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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Utilise your Voting Power

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...'your curation APR is relative to your voting habits. This unnamed person is not using his voting correctly and gains a crap return. It's your choice to get your rewards or not'...

I have no idea what to think of it. I have read a lot here, especially the last weeks, and commented a lot. The articles I voted for were all very good. But are there also many small authors who don't get such big rewards?

Am I doing something wrong because of that? I think not. I'm not here to chase money, mourn or anything like that. I'm looking for interesting content and interaction with people who share the same interests. If I were to follow this curation logic, would I still move separately? I simply vote for those I know are regularly voted for. Thanks to Blockchain, it's easy to find out. But what is the effect?

In this sense, I'll probably stay on track with 4% APR.

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Here is how a small account is doing.

apr compare.png

The small added in table is his position on Asher's Curation and Engagement League, he is in 87 place of top 100 earners. He may have less than 60 HP, but as a percentage he is doing better than a lot of people below him with more HP.

I expect he votes mostly on post, but I did not research that deeply. For the week he only made 87 votes, just a little bit more than ten votes a day.

It will not be to difficult to move off of the 4% APR if you just change a few habits.

Well, I might have to deal with this topic again. It is not quite clear to me yet.

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If you are not here necessarily for optimization then don't let this bother you. At 3,327.13 HP your full vote will only be 2-3c, and a quick look tells me you are voting too much.


Less votes and more at 100% would be better. The biggest problem I see is that you are comment voting, and you have insufficient VP to make this worthwhile. Those votes will be turned to dust, yielding both you and the prospective author zero.


Don't vote on comments, and you will see that 4.2% figure start to rise.

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