Hive: Not The Same As It Was A Year Ago

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Hive is approaching it's first birthday. What a year it was.

Many still carry the same sentiment towards this place as they had before. This could be a mistake.

In no uncertain terms, Hive is not the same place it was when the fork took place.


Before going any further, we must clarify that even though there is the legacy of Steem in our blockchain, that is about the only tie to it. Hive is a year old. It came to life on March 20th, when the first non-Steem block was generated. While it took a little while, things really started to pick up throughout the year.

Today, everything is different. From the core coding to the applications that are in operation. In short, Hive is a new gem waiting to be discovered.

Certainly there were challenges as there will always be. Even now, we are dealing with questions and issues, as well as how to resolve them. Nevertheless, we are seeing advancement like we never saw before.

To start, the core system was optimized by the team led by @blocktrades. This will help the scaling issue when it becomes necessary. We are also seeing attention given to HBD as evidenced by this post and this proposal.

Some feel this is a lost cause but the idea of a stablecoin native to the Hive ecosystem opens up a lot of possibilities. We will see how these ideas pan out.

Another thing to note about Hive is the amount of wealth that is being generated. At one point, the only way to get rewarded was in the native token. Now, as these words are being written, there are dozens of ways to get involved on Hive. A few of these projects are generating significant returns for many individuals.

At the top of the list is @splinterlands and @leofinance. Both are gaining more success as time passes. Development within those teams is consistent with new features, opportunities, and apps rolling out. This is putting them in the position to appeal to a broader range of users. In time, this should bring more people to Hive, making the entire ecosystem more valuable.

Could we get to the point where having a Hive account is worth a lot?

It is a place where anyone can start a community. Going one step further, if one (or many) desire to tokenize said community, that can be done too. We are seeing a growing number of communities discussing a wide variety of topics. This is a concept that has not really taken hold within the industry but is a powerful one. There is a great likelihood that this becomes a new form of structuring, where communities assemble, tokenize, and create their own governance.

All of that is now available within the Hive ecosystem.


The biggest difference, however, as Hive approaches its first birthday, is the attitude that most have. Hive is a community-based entity. Unlike in the past, there is no central organization that all defer to. Instead, this is controlled and run by the users. Hence, it is up to us to get things done.

That generated a lot of excitement. Many are really loving what they are seeing, especially as compared to before Hive's emergence. In the past, we had the tendency to have to wait for things. This caused a lot of ill-feelings when promises were not kept.

Now we are in a situation where it is up to us to make the changes we deem necessary. It is a true co-operative where each person's stake has a voice. Also, since we have the ability to blog, ideas can be floated and openly discussed. This can be done by anyone.

When we add this all up, there is a lot of reason to be optimistic about the future. Sure, there are still challenges. Yet, there are also projects on the table that have much higher aspirations than anything we discussed before.

For example, the concept of decentralized video storage put forth by @threespeak has far reaching potential. When people consider what is possible with that, it becomes mind-blowing. That could become one of the default formats for video storage in the future.

Then we have the idea of "Twitter on the blockchain" being worked on by Leofinance. This is another application that can have extensive reach. We know the potential user base is there, since they piled in to the Web 2.0 version. Of course, the tyrannical actions of the major social media companies are only opening the door for more to switch.

We see all of this while the infrastructure is still being developed. The entire process was slowed in the past, meaning that a lot of catching up is being done. This means the platform is missing some key pieces, yet that is being worked on.

In spite of this, project teams are still forging ahead. Over the next 3-6 months, we will see a lot of the infrastructure finally put into place, meaning that developers will be that much further along when they start creating.


All of this took place without much excitement in the token price. That said, it did 4x from its low, which is a powerful move in any market. Alas, when compared to say Bitcoin or Ethereum, it leads people to be down.

My view is that if market price is the barometer one used for a project, he or she will be greatly misled. Market pricing is rarely on target. This is the nature of markets.

Hive's token price, according to many, is lacking what is occurring. With the development already on the table and, even better, what is proposed, we will see a lot more advancement in Year 2.

The ecosystem already does not resemble what it was like a year ago. It seems this will be a statement we are going to make 12 months from now. That alone is reason for an incredible amount of optimism.

As we know, none of this stuff happens overnight. The key is consistency and we can see this with many development teams. That is providing the user base with an ever growing number of options.

Consider the choices that each of us has on March 19th of last year. Compare them to today. The number of opportunities is grew at an amazing pace.

The expectation is that this will continue.

Year 2 is going to be even more exciting than the first year was.

