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We've been spending a lot of time on outward initiatives to get more users onto LeoFinance. This includes marketing/creating content on Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting platforms, Medium, Linkedin, etc.

The goal here is what our goal has always been: to bring in new users both to LeoFinance and to the Hive blockchain ecosystem.

Thanks to the new Hiveonboard tool, we've been able to sign up some users with accounts and delegate them some HP so that they've got the RCs to interact.

Having a proper FAQ page is more important now than ever before. As we've been onboarding users that are off of Hive (and also users that are on Hive, but don't understand what LEO/LeoFinance is), we've been collecting some of the most frequently asked questions to create this FAQ page.

Many members of the community (i.e. @trumpman, @uyobong, @taskmaster4450, @katerinaramm, @steliosfan and others) have been doing a great job in bringing in new users to LEO. With all of this increased attention, we need a solidified place to send users who want to learn about the nuances and inner workings of LeoFinance.

New LeoFinance FAQ Page

New FAQ Page Now Available at https://leopedia.io/faq)

The FAQ Page is easy to navigate. Just use the Table of Contents at the top to find a question that is relevant or just read it through if you want to try and find something about LeoFinance that you may not have known.

This page is primarily intended for two groups:

  • Non-Hive users that we onboard via Twitter and other platforms
  • Existing Hive users that don't know much or anything about LeoFinance/Second-Layer communities on Hive

New Questions

Anytime we see a question being asked frequently that we haven't included in the guide, we're adding it to the list. This page will grow over time as we see more users come to LeoFinance and ask about what this community is and how it all works.

If you have been interacting with new users and think of any questions, feel free to drop them down below or shoot them over on Discord and we'll update the list. The goal here is to create the ultimate resource that any of our community members can link back to when explaining LeoFinance to a new user.

Best Practices: Sharing The Guide

Another thing I wanted to mention is how best to share this guide. For some users, it may make sense to just send them to the general FAQ page. For other users, it may make sense to send them to a specific section. I'll leave that up to your discretion, but if you decide that a user would be best served with a specific section of the FAQ page, just use the anchor link function to send them there:

For example:

Each section has its own respective anchor link. If you're looking for the link to a particular section, you can find it in the table of contents at the top of the page.

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Awesome FAQ for LeoFinance. I like the structured outline with hyperlink to the particular section. You all did a nice job with this.

Have you created your first post on LeoFinance yet?

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Not yet, but plan to do so with the coming week.

Thanks @justclickindiva! I think it will go a long way in helping new users understand the platform and how it works.

Looking forward to that first post from you as well ;)

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Looks stunning, and an excellent write up,

Under the section 'what are the benefits of staking LEO' - you need to add in a 'how':

(depending on good you are at curating content).

Under the final section 'how to trade leo' I don't think you need a capital S...


Great write up, at this rate LEO will overtake Hive.

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Thanks @revise.leo. Fixed both of those :)

Haha, we'll keep pushing for that outcome. We've got some exciting stuff on the roadmap for the rest of 2020

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That's really a solid and factual read. I will keep the link close by to send it to our prospective content creators. Really a depth tutorial.

How Do I Spend The Cryptocurrencies That I Earn?

This part really caught my attention.. Will muse more on it.

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Thanks @uyobong! You've been doing a great job in onboarding new users and I hope this helps you with that task moving forward. I created this with you and the other great community members who've been working on onboarding in mind 💪🏽

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Thanks really much for making our onboarding activities easier

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Mr @trumpman brought me here too, he is awesome!

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I upvoted this comment to help pay for your medical expenses due to separating your shoulder by trying to pat yourself on the back. 😁

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Don't forget about the ribs he had removed so he can suck himself off. :)

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Mr @trumpman is a good man. Hahahaha

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lol I hear the same whisperings

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Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Was asking @revisesociology about LeoFinance. This makes it a lot more easier!

Leo's team is doing a great work.

Well done, folks!