Hive: Helping To Create A 10x Class

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Are you willing to become part of the 10x class? Is this something you desire?

Before answering that question, it is important to note what the 10x class is.

Technology is changing a lot of things about our world. One of the biggest is the earning potential that people have. Today, the most limiting factor in this equation is geography. Those businesses, or individuals, who are required to be within a certain geographic distance will earn less than those who do not.

Right now, anything online has a potential market of around 5 billion people. This is much larger than any country in the world by a large margin. Hence, it is easy to see how people who are dependent upon geography are limited.


The 10x class is the group of people with extraordinary ability to earn more than 10x that of the average earner in a geographic area. What makes them extraordinary is not their skills per se. He or she might not be the best singer, dancer, writer, or actor. However, there is something that makes that person stand out. In other word, he or she attracts attention.

This has an enormous financial impact when it comes to a perspective customer base of 5 billion people. The ability to garner recognition means click in the Internet world. That equates to money.

We only need to look at some of the YouTube stars to realize how this is the case. There were many who became highly successful on that platform with no extraordinary skills other than the ability to get noticed.

TikTok is doing the same thing for people. Consider Charli D’Amelio who is now a TikTok star. She is 16 years old and makes bank for each of her posts.

Charli is said to earn a whopping $48,000 from every post she does on TikTok, including brand collaborations and sponsorships. [via Instagram]


Consider how that would rank to the Hollywood stars of yesteryear. It would likely put her ahead of the likes of Frank Sinatra and other stars of that period. Of course, her reach is much greater than theirs was.

It is important to keep in mind that Sinatra was said to make more than 10 times the money of the highest paid CEO at the time. Thus we see how reach can truly impact earnings.

Is Charli on par with the likes of Sinatra in terms of talent and skill? Not likely. However, she does not have to be. Her income is not derived from her skills as much as the ability to capture attention. In Internet terms, she can go viral. This ends up bringing a large amount of eyeballs to her posts.

The key to all of this is the understanding that all have the opportunity under this new paradigm. It is not something in the present realm. Does that mean we are all going to make $48K per post? Not even close. However, the key is not to be the highest earner in the world, simply to join the 10x class of earners in our area.

Of course, this will vary depending upon where people are from. Some lower income areas might seem this as a rather dismal goal. For those who live in the San Francisco area, it might be more of a challenge. Nevertheless, we can see how things are radically different from what we are accustomed to dealing with.

In many fields, the best in that industry most likely does not make 10x more than the average individual. For example, does the top software engineer at Google make 10x what the average one does? I am sure there is a tiered payment system but it is not likely to be 10x. Perhaps the top gets 3x or 4x, but that is about it.

The reason is simple. If the average wage for this job at Google is $200K per year (just a guess), how many companies are going to pay $600K or $800K per year for a software engineer? The numbers are limited. At the same time, while that person is likely exceptional, are they that much better? In other words, will the company get 3x or 4x the benefits from that person's work?

As we can see, limitations keep popping up.


Hive certainly is not a platform like TikTok, at least not at this point. There are, however, some distinct characteristics that much be mentioned. To start, the reach is similar to that of anything else on the Internet. We see the growth of the entire medium feeding into whatever is on here.

Secondly, we have a growing distribution system that is enabling people to earn more. Through the tokenization process, upvotes have value. On a platform like TikTok, the monetization is much different. Over time, history tells us it works against the content creator. Companies are always looking to squeeze more out of what is taking place on their platforms. If TikTok follows the other social media companies, it will start to cut payouts at some point.

Hive actually goes in the opposite direction. As more communities pop up that are tokenized, the amount being distributed each day grows. We see more tokens being doled out which increases the potential rewards for any individual.

Of course, the value of them will fluctuate and is highly dependent upon a number of factors. The most important is the overall attention in that community itself. Once again, eyeballs tell the story. If a community is able to garner 1 million users, the value of that token will be enormous.

Which means it all comes down to the extraordinary ability to stand out in some way. How that is done is going to unfold over the next few years as the platform grows. Nevertheless, it is vital for people to start framing themselves with the mindset of being a brand. This is what Charli essentially is now. She is a star because of the attention she commands. Whether we like her stuff or not matters none. Millions of people are following her and that is what enhances the bottom line.

Here we see the future. We are rapidly moving toward the "attention economy". Those who pull in the largest sums are going to be those with the ability to stand out in some way. This means that framing ourselves in this manner is crucial.

In the end, if successful, the earnings we have are going to dwarf those who are around us. Whatever their incomes, if tied to a particular geographic area, will likely be less than those who are carving out a strong niche on a platform like Hive.

The numbers simply get too big for it to be any other way.

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10X on what the majority is earning around here would be something like $6,000. Currently I earn about 2X at best and tbh I'm fine with that, I'm not a materialistic person. 10X would be awesome though. Who knows, maybe during the euphoria phase I'll manage to score at least a full month 10X.

Hive is indeed life changing and such a blessing for many content creators around the world.

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We are still early in this game. The 10x might not be now but it sounds like you are on course for it based upon the numbers you mentioned.

What happens if the prices 3x while we get a user base growth of 10x. That would mean your ability to be rewarded would grow a great deal along with the price increasing. That might put you at 10x.

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I don't mind a 10x on just HIVE itself and a few x on those HE tokens. Either way with all the development in the space, I think we will at least see 2x-3x.

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The idea of a 10x can occur in many different ways.

It will likely be a combination of them all.

Those who are earning a lot of other tokens will benefit more from a major run on HE tokens.

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I’m 100 X guy

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100x in a lifetime cycle, you play the very long game

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100X is a mindset.

Get 1% better every single day.

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Well you are 10x the rest of us so that makes sense.

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So maybe a top class charity person from South Africa will stand a chance, as it is all a matter of being a blessing to others.