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As someone who's involved in the community, but has really low knowledge about crypto in general, it would be great having some guides about the start itself, a lot of checked and safe information for newcomers, and those who're not new (me), but really feels like I'm missing a lot of important points. The community itself is growing pretty fast, but in parallel, the amount of information is growing too so with (in my experience) bad search engine it is quite difficult sometimes to find a right information or guide to learn things further and further with having a sense of confidentiality and security (of informations).

Some tips: "why/when/where to do transactions" and other important things about Hive in the first place.
Sorry if I'm on the wrong place to mention this, but I have a feeling I should do/know/engage more, and would be nice having 2 or 3 info more to spread it on the community.

PS: I've read dozens of posts of blocktrades and similar crypto-based posts, but sometimes that posts are really difficult to understand for someone of my status.

I'm very pleased how all of you got my point and responded to me very quickly and clearly.

Check out @leomarkettalk. It is a great place each day to visit and ask questions. Most in there will try to answer whatever we can.

This kind of information is something I'm looking for, a simple guide that guides to more advanced information. Thank you for that I'm going to check that for sure!

You should really go into and spend some time reading articles there. That is really the Hub for all things crypto in Hive. You will literally learn more in a couple hours there than you can anywhere else on the internet.

Same with this one. Thank you buddy for that, I guess I'm getting a nice head start thanks to you.

Let me try to compare my activity and engagement here on Hive community with real life.
I believe I'm capable of big things, both generally speaking, and speaking about Hive community. As a graphic designer and 3D artist, I have dozen of articles and projects ready to be written about. I'm giving my best of editing my articles and posts in a way it looks great + giving right information about work I'm doing, but still, that lack of basic information ( i say "basic" because after all, all of this we're doing here on the social media is closely related to crypto).

I'm feeling like I'm the person for nice original content that can entertain, but also inform people & leaving room for questions and further suggestions. It's like you're having the biggest potential to be best biker driver, but you know just a few things about bikes.

Sorry for long comments - I'm trying to present you my point of view.

Nothing wrong with long comments, they open up for more engagement.

There is no doubt that Hive is complex and is lacking in many areas. That is also why engagement is vital. People are here to help if you know where to find them.

Places like this, the comment section, depending upon who's it is, will lead to further answers, increasing your knowledge.

And then it keeps building from there.

Also, there is a lot of information in the comment sections, often more than the articles themselves.

Look forward to seeing you comment more.

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Totally agree with taskmaster, a lot of times you'll get more out of the comments section than the actual article because other commenters will ask the questions you want to know the answers to. Plus, as he said, by engaging, your name will start to become recognized and people will take an interest in helping you out. They'll also be much more apt to read YOUR posts when you make them. Just how it works. I'm glad you're here. This is definitely the right place to be to increase your awareness about Hive and it's ecosystem.

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This is a very good point. Maybe some sort of Wiki of Hive is needed at this point. Trying to find information can be difficult even for me and I have been with the community for over three years.

You should really go into and spend some time reading articles there. That is really the Hub for all things crypto in Hive. You will literally learn more in a couple hours there than you can anywhere else on the internet. And there are many, many posts giving instructions on how to do many of the things you may want to do.

That would be my first suggestion. I agree, it would be nice to have a "centralized" tutorial section. Hopefully someone can build that at some point....

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Blocktrades posts can be a bit technical but he is going about stating that when they do go deep into that stuff. However, if one is new, there is a lot in those posts that is foreign.

Search is a problem for blockchain right now so I would be mindful of that. There is not an easy way to find stuff. The traditional search engines are helpful there by entering what you are seeking with hive in the search. There is a lot of stuff on YouTube.

I have a feeling I should do/know/engage more, and would be nice having 2 or 3 info more to spread it on the community.

You certainly should get more active. This is social media. It is how you will gain not only a following, but get people you can go to with questions. That is probably the best way to learn a lot of this.

Check out @leomarkettalk. It is a great place each day to visit and ask questions. Most in there will try to answer whatever we can.

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Happy birthday to everybody :) and congratulations for sticking through some hard times to become the best crypto community

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Yes, you can't underestimate the power of being decentralised. It has had a huge impetus in getting traction on projects here. The way we used to have to wait for the old Steemit team was a nightmare in comparison.

Good days ahead.

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We were starting from a point where things were so far behind, it took us a while to catch up.

But now, we are seeing things flying and going to see a lot more in year 2.

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I wonder what the block chain will look like in another year. So many changes are happening and there are so many things to look forward to. As for the price, people are pessimistic when prices drop and are optimistic when prices increase. I don't see this changing but I personally don't care as I accumulate my HIVE and tokens.

