It Is Time To Leave Steem Completely Behind

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It was a little over a year ago, March 20th, that Hive was born. On that date, the Steem blockchain was once again forked, creating a brand new chain. This chain was called Hive.

At that time, the data from the original genesis block was included. This means that all the content from the first day of Steem was incorporated into this blockchain.

That, however, is the extend of the integration.

Steem and Hive are two totally separate blockchains, with different applications, and its own community. Yes there are a few people who cross post their content but that is rare.

Which bring up the question: why are so many still infatuated with Steem?

For example, we see a report by @penguinpablo comparing the activity on Hive and Steem.

At this point, who cares? Are we going to compared Hive activity to Golos or Whaleshares too?

It is time we stop acting like the jealous little brother and stand up on our own.

Most of us are aware of what took place the last year. Hive spent a great deal of time developing, both at the base layer as well as the secondary tier. The applications we have here are more powerful, with tribes starting to come into their own. Hive is decentralized to a much greater degree than not only Steem, but many of the other blockchains out there.

Of course, we get many talking about the "flippening", a time when Hive will surpass the market cap of Steem.

Again, why does anyone care? The only reason that makes sense is if one is holding both tokens. Yet, since most appear to have sold their STEEM (or had it taken), this is not relevant.

It does appear Sunny Boi is obsessed with Hive. Many believe that he is playing games with the token price. He does, after all, have a lot of money and it doesn't take all that much to suppress or pump a price, especially at these levels.

He can play his little games, exemplifying the insecure child that he is. We, however, are on a different path.


At this point, Hive has better technology thanks to the efforts of the core developers over the past year. The community is much stronger and we have applications that keep expanding. This all factors in to the fact that Hive is a place whereby users are finding more opportunities, a lot more than existed a year ago.

We are also seeing a number of projects that hold significant potential to make Hive one of the leading blockchains out there. The talent exists within this community to make things like this happen. Also, while perhaps not in Sun's category, there is a lot of money floating around to get things done.

All this is going to lead to Hive being a name that people will know down the road. Steem, well, it might be a footnote in blockchain history. Without innovation via development, it is going to be hard to stay relevant.

It is time to end the obsession with Steem. Certainly, it is part of the legacy and many of us got our starts there. However, like moving on to another job, at some point you leave the company you once worked for behind.

Today, Steem is just another blockchain. Some might be optimistic on it, others not so much. There are over 6,000 tokens on Coingecko and STEEM is just one of them. At this point, it has as much relevance to Hive as Frontier or Request.

Do not know what those are? Exactly.


It is best not to forget history. Therefore, it vital that we carry the lessons from that experience with us. This could be valuable in the future. It also comes into play when consistently working towards decentralization. We need to be as resilient as we can.

That said, it is time for Hive to forge its own identity. A lot of effort was put in to bring us to the place we are at now. This will not be accomplished, however, if we keep looking back to Steem. Basically, it can serve no other purpose other than to drag us down.

The future is obviously going forward. Steem has no impact upon what we are doing today, nor down the road. Thus, the obsession with it makes no sense. If we are to move ahead, we must do so completely.

We cannot set the goal just to be better or more valuable than Steem. That is not going to get us anywhere. Instead, we need to strive to be one of the best blockchains out there. Obviously, from a technical standpoint, Hive has a lot to offer.

Now it is up to us to get the applications going that will attract a large number of users. Here is where the development enters. It is time to separate Hive from the masses by offering projects that will be attractive to users on the Internet.

This is what building does.

Steem is like BCash, a cheap imitation. To me, Hive is a true community driven blockchain which is working towards greater decentralization and distribution. At the same time, we are seeing more wealth centers developing, outside the initial foundation that was established. This is only going to serve us well in terms of attracting other people.

There are very few blockchains that can make the same claim. We still are at the point where a lot of value is placed upon plans and speculation. When we look at what is actually taking place, the reality is far different from the storyline.

Of course, this could change as those chains develop. Yet, Hive has its own developers banging away at code each day. We are not standing still either.

Some get upset when we constantly talk about Hive. However, the question is if we will not do it, who will? We need to put forth our features and no worry about what others are doing.

It is time to assert Hive into the conversation and not be known as a "fork of Steem".

For this to happen, it starts with tending to our own house. If we obsess about the link between Hive and Steem, others will too.

We must move beyond that.

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I just deleted a 1000 word comment because HIVE is a popularity contest. Unpopular opinions are met with flags and downvotes.

Lame! Well it’s good to see ya old friend🤟


Tow the line or taste the whip...

But that is 980 words to many for a comment, that is overly verbose.

