Phase 2 is Live | Hive Keychain and Hive-Engine Integration

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In the last update about Hivestats we outlined our roadmap for developing and releasing new features to the site. We've completed work on our initial Hive-Engine integration along with integrating Hive Keychain as a login option for various operations.

Phase 2 refers to our second phase of the full V2 roadmap. In this phase, we're focusing on Hive-Engine integration + Keychain integration. We started work on Phase 3 today (note: minor change to the roadmap - we've switched #3 and #4 and will now be doing the analytics integration before the wallet UI/ops).

In Today's Release of Hivestats:

  • Hive Keychain Integration
  • View Hive-Engine Wallet (Token Balances)
  • Quick Access Send/Trade Buttons for HE Tokens
  • View HE Token Rewards (All-Time, Last 30 Days, Author/Curation, Mining/Staking, etc.)
  • View HE Operation History (Your Market Orders, Real-Time Rewards, etc.)
  • Today's Operations Bug Fix
  • A Few Minor Visual Updates

Hive Keychain Integration

You can now login to the site with Hive Keychain. In the current version of Hivestats, logging in will allow you access to the Send & Trade quick access buttons for Hive-Engine tokens.

When we release phase 4 (wallet UI), logging in will give you access to many of the most useful operations on the Hive blockchain like send/delegate/create account/claim account, etc.

View Hive-Engine Wallet

Integrating Hive-Engine into Hivestats was one of the most requested features (by far). In this update, you'll find an entirely new section on Hivestats with 3 tabs for interacting with Hive-Engine tokens.

The first part of the Hive-Engine integration was to add a wallet UI for viewing and interacting with HE tokens. Here you can see your token balances, staked/delegate and pending unstake/undelegate balances.

Quick Access Buttons for HE Tokens

If you're logged in with Keychain, then you can send tokens directly from the Hivestats interface.

The quick access trading button will link you out to the LeoDex market for that specific token and allow you to login and trade Hive-Engine tokens from our trading interface.

View & Track HE Token Rewards

After talking with various community members, the rewards tab is going to be a major eye-opener. Now you can view your author/curation/staking/mining rewards for Hive-Engine tokens in a way that wasn't possible before.

Here's a breakdown of each column and what they stand for:

  • Rewards - displaying the timeframe for the rewards display
  • HIVE - displaying all of your token rewards in terms of their HIVE value
  • LEO - displaying all of your token rewards in terms of their LEO value
  • USD - displaying all of your token rewards in terms of their USD value
  • Curation USD - displaying all of your token rewards earned specifically from curating posts in terms of their USD value
  • Author USD - displaying all of your token rewards earned specifically from authoring posts in terms of their USD value
  • Staking USD - displaying all of your token rewards earned specifically from staking rewards + mining token rewards in terms of their USD value

Note: not all Hive-Engine tokens are included in this rewards calculation. We sorted tokens by volume, activity, distribution, etc. to make the integration more accurate.

Tokens that are included in rewards calculations:

  • LEO
  • SIM
  • CTP
  • STEM
  • PAL
  • WEED
  • CCC

View HE Operation History

While we're out here making your life easier, why not throw in something that I've wanted since Steem-Engine Hive-Engine was created: filtered operations.

On this tab, you can view the operations for Hive-Engine tokens that are made from your Hive account each day. This is extremely useful for people who are active on HE tokens. Now you can track:

  • Transfers
  • Staking
  • Delegation
  • Rewards (Author/Curation for Specific Posts)
  • Market Orders (Buy/Sell Orders, Buy/Sell Filled Orders, Cancelled Orders, etc.)
  • Swap Activities

You can also filter your history by the operation category and/or if the transaction is coming into your account or going out of your account with the dropdown menu:

One of my personal favorites is being able to see market orders and what they mean in real-time:

  • Place Order
  • Order Cancelled
  • Buy (Partial Fill)
  • Sell (Partial Fill)
  • Order Filled

Other Minor Fixes, Phase 3 and Updated Roadmap

As I mentioned at the beginning, we made a few minor fixes/visual improvements. We got reports that "Today's Operations" weren't loading for some users and we implemented a caching fix that should solve that for everyone.

We added a new logo, added the Hive logo and linked it to for anyone who may stumble onto the page and get curious, added the Hive-Engine logo, etc.