As for HBD, I really do think it needs to work better as a stable coin. I don't know if its the total supply being too small or not but it doesn't seem to be working very well. It seems more like prices stay stable at a current price as it balances out people who want HBD. However I was expecting the prices to correct more or less to $1 within a week or so but instead it has popped even further.

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No the stable coin peg idea is way off base. That is why it is getting attention. We are seeing a couple ideas trying to alter that. The only thing we can do is see how it works over time.

As year from now is anyone's guess. A lot taking place that should completely change this place again.

Year 2 will see even a greater rollover in terms of what this place is as compared to the difference from launch until now.

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Going forward the biggest thing that needs doing is getting onto the western exchanges.

The fork was essentially an east-west split. Eastern people stuck with Steem and Western people migrated to Hive.

But all the action is on the eastern exchanges, which makes like very difficult for a western person.

Ideally I'd like to see Hive on Kraken and maybe Coinbase, which means the whole of North America and Europe then have access to good exchanges linked to their bank accounts. I don't know how to make this happen. I think you need to pay to be on these exchanges, so maybe a fundraising effort needs to happen.

Coinbase support for Hive would be very good.
We could buy and sell Hive directly without the need of exchanging it to any other cryptocurrency first. This would also mean less fees on withdrawals to my bank account.
Coinbase is currently the only cryptocurrency exchange, from where you can withdraw money to a Hungarian Forint (HUF) bank account.

Exactly - the western users of Hive are not served at all by having Hive traded mainly on the eastern exchanges.

As long as Hive is on the eastern exchanges only, it's fate is tied to Steem. If it can get onto western exchanges that don't have steem listed, Hive should then be able to develop it's own unique path.

That is still secondary in my opinion and is still focusing upon just trying to move the price up.

Attention is what is needed which comes from the network effect. Hive has the chance to be extremely successful, not do to hype or pumps but because of development. Look at all the chains that talk about what will be done.

Hive will be able to see look at what we have.

I dont disagree that exchanges are required. However, if you are making enough waves, the exchanges will want the token since they do not want to miss out on the transactions taking place.

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It is very interesting to see all the developments going on. For me Hive has become the main place I spend my Internet time. In this attention based economy I find it interesting that it is so undervalued compared to all the other social media.

'Tiocfaidh ár lá' as we say in Ireland 'our day will come'.

In this attention based economy...

Hive certainly has my attention too.

I spend more of my internet time here also.

It is something that is likely to continue as more options keep appearing.

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Cheers to year 2. Its been amazing growing with you all geeky nerds that churn out sweet codes and content all the time! Its great to be here

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Those geeky nerds are laying down some great things.

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I love you all!

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Hive: Not The Same As It Was A Year Ago

Imagine if Hive would be where it was one year ago, or even going backwards like the old chain.

Looking back and seeing what we've achieved is mindblowing, honestly. Who would have thought one year ago, right?

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Absolutely. And it raised the bar for where we are starting the second year from. This means we are now operating at a much higher level than before. It will mean that we end year 2 a great deal further along.

This is how things tend to move on an exponential basis. We have more developers now than we did a year ago. That means more stuff is being churned out.

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Can't argue with that. There are so much to do on the blockchain, so let's enjoy the ride :)

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I still remember that in December 2020 there was a lot of negativity surrounding Hive about the price and other stuff but 2021 was definitely a new era for Hive . I can't believe it has been a year already :)

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The negativity ebb and flows. Most of those spewing it arent worth listening to.

They still believe this place resembles what it use to be like.

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Total agreement with this one. Hive is a hidden gem waiting to explode. I'm not sure which app or upgrade or tribe is going to be the catalyst, but I'm very confident one of them will and we will see Hive 10x from here. I personally think this should be trading in the $3-$5 range consistently and it should stay there for a while as the world discovers what it has to offer and the "float" turns over into new hands. While it does that, development will continue and the next big additions will propel it higher from there. The future is so very bright. It's going to take time but I can feel the momentum building.

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That is pretty funny, I was just thinking about the token price today. I just keep waiting for the bottom to fall out. I think we have all been here long enough (wow, a year already), that we are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. On one hand we are very excited, but on the other, we have never seen Hive be able to sustain a price even close to the ATH in the past. As you said, we are still early and all of that will come with time. It still doesn't alleviate the mild sense of dread.

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The price might fall out, we cant tell. Markets do their thing.

However, we are much further along as compared to where we were. And I feel safe in saying that, a year from now, we will be much further along again.

Will that show up in the token price? Most likely but not guaranteed. Markets do some interesting things.