There is no difference between blog and comment ..just labels... uts sll just text in your blockchain and on reddit they have plenty of long comments

To downvote a badly needed comment because it made you scroll too much is so lame... lol Youre all just being a nut picking nerd fags holding us sll back, making the world see us at hive as anal retention cia rejects lol

anal retentive cia rejects

there you did it in four words

Lol or u just have pre fork residual enemies lol what a new science to explore

Token distribution still is in need to be worked upon.

Of course, in the tribes, as they become more powerful, the Hive crowd matters less.

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Money talks though. Steem is higher.

To tell the truth, I never understood the obsession with Steem. It might be because I came in after everything had just happened, but after some months of "going separate ways" it just didn't make any sense to me. I mean Steem has nothing to offer, no killer dApps, no relevant games, no development, no nothing. Why would people still care about it?

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Becase we hung out there for years and it's like a really annoying ex

You perspective is different for the exact reason: you were never on Steem. So to you, Hive is Hive, not an offshoot of Steem.

The obsession is difficult for me to understand. If we were the one's lagging in the development,I could get it. But it is the other way around.

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whaleshares jaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am almost a whale there but there it is only sad and abandoned, if there is a project in which if I invested time it was that, I even worked as a curator for the community and grew a lot around 20k but there they have remained to our sadness Like weku, there are projects that have to be abandoned.

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sunny boy has been playing all the time but still from time to time I pass by thanks that I diversified the portfolio a little and increased my bet here with the blue hive that allowed some growth, and I have the leos thanks to the azún so it's not all bad.
But as you say, sometimes we have to focus and invest our time totally where we feel comfortable and that more than our beloved chain,
It is true the obsession, many stayed there, others came here and a few of us went there, but due to simple dead time, but if the funds have been withdrawing little by little and with the prices of the sbd reaching US $ 14.00, it was a good bet to have grown a little and be an impulse to move through here, that is, a bridge to move forward on our way,
For now it is time always as you say, not to be only the holder of steem as we are recognized and that they recognize us that is hard since I do not see news of hive out in the news newspapers and rather everyone talks about the blue hive, I think there may be payment on it.
best regard.

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You need @hellotelos youll loce it just like @appics ...they went from steem to telos not hive .... telos is eosio but left eos just like hive left steem or golosid left golos io

Purple hive wont let you down...we have all the innovations arbitration, working proposals unlike hive etc

Let’s please just focus on Hive.

Governance, DAO and community developments needs to lots of improvements.

Instead talking about Steem, we can talk about the crypto that Hive can partner with.

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I agree, If we put all the effort into hive and some great partnerships it will pay off.

We already know hive has a far superior community and dapps

Less talk more action is what I’m expecting from me and our Hive community

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More comments = more engagement = more love for Hive.

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You need to 'partner' with famous ppl and COMPANIES famoys companies to come to hive like WAX gets atari and topps etc

You need to 'partner' with famous ppl and COMPANIES famoys companies to come to hive like WAX gets atari and topps etc

I am with you 100%. There is a lot to talk about with Hive and to promote. We are building something fantastic here.

We need just a couple more developments and we will see a major boom.

It is all lining up.

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Developing community is equally important as developing technology.

HIVE need more community leaders.

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Hive only needs you. The rest of us come from your leadership abilities.

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HIVE community can count on me!

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You're a fantastic Hive booster on Twitter! Keep it up.

Thank you!

2021 is a massive year for HIVCE

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No, we must use as much political capitol from steem days as we can. We built it so we deserve all credit fork or not

People know steem, buffet, justin sun, elon

They dont know or care about hive

Maybe if you made a documentary of the steem sale to trx and hive fork we could explain to people WHY they should CARE about our little fork of anarchists who suck at business?

Vitalik knows HIVE

Charles knows HIVE

Naval Ravikant knows HIVE

CZ_Binance knows HIVE

HIVE only needs one billionaire and one big partnership

Hive + telos = @appics and @telokanda

I'm waiting to talk to Justin of Telos foundation via Telegram. I assume he is busy.

Also I believe there are some other HIVE stakeholders have already started conversation with Telos

I wasn't around for STEEM and I don't plan on going over there. There just isn't any reason for me to choose that place because all the development is on HIVE. Just consider LEO and all the other HE tokens that are making people rich. I think when things start dropping everywhere, STEEM will tank while HIVE will at least maintain some value.

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Nah steem has the 8 dollar all time high but hive doesnt . You guys are delusional. Steem 1.20 hive 50 cents

Hive has too much marketing work.

Steem stole all of hives branding yall not get that?

