opinion, but then it has to be recognized that he did have to address the energy allegations. Lol... I guess whatever petty issue I have doesn't matter and will hopefully be outgrown sooner than later, or finally manifest into a legitimate complaint, beyond I don't like it when rich eccentrics fuck with stuff for sport. But hell, never a dull moment.

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Very nice explain

I liked doge for transfers, because the small transaction fee, now the transaction fee is over 100x higher 😪

I just think of it that Doge has been rebranded as the crypto for average people.

I hate to break it to the crypto community, but no noobs what to invest $500 or $1k to own... 0.000005 bitcoin.

So, they are buying Doge.

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Maybe They Know Something We Don't

If I tried to summarize, here would be the key, currently the euphoria invades many for this coin, but when it cost less than 1 cent nobody paid attention to it, now you hear a certain Shiba who a few days ago Binance ready.

It's kind of like seeing a Coke and a Pepsi-Cola

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It was created at such, that is for sure. The money is not funny though. Some people are making bank. I am not one of t