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RE: #AskLeo - What is your motivation?

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For me, it is the freedom! Growing as a child in a totalitarian communism regime, I know for sure why freedom is non-negotiable... I'm born to be free! Everything I do is to keep my freedom. Financial freedom (never had a debt in my life). Free to speak my mind, free to travel, free from any interference of others!

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Freedom is important and yes,money can give us freedom!

Interesting view on debt, as I have plenty, which I use only for leverage and come faster to my financial freedom.

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Not having a debt help me to take paths which came with great results on the long term , but otherwise would have putted me in the situation to not have enough to pay my monthly obligations. Yes, you might loose invest opportunities, but gives with the freedom to explore new ways...

From this point of view yes, I understand it perfectly. Especially if the opportunity is scalable and can bring a lot of results faster!

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