I don't think price is everything and I think use-case will be the defining factor in the long term. All the new applications being built on HIVE is exactly why I think it has a great future.

I do agree that using the name "HIVE" wasn't such a good idea since the first google result tends to be a stock and marketing does require work. But this is second to use cases.

There is a lot more development, from what I can see, on Hive. I do not hear much being done on Steem. Granted I do not look very hard so there could be a lot going on.

Either way, the focus is upon Hive and what is taking place here.

This is where my focus is.

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Yea I haven't really heard about the development over there but I guess we would of heard something if there was anything ground-breaking.

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Boys always wanna compare!

LOL it must be genetic.

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Genetic flaggers ... people get flagged innately from dpos again to dpos chain... the hive auto steem auto flags follow them

We must move beyond that

You said it all.

But the topic it's a constant stream of income for Penguin, for sure.

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Well in fairness he does post a lot other things which are helpful and dont include Steem.

But this one, which isnt that often, only feeds into the Hive versus Steem mindset.

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Steem is now Asian Social media, thats fine. The Koreans are well keen so i dont think it matters they have the money, and love gambling. Never bet against Justin Sun, very happy i didnt sell any but the price is a reflection of nothing its meaningless.

Lol meaningless? U can convert all that steem to hive on steem or hive-engine wtf hah when u dont like it, its fake? Lol

err no, im saying the price of steem is meaningless ie it relates to nothing fundamental about the platform or how well or poor its doing. Market cycles only iv been saying it for years.

oooh ok lol. well, thats pure opinion and ur wrong lol thats just the price u dont get to decide that steem investors do

i coudl say teh same about hive lol

lol. Me wrong, dont think so.

dont worry

i agree hive > steem

Steem is Asian now, yep. Little to no vote spread among english content creators, which is fine, that's what DPOS means. I kept some Steem as well but obv not as much as you did and yeah, those price spikes from the Korean gambling sure are gratefullyaccepted.bane

I just finally got out of pretty much all my Steem holdings a couple of months ago. For a while I was just curating and moving those gains into Hive and Leo. It was pretty awesome. It felt like I was really sticking it them with my $10 in rewards each week :) I agree with you. We need to stop looking back and just look forward. Not even side to side so much. Just forward. That is where our future is.

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I have no problem with some milking their pool to bring it over to Hive and Leo. There are plenty of them who are doing it on Hive and going back there.

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That is just nuts to me. I can see moving it this way, but moving it the other way is just unacceptable :)

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Yeah putting steem in leo was the vest move ... leo still has potential to be higher volume than hive itself at $100 leo

Very true but Justin is a sexy man, and we imagine him dressed in rubber...

Lololol gimp tron

Clooney was wanted until Sun came onto the scene...not he is the most wanted man in the world.

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What's Steem?


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Valid points. Indeed the constant obsession with Steem drags attention to that vintage chain, more than it deserves.

Um sorry but no one know about hive

Your like an ex girlfriend of a celeb who was never famous on her own.... now trying to start her own company off his coat tails

Hive never even tried to do any promotion or ad work like steem.... u expect everyone to just follow you to a money pit

Sorry but we can still use both

Being tribal about steem after 4 years if hard work and no one asking us for a civil war un evolved

Hive will fail unless you all grow up

We already regret sling most of our steem for hive now that steem is oumling on its way to 10 then 100 then 1000 and tgeir users really belueve it ...unlike here

To think that Steem can get to 10 before Hive does is pretty delusional :)

I can't agree more, We need to act as if we never even came from steem. Steem is a dead pump and dump trx scam token now.

If we have steem just dump it to hive and move on.

Well we see how you feel about it. LOL

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I've said this at least once per week for a year. We were always dissatisfied with where we were at with Steem. Our targets and ambition should be much, much higher than it anyways.

Isn't that a comparison with Steem?

Without a doubt. We should be aiming to be in the league with Ethereum. Once we get the smart contracts rolling, it could be a rival on par with that.

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I suppose people are feeling both tired and exhausted waiting for the market to recognize the value Hive has. Once you add that most other cryptos are outperforming Hive in terms of price, you have to reflect on something haha.

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Once you add that most other cryptos are outperforming Hive in terms of price, you have to reflect on something haha.

And what does that mean? So what. In the long term, will it matter.

Look at all the tokens that were hot a year ago that are now nowhere.

Markets will do what markets do.

And Hive did go up 6x, a ratio similar to Ethereum when it was at $330.

