SpkNetwork Making Progress: A Tutorial

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Yesterday saw a step forward in the SpkNetwork. While there is still a long way to go, we are now seeing the project take shape.

The latest move was to beta-test the SpkNetwork desktop application. This was done through an open invite to community members. Those who chose to participate were able to mess around with the application to help uncover some bugs. Like any project, the shift from testnet to live testing is a big one.


Along the way, there were some hiccups in the process. That is a good thing as the team was able to get some feedback of not only errors but features that will make things easier for the application user. This was the goal of the test session and it looks like it was a success on that end of things.

To download the application, head here.


The desktop applications serves a couple of purposes.

To start, it allows for video uploads without going through 3speak.tv. This means no webpage is required.

A second feature to this is the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is being utilized. Hence, we are seeing the foundation of decentralized videos storage.

The key is to start moving away from access via a website, i.e. server, to one where the tools utilized are on one's computer. At the same time, direct access to the global storage network is being provided. This eliminates one of the points of vulnerability often experienced with the typical YouTube server environment.


As we can see, any video that is hosted on IPFS will be denoted by this little blue box. This shows that it is already on the network and can be further shared.

To get that, we simply use the Uploader in the desktop application to have our video on the network.


When clicking on a video this is what we see. There are two options for downloading. The one we are concerned about is the "pinning". This is denoted by the "Download to IPFS Node"


Once we click on that button, we see the pinning is in progress. We find this by going to "Settings" and then clicking on "Pins".


Each one that is added will simply appear on the list as shown by the second screenshot.


Once the process is done, it will be pinned. Obviously, with the Red X, one can remove then whenever is desired.


By the way, there is one thing to note. This is computer dependent, not account. While there is an easy way to switch accounts, whatever is pinned is based upon the desktop application on the specific computer used. Hence, if there are different computers with the application, they will have different videos pinned.

As we can see, the first phase of this process is rolled out. Since it was an open invite for testing, the application is now in public beta. Keep in mind there could be some bugs, especially with macs. If that happen, be sure to contract @vaultec.

This is a step forward in a much bigger process. As we are aware by now, the Spknetwork is going to be a larger system than just decentralized video storage. There is going to be NFTs, image and meme hosting, as well as DeFi. Coupled with the community aspect that already exists on Hive, we see the blending of a lot of what is already out there in the crypto world.

What will help to separate this from the other projects is the fact that anyone who is either displaced or at risk of it can utilize the tools being developed to ensure their content remains safe. Hive already proved that it can offer this for text since it is an immutable blockchain. However, blockchains cannot handle video or images. Down the road, the later will be added to the system to ensure NFT content is safe also.

At present, there is no incentivization offered. This is also something we will see put forth in a few months. There will be a claim drop to all holders of Hive and Hive Power. From what I understand, it will be a 1:1 drop. This will take place over the course of a year so people will get 12 equal drops based upon the holdings at the time of screenshot (unannounced at this time).

The goal is to get thousands of people staking the mining tokens that are dropped (LARYNX) and getting them producing SPEAK tokens. It is a way to ensure the new network has individuals immediately supporting it.

Once that happens, there will be payouts for contributing to the network. Those who provide storage space will be rewarded. At the same time, there will also be incentive to delete things from the network to ensure that it is as streamlined as possible. Many videos do not require permanent storage since they are time-based, such as one that gives a recap of that day's stock market activity.

For now, anyone can help out by downloading the application and playing around with it. This is rather intuitive so not to many hurdles should be encountered. Just bear in mind, if the processing on your computer is a bit slow, it could take a while for the app to open up.

Another small step in the right direction.

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Yeah, I'm thinking of providing some disk space and play with the app, but there's BitChute using torrent protocol. It's already working and is easy to use.

"At the same time, there will also be incentive to delete things from the network to ensure that it is as streamlined as possible. Many videos do not require permanent storage since they are time-based, such as one that gives a recap of that day's stock market activity."

As someone who creates time-sensitive market news/analysis, this little tidbit piqued my interest.

