Crypto And The Age Of Aquarius

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Most of us heard of the different astrological signs and the Precession of the Equinox. Who among us hadn't checked our horoscopes from time to time in the local paper or online?

Is there anything to this? That is not for certain. It is said that millionaires do not need astrologers but billionaires do.

While most of us do not know what Mercury in retrograde means or if Pluto entering Pisces is a good thing or not, it is interesting to look at the overall characteristics of each age.

As we move from Pisces to Aquarius, something that many claim could take hundreds of years, we do see a shift in terms of what the Age represents.

According to the thinking, there are eras that last around 2,150 years. As the heavenly bodies move through the galaxy, the energy that hits the different planets (and everything else) changes. Thus, we can see different characteristics emerging here on Earth which is tied to the advancement of humanity.

In reading over some of the characteristics, we can see that cryptocurrency is definitely a technology for the Aquarian Age. This actually fits it ideally according to what the characteristics are.

We are moving into an era where we are influenced by an air sign. Contrary to the name, Aquarius is air while Pisces is a water sign. Each carries variables that lead believers in this to explain what is taking place.

Since Pisces was a water sign, obviously the oceans were going to play a big part in our evolution. Over the last couple thousand years, we saw the major empires of the world often get their start by dominating the seas. European countries established multi-century rule by opening up the Eastern shipping lanes, establishing trade routes.

Some of the characteristics of each age are as follows:


  • Spirituality leading to the rise of religion
  • Materlialism
  • Compassion and sacrifice
  • Still tied to ego as glamour (Hollywood and celebrity) was prominent
  • Intuition and imagination are prevalent
  • Individuality directed in a way to foster internal growth

Obviously, we can see this traits as commonplace over the last couple thousand years. We saw a lot of good come out of this, as human progress was exceptional. Of course, there was a great deal of bad that also arose.


  • Collective focused (We instead of Me)
  • Science and Technological advancement
  • Less physical, more invisible
  • Electricity and renewable energy
  • Transparency and sharing

According to Wikipedia, here are the traits of the Aquarian Age:

Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.

There is no way to tell whether the identification of these traits are causing a shift or they are simply labelling what is happening. Either way, there is little doubt we are transitioning due to technological advancement.

The fact that this era is supposedly identified with anything to do with air is interesting. Here we see that this thought process does apply.

A few decades ago, as we really started to delve into computerization, networking was done via physical cables. At that time, everything was being wired.

Naturally, we can see how quickly that changed. Most everything in this arena is now wireless with advancements being made in our communication systems including out WiFi capabilities. Hence, we are seeing the shift away from the physical.

Some believe the Aquarian Age kicked off with the discovery of electricity. Energy is a growing part of our evolution and electricity probably did more to change the path of humanity than any other single discovery. Of course, people are researching ways to transmit this in a wireless manner.


It is easy to see how cryptocurrency fits into all of this.

To start, it is centered around democracy. One of the downside traits of Pisces is tyranny. This is the opposite of a democratic system, with hierarchy being the main structure.

Cryptocurrency has not hierarchy. Since the ability to create coins and tokens is available to anyone, the control of these is limited (you could make the case non-existent). This will go a long way to breaking down some of the control entities that are in place that rely on money as their power basis.

We also see the fact that cryptocurrency is non-physical. It was developed in the digital world, never seeing a physical existence. For centuries, money, whatever form we used, was physical. It was something that was held.

There is little doubt that cash is on the way out. Few will debate this. What is disputed is whether this enhances the tyrannical powers of those who seek to oppress. The inability to control it should help to prevent this.

Permissionless blockchains are known for their transparency. This is leading to discussion about privacy. However, this is in alignment with Aquarian traits. Actually, when you think about it, privacy is a rather new concept for humanity. It wasn't too long ago that we would publicly go to the bathroom and when the whole family lived in a one room farmhouse, it was not a great secret how child number 10 came into being.

Cryptocurrency was developed with freedom as one of the key tenets. Satoshi brought Bitcoin to the world during the last financial crisis. Watching how the banks affected so much, and their behaviors negatively impacted so many, the world was granted the ability to operate without the banking system. What is really powerful is this includes central banks which saw their power grow enormously over the last 100 years.

Here we can see the possibility for a collective improvement. With near 2 billion people lacking access to adequate banking services, cryptocurrency immediately includes then. Anyone can get a crypto wallet and instantly become a bank. At the same time, we are seeing DeFi services being constructed that is going to provide financial benefit to anyone with an Internet connection.

Finally, we can see how cryptocurrency is an act of rebellion. It is not secret the established entities hate this concept. Many are starting to go along because of their belief they can profit (or control) from it. However, they are doing so begrudgingly.