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I see that stat always, boy it's always so annoying, apart from token prices how does steem compare to hive nowadays? I only hold the token sometimes to sell it nothing like comparing both chain, it's crazy for me. We need to forge our own growth and form our own rules

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To expand on this, I think that any part of this chain that still has steem in its name should change the name.

I think most are doing that.

There was a lot of base code that initially had Steem in it but I think that much of that was rewritten over the last year.

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I wish I was a super billionaire so I can buy up a whole bunch of steem (hopefully not push the price up too high) and just downvote the main steemit account lol

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LOL well that would be something to do.

Or just do all to crash the price.

Either way, Steem matters none to me. I dont even bother with what is taking place there.

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I agree, not just comparing, I even think its a good investment to trade the Steem leftovers for Hive and Leo.

I did that but I was afraid of getting it locked up.

But for people who still holding it, that might be a good move to improve their standing on Hive.

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Good points indeed. One question is coming to my mind. If a lot around here is open source and as the technology is equal, is it possible that Steem copy past Hive developments that they see fit? Would be a difficult race then...

They can copy and paste the code. However, there still needs to be changes to it to adapt to what Steem has. Plus a lot of it was coding tied to the infrastructure that is being used.

So there are a lot of moving parts to these blockchains and simply copying code is not guarantee that it will all work with what is already there.

Plus the applications are separate. They are layer 2.

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Thank you for your reply Task! The diversity and differentiation of Layer 2 may be the Assets that count in the Future. Once the underlying Blockchain is not noticed by the user and interchangeability of tokens across chains is normal, the worth of the chain may mostly depend on the ecosystem build on it. Interesting times ahead.

I think that is a good summary of how it will work.

Look at Ethereum. The token is flying because there is a ton of stuff on there.

However, the DeFi is developing its own value.

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They can but hive has the community, Plus I think if steem did that you would start to see more and more hive go closed source while in development

This is resonating... however, another force to continually develop and innovate.

Steem is like BCash

This is an insult to bitcoin cash.

Steem is a centralized shitcoin. Bitcoin cash wants to keep fees low whith a compromise: expensive nodes to run compared to BTC.

Doesn't make them a pale imitation. The way it's going currently, Bitcoin has become an unaffordable pristine collateral for rich people, transacted mainly through centralized parties. Bitcoin cash is still digital cash and has a growing network of merchants adopting it.

Let's see if it will stand the test of time without extreme decentralization. I personally own some BCH as a hedge in case it turns out to be the winner. BTC has to scale or it will remain a manipulated asset like gold forever, as soon as custody in banks (or "exchanges") becomes more mainstream than it is now.

After one year we can say that its not healthy to compare Apples to Oranges :P

I don't think it's always about being "obsessed" with steem. To some extent, comparisons are natural. Hive IS a fork of Steem after all and Steem is still the closest in function to Hive out of all the blockchains. I think where the obsession comes in is in the price. Because Hive is so much better than Steem in so many ways, I think it's hard for some to grasp why the price of Steem is higher. No one is obsessing over whaleshares, etc. because the price isn't higher.

Created more value for myself in this ecosystem than I did on the Justin chain. And in the end value creation/earnings will be the determining factor for mass adoption.

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There are a lot more opportunities on here than there was a year ago when the split took place.

It is fun to watch the expansion.

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Who's obsessing?

Why does this article read like Hive can't get over a bad breakup? You used 'we' to represent all of us in places it doesn't belong.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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U say that but steem is fucking oger 1.20 and hive bafk to 50 cents

U guys have all the potential but u are also too cliquye...u guys upvote the same people and dont offer to share even 1% TOKEN upvotes ... i would be offering to give $1 in 20 cent upvotes to 10 people NEW people maybe from TWITTER? Id do that everyday like @mynameisdan or @nathanmars style but those guys go on bursts as long as they can
We need precision twitter promos where we show that you get immediate gratififation earning your first few cents of crypto on hive .... we have ti get hands on and show the screenshots of comments making $1 from a brand new user do that everyday on twitter

But most importantly we need a documentary

We have to really make a documentary to ever get to the next level beyond steem of justin sun will spread lies about us on his twitter and get elon to even believe it ...u want that shit?

U wanna be labeled an actual like terrorist hacker organization? Lol better be ready because they might do that to harden you guys and make you real anarcho warriors to protect a supremely free form of human governance layer 0 to be foundation for the next gen american revolution on a blockchain with telos constitition signing and hive forum to discuss new laws and arbitrate all vourt decisions with our proposal system replacing congress

Just put on an illusion of being generous and we will get all the investore to pump hive above steem

Steem has a lot of link spam and spin texts. So this are not "real" post for users. It's for search engines.