Is it only the creator who's incentivised to delete?

If not, how is this any different to censorship?

I'd love to read some more info on this from the SPK team.

While this project is the most exciting project being developed on Hive right now, it's complex af.

I'm certainly no tech expert, but I'm still a little foggy on how this new network actually utilises the Hive blockchain and will benefit holders of HP.

More than just HP holders will be airdropped a new set of tokens.

Set my mind at ease?

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Only the creator has the power to delete their own content, they must have their private key to do so. They will be able to reclaim a portion of the fee they used to upload. Since storage is always getting cheaper, one could almost perform an infinity curve via deleting their content every few years, reclaim fee, use fee to reupload for more time, or they can just pocket the fee. If you could get paid something to delete old content, would you? I'm sure some would.

Not sure what information you have but only Hive/HP holders are getting claim dropped to. There is a very tiny claim drop then a 1 for 1 claim drop, both to Hive holders only.

In the whitepaper we describe how Hive is used, it is the backbone of the whole system where all of our text information like CIDs for the recall files, only IPFS is used to store videos and images which Hive does not do.

I do urge you to read the LP if you haven't. The SIP alone will lock up Hive forever every day off the market. There are tons of ways the SPK network benefits Hive.

Hey Dan, thanks for taking the time to set my mind at ease haha.

I'm really excited to see where you guys take this project.

Keep up the great work :)

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Is it only the creator who's incentivised to delete?

They (the creator) might be incentivized to delete depending on market conditions, but only if the creator is taking part in storing their video on the network's incentivization layer. This is only relevant to the incentive layer, not the actual video on the network that people view.

Interplanetary File System sounds very Star Trek to me :)) I love how things are evolving with the SpkNetwork, it's one of the most promising projects on Hive at the moment. Would be interesting to see how they compare to over decentralized video storage projects.

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Well at least finally I know what IPFS stands for. After 3 years in the crypto World. 😂

didn't take you long at all :))

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Anything under 5 years is quick.

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I swear man

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Not long ago, it was Sci-Fi.

as for SpkNetwork, they are advancing. It is good to see. I have a feeling they will make massive strides throughout the rest of this year. A couple top notch developers plus the drive to get this to market. It is a big project but it looks like they will do it. The pieces are falling into place and I dont think there are technical challenges that cannot be overcome. It is just a matter of getting all the coding done and bugs worked out.

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Sounds like an amazing video platform.
Although I don't understand the technicalities, I believe this would be a great way to upload videos.

That looks really nice. Looking forward to try it.
Thank you very much for sharing the information.
Take care.

There is going to be NFTs, image and meme hosting, as well as DeFi.

This is trying to build what might just become the biggest decentralised Video platform especially in the aspect of control and ownership. Adding this to it is sophisticated, it becomes more clearer the way you're analysing and detailing the explanations.

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That is the goal. They intend to have a protocol that allows for even the largest of video storage companies to utilize it. Plus, anyone (community) can host videos for another.each other.

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Its evolutionary, mere looking at how this would eventually pan out. Wow.

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I can't wait for this to come out. It will be another huge piece in the overall ecosystem of Hive. The key, in my opinion anyway, is to make this place as robust as possible so when mass adoption of crypto does start happening, Hive will have all the pieces in place to be one of the cornerstones of the entire market. This would be one of the major cogs in that vision. Thanks for the update.

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That is true. We need to have a lot of applications and features in place for people to use. It will be important for a lot of this stuff to roll out over the next 6-9 months. A lot is happening on Hive. We are going to see a lot more attention down the road.

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Really looking forward to it, so revolutionary.

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great to see the progress!

I strongly believe in the three speak team. The desktop app looks User friendly from your pictures.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 59 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Pretty cool and even more reason to be staking as much Hive as possible. Everything we do helps create value as we are earning all the time.

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It's nice to see some progress on the 3Speak network. I just wonder how many people will remember to delete things or will they just set their videos to be deleted x days from now.

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