As of today, we've completed phase 2 and are now working on phase 3 which will be the analytics UI. Here's the updated roadmap:

  1. Page Performance
    1. Reduce Page Load
    2. Explore Other Performance Enhancements (ongoing)
  2. Hive-Engine Integration
    1. Token Table
    2. Token Functions
    3. Token Operations Tab
    4. Rewards Tab
  3. Analytics Page (ETA: 1-2 weeks)
    1. 7-30 Day Account Performance (Author Rewards/Curation Rewards/Account Growth, etc.)
    2. 4 KPI Widgets
    3. Historical Charts
  4. Wallet UI
    1. Hive Keychain Integration
    2. Hive/HBD Real-Time Price Widgets
    3. Account Creation Features - Ability to Create & Claim Hive Accounts On Hivestats
  5. Pending Payouts Tab
    1. Author Rewards for Posts & Comments
    2. Vote Breakdown Charts
    3. Curation Rewards: Sortable Chart With Efficiency Displays

Note: we swapped phase 3 for phase 4 and will do the analytics page before adding the wallet UI. Expect phase 3 in the next 1-2 weeks.

As always, if you spot any bugs or have any feedback at all, please drop a comment below and we'll look into it. We will always prioritize the development of Hivestats based on what the community wants 🦁

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  • Blog & Earn LEO + HIVE Rewards at
  • Trade Hive-Based Tokens on LeoDex at
  • NEW: Track Your Hive Account Statistics at
  • NEW: Learn & Contribute to Our Growing Library of Crypto Educational Content at
  • Delegate Hive Power to @leo.voter and earn a 16% APR paid daily in LEO tokens


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It is really nice to get HE tokens operation in single interface. Generally I need to login in each tribe wallet to find this info.

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I agree. This is going to be a massive time saver for me and I hope many others will find the same value that I do in being able to track everything related to their Hive account in one interface. 🦁

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Leo stays winning!

Awesome update and my goodness....That's a ridiculous amount of value! So awesome man, thanks for this!

🦁 Thanks Jon!

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This is a solid development and addition to the Hive blockchain tools. Before this update, some Hivians including myself have started using the new features and even had to boast about it. Will make a critical review of the newly integrated functionalities and will sure report it.

Up leoFinance!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Looking forward to more feedback! Always love to see your posts & ideas for future developments :)

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💪🏽 keep those referrals coming in ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yes yes, trying to establish a strong greek sub community ATM 🚀🥒

Posted Using LeoFinance

Great one!
Tracking HE tokens is great! Especially LEO :)

Posted Using LeoFinance

:) yep it's awesome to finally have an interface for tracking the total rewards as we earn them. I've personally been waiting for something like this

Posted Using LeoFinance

Killing it. Just upped my delegation try to get some more of those tasty tokens

🦁 awesome! Thanks for the ongoing support. We won't disappoint ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance

Great progress forward.

I love the timely updates and the following of the road map. This should inspire confidence in the user base.

Each week we are seeing LEO progress.

Posted Using LeoFinance

We're gaining ground, slow and steady. As we've talked about - this idea of having a solid roadmap and actually following it in a timely manner is a huge selling point as far as confidence in the project. We'll continue to use this model

Posted Using LeoFinance

The activity appears to be increasing. It will be interesting to see @dalz's report next week.

The token price seems to be holding up so it wasn't just a pump.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Wow that's a cool looking website!
I need to come to Leo more often lol
Looking forward to more updates :)
Thank you for the hardwork!

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Damn this is a really solid update! I'm loving the website more and more. It's really awesome that you included the hive engine and separated it out by day. That makes it really helpful to parse through a lot of the information.

I also learned a lot about the functions that occur there. I just invested in some tokens but didn't really understand the mechanics behind some of it like I wasn't sure how I got some stuff but it was staked to my account? That's interesting to know! I will certainly have to try and understand that better. I know curation but getting something staked to my account was an interesting find, I will have to learn what scenarios make that happen.

Awesome updates. looks great.

I already see how the LEO price flew to 1 HIVE ! :)

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Good stuff! I'll test the tool tomorrow and if I notice something I'll add it in the comments. But looks great and is much needed after the loss of steemworld. Keep up the good work guys! <3

I just want to check how works. And I find out that I have 500 list tokens. Thanks for this awesome update to put all the things in one banner 😀

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Awesome work right there!

Nice to see the progress report, I am glad I can see the Today activity, I could never get that to load before, I know I mentioned it before but my favorite new number is still the curation APR percentage.

Now we can get a lot of information from Hivestats including Hive Engine tokens. Thank you for your hard work to bring this.

The developments Leo is making is exactly why it's my favorite community to start my daily curating!

Keep up the progress, look forward to using this upgrade along with many more to come!

P.S. Glad to see SIM was elected as well.

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I can't login to Everytime I click on hive keychain it will redirect me to a github repo page. Please fix this problem asap

Posted Using LeoFinance

The analytics page looks great.
Do you guys plan to add an export to excel option?

Thank you for posting these stats it is very informative and great to see :)

Lovely update. Shared the 1.0 in our Discord group. And now 2.0

I do have a silly question: I see a lot of people using LeoFinance. I don't. Did check the website... but couldn't find a FAQ.

Any resources would be massively helpful.

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