I think people compare hive to steem more from a desire that steem fails and hive succeeds so they can have their revenge. I would certainly enjoy some nice revenge for what Justin Sun did, but whatever happens I will make fun of it :)

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why do you feel we are still obsessed with steem??
or is it just you?

I have some automated stuff that delivers me some steem like gamer tokens and I collect them from time to time to sell but I have not read anything there in ages...
I just thought that was the same for all of us?

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All content creators, witnesses and dapps that I was on Steem for, have migrated to Hive.
Why would I stay on Steem, where everything is censored and in Chinese by now? I sold all my Steem for Splinterland cards after the fork.

Steem is like BCash, a cheap imitation.

THAT. You've basically summed up the whole post with this sentence. I don't remember when I used Steem, but I know I have a power down to get the last tokens out of that account and sell them and honestly don't care what the price of it is. I've buried Steem long time ago.

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I agree fully with this as how long does a comparison have to be made. Look at Hives description on any explanation and it refers to a hard fork off Steem which is correct. It was a bloody hard fork that couldn't come quick enough and that is the end of that. One cannot compare the two as there are no similarities and as each month ticks by the gap is becoming larger and larger. I don't even know what they have going on and don't care but I know it won't be close to what we have here. The brains are on Hive and not being rude ,but that is a fact.

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So I'm noticing a few potential challenges; a common theme, that's becoming a trend. I'm saying 'challenges' because they evolve into problems when left unchecked.

It's never wise, nor productive, to make others look bad in order to make yourself look good. People do it all the time though. Humans. Flawed. Moving on.

Often when critiquing, one has to put their ass on the line, and make themselves look bad at the same time, and that's the price one pays to be honest. One could rip Steem apart right now, and they might sound like a bit of an asshole, but they're telling the truth, or at least trying. Stay on point, get it out, done. But as soon as one says, "and here's something better," nearly all credibility is lost because then it reads like an advertisement and suggests the existence of an ulterior motive.

That happens in crypto media way too much.

So in this post we have Steem made to look bad and that's used as leverage in some instances to help prop up Hive. I'm not defending Steem, I'm simply pointing out if one is to wipe all mentions and comparisons, then replace that with confidence, the outcome would typically be more beneficial if making Hive look good is the goal.

I'm noticing this behavior as well with Leo and Hive. Some pick out flaws with Hive in order to make Leo look better. It comes across as arrogant and cocky. Leo's success can be explained with confidence as well, without knocking anybody down in the process. Other Tribes are springing up and part of their marketing is taking a dump on Hive, then claiming they can do it better. But without Hive, there is no Tribe. Have you ever played Jenga? What happens when you start pulling the blocks out from the bottom and weakening the foundation? Does the tower remain standing?

I could say Hive is fucking awesome right now, and some people can't even see I'm also saying Leo is awesome, NFT Showroom is awesome, this very long list of awesome; and that's because of this tribalism shit that plagues crypto. I'm seeing it infect this place (Hive, all of it). Not good.

This means that all the content from the first day of Steem was incorporated into this blockchain.

That is not true, @taskmaster4450. There were countless changes to wallets. Values moved and others simply disappeared from the original chain history. It was a good wake up call that HIVE/STEEM's governance was/is flawed. My hope is that ETH 2.0 will finally put trust back into staked blockchains.

I agree @novacadian ;) Although I'm still powering down over there and probably will be for weeks. Found my keys though. I'm really hoping for a lot of various new innovations.

Great to see you again @omitaylor! Your lost keys explains a lot. 😎

I sold all of my Steem. I'm now 100% in Hive.

The best way in this case to forget about Steem is to stop talking about him.

We know the power we have here. And what is all to come. If we believe and here we are working for it, then we let everything flow. If we are going to be bigger, better and everything, that time will show. As you said, it doesn't matter the other. We just need to move on.

I never really was a part of Steem. I created an account back in 2018 but completely forgot about it until January of this year. But then, I quickly found out about Hive and even though I don't really know what Steem is really like, I don't imagine myself going back.

I truly believe Hive is onto bigger things and Steem is not the benchmark for us.

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It is time to assert Hive into the conversation and not be known as a "fork of Steem".

Sounds good to me.

It's a great post. Until now, I have been sharing the same articles on both sides. I will not do this from now, it is time for me to leave it behind now.

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Steem is dead the content over there is clearly just to rape the rewards pool...

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Hive is proof that this blockchain cannot be 51% attacked. Steem is proof that it is easy to 51% attack that blockchain.

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Dude I left Steem behind the day of the fork, look at my old steem account as proof... what took you so long?