What will be your next move in cryptocurrencies?

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Time goes by and the bull run period in cryptocurrencies continues with some ups and downs from day to day.
None of us knows when the end will come (which we all do not want to come) and then most cryptocurrencies will go down in price.
But then it will be clear what are the strong currencies with solid bases and purpose which will remain in space while some but will disappear.
So we are called at this time to distinguish which cryptocurrencies deserve our attention and of course our investment and which do not.
We are obliged to make our choices which will judge whether in the next bull run we will be on horseback or we have lost the train!
My personal view is that opportunities are dwindling as more and more people as well as large companies infiltrate cryptocurrencies which buy a lot of capital and this and perhaps the next bull run is the last chance for a small to medium-sized business to invest
and who knows, maybe he will become the next millionaire.

So what will be your next move?

Which cryptocurrency do you think is worth investing in?

I want to read your opinions in the comments .

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BTC, Hive and perhaps STX 🍀

Btc and hive i think is good choices.I do not know stx but i will check it .