Those involved in it are not conforming to what the power brokers want. This defiance is growing in magnitude as the idea spreads across the globe. Will this help to usher in a new era in human evolution? It certainly contains the possibility.


It is evident, if you give any of this stuff any weight, that cryptocurrency is certainly a part of the Aquarian Age. We can easily see how the traits of the general era are applicable to what we are developing.

The key here is not the validity of these different ages in terms of Astrology. Instead, by stepping back, we see general trends that are certainly in play. Over time, we see huge moves that are affecting life across the planet. Much of this is disruptive, which is causing a lot of turmoil.

Old models are collapsing. Things are changing at a great rate due to technology. This is causing many established belief systems (disciplines) to be outdated. Nevertheless, we still see many fields, such as economics, holding onto their old views.

Whatever one's outlook on all this, it is always helpful to look at longer term trends and how cycles affect things. We are going through a period of much uncertainty as things change. The battle between the old and new is taking place before our eyes.

Is this something that is taking place from the heavens? Who knows. What we can observe is that things are far different than they were 30 years ago and that will likely compound over the next 3 decades.

Whatever is taking place, we know it is going to be a wild ride.

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When someone speaks about aquarius, it is almost always connected to the ability to be a visionary and to open new roads despite adversity and resistance. Crypto has definetely opened many roads and the progress will continue

That is true. We are seeing, even in the early stages, how crypto is changing things for the better. It is opening up a lot of doors while providing enormous possibilities. It will be very interesting to see where this technology is in 10 years time.

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A wild ride indeed :D

Bright Blessings BeautyFull Soul <333

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Yes it is going to be wild ride indeed.

Its gone by the best ride

That's disappointing. If they don't discover immortality by the time I'll be too old to care, I would have only lived in one age: Aquarian (that's if we consider it began with the invention of electricity).

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There is great dispute when it actually started among different people who look at this stuff.

So, if it will make you feel better, go with the 2012 or December of 2020 as the kick off dates for Aquarius. Then you can say you lived in two ages.

I would not count on getting to the third though. Not in your present form anyway.

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Two is pretty good actually, lol. Not many drew the lucky birth dates from the universal lottery of life. To be a minuscule being that lives under 100 years and catch the short interval when 2000+ years ages change, that's a lucky coincidence. :)

Of course people living 500 years ago or 500 years from now may find other coincidences that make them 'special'.

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“Going with the flow” will lead to success for those who don’t fight the energy of abundance. We are seeing substantial changes which will only increase as 2021 presses on. Sadly, for those who hold on to old ways/energies will be left behind.

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I have to agree with that. We got a lot of signs over the last 20+ years. I am reminded of Kodak's insistence on not changing. We know that didnt end well for them.

There is a lot of things taking place on a powerful level. Crypto is at the center of it since we are still immersed in a monetary system. Here is where a lot of power is derived from. This is leading to decentralization which is spreading the power out.

The next two decades will see even more disruption that was saw over the last 30. It is truly amazing how rapidly things are changing.

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There used to be an interesting quote saying that the 21st century will either be a spiritual one or it won't be at all. That quote has evolved into the 21st century will be a technological... and I'd say that the 21st century will be a crypto one, or it won't matter at all. This piece of technology is radically changing so much in the world right now. So so much. It's not just about store of value, transfers and trading. It's about governance, distribution, network effects, abundance, accessibility, interconnectedness and so on...

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Collective focused (We instead of Me)

We're seeing a bit of that here on Hive but I'm not seeing that in the "real" world

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Yes the current era does look like a progressive Aquarian age of high tech. I do however wonder where the chinese dictatorship takeover of the planet fits into all this. It's all going very communist in USA lately. China aim for world domination and that will be anything but humanitarian or "brotherhood of man". It will be science without any spirituality or consciousness, only dog eat dog. And I'm an Aquarian and even I worry about the loss of soul arising on the planet.

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Whatever is taking place, we know it is going to be a wild ride.

It will definitely be a wild ride since it will be a battle between the old and the new.

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Lol. I stopped looking at that stuff years ago and never paid much attention to them. Very true though looking at longer term trends and any similarities we can spot. Change is never easy and crypto brings drastic change for many.

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This is very insightful. I hope people can appreciate the fact that crypto has alot of amazing underpinnings. I look forward to more of these as I get more motivation to keep a diversified portfolio on my truly non-custodial multi-coin wallet application from

Cool! 2.jpg

My kids and I were having a very similar discussion the other night. I feel we are more in a long term transitional period between the ages and that is why you are seeing so much in the way of global tension. Anyway, well thought out and interesting perspective! Reblogging for the community!

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