Everyone stands a chance, that is the cool thing. Try to frame your niche and excel in it.

As that niche grows in terms of eyeballs, things should explode.

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Yep, you are correct and that's why I had the framing idea with the @combination account, as it also gives back to the community members here on #hive

So let's see how it goes and of course your advice is always welcome.

I need 1million followers...and bring them all to hive. Where's this followers cheat sheet

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I will lend you mine after I am done with it.

It is still incomplete unfortunately so it might be a while. LOL

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😂😂😂lool...nice one

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😂😂😂nice one

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Hive will be 10x class but in just few years as we will be big community and no one can turn a blind eye to us
So as you say vision 2025

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That could be the case. It all depends upon what is built on here. Right now, we are still light on those applications that the masses will use.

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This is an interesting perspective and I can see how it ties in with your comment on my recent post. It would appear that I have some thinking to do in case the best case scenario happens. How am I going to 10x my assets and skills.

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Well I am going to put a post together tomorrow about your post that I commented on. It is a great example of what I think people are encountering so you are nowhere near unique in this.

There is a lot to this and I think your situation epitomizes what people are going through.

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Cool, I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for the pep talk! It definitely helps!

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Hang in there @bozz. You are on the right track.

It seems unreal at times but it isnt. This is all here for the taking.

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I'm not the kind of person who seeks attention and even if I were earning 10x more than the average I will always remain a pleb at heart :P

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Plebe at heart but stud in the wallet.

And then watch and see how much the GF pushes for commitment. 😁

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lol :))))

Thanks to hive we are already on the road to ascendancy,
And five billion people is a lot of people, it is really a lot of people and if we monetize each one of them, it would be a great impact, if I have seen many children who want to be youtuber when they grow up and ticktockers I do not know how this will end.
and I assure you that the impact of the tiktokeer is not as good as sinatra if we ask the past generation, of course but the problem is today I suppose there is more population and the scope as you have described it very well is much greater, and yes to that We add inflation, I think they might be in close numbers.
Of course, not all of us are going to enter Google, nor to earn those extravagant figures that perhaps end up in sometimes absurd purchases.
but well, we will not earn those amounts in wages and salaries but there are many in the crypto space that have done so and it will be thanks to hive leo and cub that we will soon do so.
Yes, someone named @ haphazard-hstead told me the importance of brands, to focus and to be in a single niche, she like you always loved to receive feedback in the comments that is why she was so loved, unfortunately she has been busy and no longer publishes but if all your knowledge is missed, hence the importance of your brand, of building it, by the way my brand is not financial but because of the plants that is where I walk but sometimes I am a reference for it, and I love that and I think that compared to other traditional networks we are in the best position to earn a lot of money for our content thanks to hive.

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The more platforms like Hive appear, the better the chance that the 5 billion people on the Internet can monetize their activities.

For now, we see it being a very small but the potential is to grow. How soon until hundreds of millions more join?

We shall see.

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Task, I'm skeptical I will be bringing in almost half a million yearly from Hive, though I love the idea of it being possible. At some point I feel as if things will have to level out. Though I agree we will be seeing huge price swings in the future, I can't really yet imagine making so much money just from posting. I will gladly eat my words here.

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At some point I feel as if things will have to level out.

Not if development keeps taking place.

It holds the potential to be a constantly evolving system for those who are in early and keep "branding" themselves. As more people join, those who are here will get more of a following. That is only natural.

We also will see more communities and tribes that can allow people to earn even more.

More tokens increases the chances for more people to benefit.

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I get that and agree with you that the diversification and growth of asset volume will help build a lot of wealth. I am just thinking, reasonably, how high can Hive go? If people are earning thousands of dollars per post that does not feel sustainable.

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We all become 10X once Hive goes 10X the current value :P

That is one way of looking at it.

There is more also the same potential with a number of other tribes.

Some of them might 10x also. We will have to see.

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I am 0x guy. Do not mind me.
(My pension-like income is about $256 USD per month, and I am mostly earning cents with my Hive posts and comments)

Those cents can add up especially if you delve into the tribes.

The key is to keep compounding your efforts over time.

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10x.. A lot of things comes to mind.

Just to play around with some numbers:
I earn roughly ~19 USD per hour at work.

I often spend 1-2 hours on my articles, so let's go with 1 hour.
If we look at my recent- and pending rewards, we can see that I've had payouts- and have pending rewards of ~25 LEO, ~40 LEO all the way up to ~120 LEO.

LEO is worth 0.925 USD right now, but we'll go with $1 instead. This basically means that I have been earning the same or more than I do on my day job. I haven't included Hive in that calculation, so I earn more on my content than on my job as it is.

I wouldn't be able to live off of the earnings from Hive though, as I don't produce 8-10 articles per day, which is the amount of hours I often work per day...

  • 10x though. Yup. I'd be living life.

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Great minds think a like lol and just read your post and has many similarities with mine. Yours is way better but have been thinking the same thing. You go to University and spend 5 years studying for something that will hopefully get you ahead in life earning more than the average Joe. Just by having stake on Hive and a decent size can make the professional salaries look like pocket change in the next few years and this will happen.

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Interesting concept, goes well to the Pareto Distribution

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I'm in for the 10x class!

I think we have a long way to go but we are on track so far.

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It's the better communication to attract the attention. One gotta learn it better to be on road to 10x class.

We are rapidly moving toward the "attention economy"

We have been that for a while already, but not everyone realizes it and not everyone participates yet.

In this type of economy, the shy and withdrawn type of person, the one lacking any kind of communication skills (written, verbal, artistic, musical, dance, etc.), has little chance, if these limits are not overcome. But he or she can still find his or her place in the background, helping build various projects according to his or her skills.

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