Of course, there is the possibility that some of the apps get some attention and the price action goes crazy to the upside.

It does work both ways.

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Yes, I suppose it does! Getting more people excited about some of the great dapps on Hive would be awesome. Maybe Project Blank will do the trick.

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Onwards and upwards! There has definitely been some progress made which is great! Proud of everyone that has contributed to the core code, chain consensus, or to community building on the chain. As I've mentioned before, I would love to see HIVE as whole or even the core "Team" decide what it wants to be best at, and position the brand accordingly.

As objectively as possible looking back over the past year I can't help but feel that the core chain developments where overshadowed by problematic hard forks and abuse of proposals within the DHF. Would love to see that latter issue formally addressed.

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I would love to see HIVE as whole or even the core "Team" decide what it wants to be best at, and position the brand accordingly.

There is no Hive brand. That is what people do not seem to understand. Hive's success will be at the second layer. It is there we see the brand awareness created.

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Lol I thought I would get my Hive post in before tomorrow as I am sure many will write on this. Mine is different though and glad after seeing your post as I am sure having a similar themed post happens often, but different content with different thoughts.
so much has changed and I agree hoping to see the Hive wallet show the true worth of the development.

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42 cents/hive is just the market movement
due to price changes across the board.
Already a year old in the mind of hivers.
Slowly but surely we need a thing or a set of things
to push the price within the blockchain.
42 cents could be a catapult for the dollar we so desire.

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We definitely have come a long way!

I can't help but think that the occasionally negative undertones I sometimes see come from people who think of Hive as being a FIVE year old project, rather than a ONE year old project. If I understand the infrastructure correctly, the only thing that's five years old is some of the posts.

Building takes time! Of course, Hive does fall under the greater umbrella of the Cryptosphere and we can't entirely escape the broader short-term mindset with it's eternal "When Moon?" questing. As you've heard me say before, solid projects sometimes just aren't as "sexy" as a shiny White Paper and vaporware... sad, but also true...

I'm excited for the plans to stabilize HBD, and believe we DO need two tokens, one of them being a stablecoin... IF we are ever to come up with some version of peer-to-peer commerce here. Nobody wants to try to do commerce in an environment where a loaf of bread was $2 yesterday, $3.50 today, and will be $1.50 tomorrow.

Splinterlands was one of the very first projects I sincerely cheered for... because it offered a genuine bridge to the outside world; the only way (at the time) someone could (indirectly) buy into Steem Hive with their debit card... AND the fact that the game itself had the inherent potential to become an online equivalent of MTG, which still has 35 million active players... and like all "good things" has been going since 1993.

There's that long term thing, again!

I think our communities may well lead the way forward... following their own paths in the style of LeoFinance.

My "Sleeper" community is Natural Medicine which has a very dedicated and passionate core group... they just need a serious developer/technical person(s). They represent a huge (Non-technical) niche market that's already used to being "alternative" in approach so inherently an off-blockchain niche that's more open to a new approach.

Sorry about the "dissertation," but there IS a lot of good happening on Hive!


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My "Sleeper" community is Natural Medicine which has a very dedicated and passionate core group... they just need a serious developer/technical person(s).

This sums up a lot of tribes. I hope do find what they need because it is a fantastic market that is often censored and attacked by the establishment.

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I don't really care about hive's token price at the moment, this is always the sentiment but then Hive is more like a learning experience that helps one build for the long-term, without hive so many people wouldn't have known about defi, cub or even leofinance let alone owning their assets here. Its am emotinal day for me as I realise that its just about a year ago that we forked and my goodness we definately have done better in all aspects.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hive headed to the moon .... ♦️ 🚀 🌙

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When I first came back many months ago I'll admit I had the sentiment of Steem and the feuds and blah blah. But once I started digging in and really taking part again is when I saw the light of day. Good ownerships, people with passion and building. Creating! Something steemit should have been doing all those years but instead just gave us the circle jerk.

Well NONE of that is happen here and I actually know a lot of the new faces here behind some of these projects such as CTP. It's seriously awesome to see things in motion and honestly just getting started. It's going to take a lot but I feel this year is going to be epic for Hive and it's because of the many talents we have here and how each person is doing their part to build, create and grow this amazing idea.

Hello @taskmaster4450,
Wow, a year already? As time passes in the blink of an eye. Challenges always come to strengthen the community .. because there are no problems without a solution. Congratulations to all of you "

All luck and success!

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We are also seeing attention given to HBD as evidenced by this post and this proposal.

I hope it works. I really want a stable HBD where I can just park a rainy day fund instead of going to Tether or other stablecoins.

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